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Natural Healing With Hypno-Sleep: The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann

Natural Healing With Hypno-Sleep: The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

Here is a simple hypno sleep spiral meditation technique that combines lessons from advanced hypnotherapy, the quantum energy spaces and the new energy healing approaches to make bed time a time of true R&R for all parts of your mind and your body.

*This is a classic Project Sanctuary Self Healing Pattern, adjusted for the general public or as an introduction to the benefits of natural healing hypno-sleep and Project Sanctuary


Natural Healing With Hypno-Sleep:

The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann

Natural Healing - While You Sleep ...

Sleep, rest and restoration play a key part in all healing, health and well being - everybody knows that.

Yet, when you are feeling under the weather it is often difficult to get to sleep at all; at other times, you worry yourself into exhaustion and this not a good approach to set what goes on in your dreaming mind, in your physical AND your energy body in the night.

Here is a seemingly simple technique that combines lessons from advanced hypnotherapy, the quantum energy spaces and the new energy healing approaches to make bed time a time of true rest and relaxation for all parts of your mind, your energy systems and your body.

Further, this method of inducing hypno sleep is a positive, easy to learn exercise in mental focus and practical meditation in the moment; it teaches us to take charge of our thoughts and return to something that we WANT TO THINK ABOUT positively.

Entering sleep from the natural healing environments we are going to talk about in a moment also provides a wonderfully smooth "entrance into sleep" - hypno sleep to be sure, which will turn into natural sleep automatically and without you having to do anything about it.


Natural Environments, Natural Healing

Stressed out city folk will go outside their concrete walls every so often to "soak up nature" - just to stand outside in a landscape with rocks and trees, the sky above and the wind in your hair is absolutely healing and restoring, soothing and gentling to both body and mind.

There are special places in nature which are so healing in their energy and in their vibrations, people have build temples there since the dawn of humanity and the sick and suffering would go there, just simple be there, and become eased and well.

As human beings, we all have the unique ability to "raise these energies" simply by thinking about them.

Stop for a moment and consider a landscape that would be just right for you, right now - what might it be?


Finding The Perfect Healing Place In Nature For You

  • Would you sigh with bliss if you were by a slow ocean at dusk, soft sand still warm from the day beneath your feet, the evening wind gentle and cooling on your skin?
  • Would your cares simply drift away if you were to sit on some dry, soft leaves in a grove of ancient trees, sun flecked sparkles dancing in the breeze?
  • Would your body soak up with delight a morning in a dry place, perhaps by an oasis, the sun golden and strong above and the water crisp and turquoise green?

Just thinking about such things and allowing yourself to really experience being there makes you calmer, easier - this is the original nature cure, healing by the clean and innocent vibrations of natural environments in many, many different states of being.


Entering Into Your Perfect Place To Sleep

This night, before you go to sleep, turn your mind to a landscape and a time of day that is just right for you, for which you might well hunger in ways that cannot be fulfilled in any ordinary sense.


Let yourself be DRAWN TO a time and a place that is just perfect for you.

Let your mind literally travel to that place and enter into it.

If your mind is wide awake and overactive still, that's alright - let's use our active mind to really pay attention to all the wonderful things you can see here, feel here, smell here, and hear here. Walk around and explore this place, touch things, do things. You can be as active here as you like, no-one is forcing you to go to sleep.

It will come quite naturally.

Should you find yourself "bouncing out" of the hypno sleep meditation and getting side tracked into "every day thought" and fears and weirdness of one kind or the other, simply RETURN TO THE PLACE as soon as you have become aware that you've bounced out.

When you do this for the very first time, you might bounce out a few times before you are really stable and INSIDE your perfect landscape, that is to be expected and it gets much better with practice, and fast, at that.

Once you are inside the landscape (or habitat as it is known in Project Sanctuary) we are ready to start the hypno sleep meditation spiral that is the core of this natural healing sleep technique.


The Natural Healing Hypno-Sleep Meditation

Simply be there in your landscape for a while, wonder what you would see, what you would hear and what you would feel.

Let yourself be drawn to a comfortable place and here, you will first sit down, then lie down in comfort and begin to rest.

As you are resting there, you might think about falling asleep and beginning to dream.

You can dream anything you like, but if your mind is overactive and still way too alert, you might want to dream a dream of a beautiful, soothing and supporting landscape and a time of day that feels just right.

You can be there for a while, wander about and find the perfect place to sit a while and just relax in those energies of nature.

Should you get drowsy, you can snuggle up in comfort there and simply, let yourself drift off to sleep.

And as you fall asleep, you begin to dream ... of another place, another time altogether, a soothing time of deepest rest and relaxation ...


A Dream Within A Dream

You can repeat this "dream within a dream" spiral into deeper and deeper states of trance, relaxation and hypno-sleep as many times as you need to really soothe your mind to sleep

If you don't want to sleep, you can use this super self hypnosis technique at any time to very rapidly access deep states of trance for nearly instant relaxation.

The "Healing Hypno Sleep Spiral" can also be easily used to soothe children or sick people to sleep, and it is a great practice technique for learning to direct your attention TOWARDS something beautiful and positive and healing, rather than getting stuck worrying about all sorts and getting stressed and upset, which is never healthy and most importantly, not just before you got sleep, because whatever you do just before you go to sleep, sets the TONE for the entire night.

This natural healing pattern can thereby also engender spontaneous dream healing in the night - all in all, this is a super technique, really easy to learn, easy to use even for beginners, and with just a little bit of practice can give you a LIFETIME'S worth of natural healing support from nature - and yourself.

So I bid you farewell and wish that you shall have wonderful experiences with the Healing Hypno Sleep Spiral and personal perfect healing dreams - at any time you need them.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Project Sanctuary

The Hypno-Sleep Spiral Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann

For serious sleep hypnosis help for unusual circumstances (illness, acute distress etc.) see SLEEP NOW! - The Delta Trance Lullaby.

  by Silvia Hartmann
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