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MeditationDragon 4 Story

Meditation is actually a word that we don't use in Project Sanctuary, as it refers to methods designed to get the conscious mind out of the way and to experience the data stream in an unconscious way.

Project Sanctuary is very different from all and any form of meditation in that it keeps the conscious mind on board and instead, holds the level of trance at what we call the crossroads - a balanced state of mind and being, where the conscious mind and the energy mind can meet, come together, work together, and neither is less important, or less beloved, than the other.

We do not see the fact that people have a consciousness as a disaster, or a mistake that God made when it created human beings, but simply as a design that we have not yet learned to use to its full and truly extraordinary potential.

So in Project Sanctuary "meditations" the conscious mind is not just not included, not just welcome, but an essential component without which the true extent of human mind power cannot possibly become revealed. That doesn't mean that Project Sanctuary meditations (we call them journeys, or games) are any less powerful or ecstatic - in the contrary, as we experience these states IN CONSCIOUSNESS ALSO, they become much more powerful, and of course, much more RELEVANT to every day life.

Healing With The Energy Of Natural Landscapes And Meditation

Healing With The Energy Of Natural Landscapes And Meditation

There is nothing more deeply and profoundly healing than the power of nature itself - and that doesn't just mean the plant kingdom, or the animal kingdom, or the mineral kingdom, or the energetic realities behind them all which holds everything together in the wondrous web of life.

It means the COMBINATION of all these different energies coming together - a natural landscape, an environment that has all these components, to make a powerful and always appropriate, deeply healing, deeply personal meditation for health and well being.


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Natural Healing With Hypno-Sleep: The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

Natural Healing With Hypno-Sleep: The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

Here is a simple hypno sleep spiral meditation technique that combines lessons from advanced hypnotherapy, the quantum energy spaces and the new energy healing approaches to make bed time a time of true R&R for all parts of your mind and your body.

*This is a classic Project Sanctuary Self Healing Pattern, adjusted for the general public or as an introduction to the benefits of natural healing hypno-sleep and Project Sanctuary

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I Dream Of Healing ...

Holistic healers of all kinds would express the desire to somehow, find enough money to start a "healing centre" somewhere - and they would tell me of beautiful healing gardens, natural healing environments; clear, fresh healing water from a stream nearby; these beautiful buildings, like healing temples, white, ethereal; a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility, of soothing.

But what does this dream of healing mean? Is this about getting a bank loan and a load of concrete and start digging in the wilderness, or something altogether more metaphysical in every way ...?

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Inner Child Poem: To Find The Child

An inner child healing poem "To Find The Child" which can be the start of a meditation or a personal meditation on your own journey to find a child of your own ...

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The Jupiter Wealth/Power Meditation

The Jupiter Wealth/Power Meditation

SFX writes: I was thinking about wealth/power meditations this morning, and I must have asked slightly the wrong question in the context because what I got delivered there in an instant was WAY over the top for what I was working with.

However, it is immensely cool so by all means, have a go!

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MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

Silvia Hartmann  writes: When Project Sanctuary gets going, we have EXPERIENCES.

These are "other than" simply imaginings; they are autogenic experiences whilst awake which are very much related to, and feel like, lucid dreams.

You could call them visions, if you wanted; the key thing is that these experiences have a numinous quality and the person who has them, KNOWS that they are of a different order than just visualisation, fantasy or day dreaming.

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Winter Lands Sanctuary

Winter Lands Sanctuary

Ice spirits, crystal transporter pads, rainbow mirrors, dreaming rooms, gothic windows into other dimensions - take a trip to a very different place, a locus that is well known to song and tale - these are the realms of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, the Snow Queen's ice palace, and where Father Christmas has his magic workshop.

SFX reports on an expedition using the First Sanctuary meditation.

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The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

I am often asked what we mean by the term "crossroads" as regards to the kind of states we use for Sanctuary hypnosis.

Here is a short explanation of the Crossroads.

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The Ocean Creature

The Ocean Creature

Shovelling the ocean with a teaspoon.

So, that's how it is.

A weary drop at a time ...

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Hatching Money

Hatching Money

I wrote the story "Witch Proud" this afternoon and a little while later, went to bed, still in that state the story does describe, evoke, whatever one might call it.

Hypnotically suggest, at that.

Either way, I got to thinking about many things and their energies and how they might benefit from being awoken in that manner.

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Night Eyes

Night Eyes

I just love Project Sanctuary to bits! Ok, I'll rephrase that - it truly delights me. It really, really, really does. I had the most fantastic, but really fantastic experience yesterday with it. So, I'm just lying in a very hot bath, thinking how totally amazing it feels to be in this hot water and drifting with the wonderful sensations.

These days at the *slightest opportunity* these other thoughts, images and sensations come to me and in an instant, I am transported into the world of "Ice River" beyond the "gate of far perspective".

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City In The Sky

City In The Sky

City in the sky is a classic metasong - a description of a Project Sanctuary habitat in the form of what one might call a metaphor poem.

The original vision/experience also inspired a painting.

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Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Would you like to be richer? Have a better attitude to money or gold? Get your finances under control? If yes, enjoy this Project Sanctuary game of magic that is easy to play and very educational! Enjoy!

*** Hypnotherapists, this is a perfect prosperity or abundance creation Hypnotherapy script which can also be used for self hypnosis if read aloud on tape.

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The Dragon People Meditation

Dragons flying in the sky illustration for Dragon People Meditation

Listen or dance to the Dragon People Meditation ...

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