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Tips For Writing The Story

Tips For Writing The Story

I believe there is a lot we can learn from each other at any time, but especiallyย sharing the Soul Pilot story is an important part of the process of learning more about the other worlds.

Each story has insights and important information to transmit, and the experiences of other Soul Pilots are invaluable. Lots can be learned about how to do it, how not to do it, and of course, these are stories which we would never encounter ourselves because we each have our own specific resonance.

Here are some tips for writing up the Soul Pilot story so that others can share in the experience.

Immediacy Of The Story

When the story is happening, when the experience is unfolding for the very first time, that is the power moment where the writing down of the story becomes the most profound, direct, and transformative to the reader.

The fact is that if you re-call and re-tell the story after the fact, it becomes a different story.

It has hindsight in it, and the immediacy of the shocks, surprises and delights simply aren't there any longer; neither are the spontaneous occurrences of "paranormal language" which happen when one describes these things in real time, and as they are happening.

Paranormal Language

Paranormal Language is the whole grail for all writers - being able to say something or describe something extraordinary in extraordinary sequences of words that really touch the reader and make then sit up and say, "Wow ..."

Incidences of paranormal language happen automatically when the writer is the flow of the story, when they are inside the story and are attempting to tell that story from that very place.

It is a form of trance state where information comes from the energy mind and the translation of that information naturally results in paranormal language occurrences.

This is extremely precious for both the writer/story teller as it is for the reader; it's rare and in other places, folk give each other prizes for the ability to produce paranormal language.

In the context of Soul Pilot stories, it is the powerful energies inherent in the paranormal language that cause changes in the readers energy system; evolutions, healings, learnings by any other name.

This is essentially what readers seek - to be MOVED by the story.

And the chances of transmitting a moving story increase exponentially when we tell the story from within the story - write it as it happens.

There are three main ways to achieve this.

Writing The Story

I personally type the story as it happens. I am an experienced touch typist and can enter a trance state whereby I don't even know what I'm typing and it's not a problem to me.

This is the easiest way to do it, but you have to really just type and learn to under no circumstances let any kind of editing, mistakes, spelling, grammar or old "school book" learning break the flow of fast typing so you get the story down as it happens and without stopping, or creating a ZZZT in the flow.

For beginners in flow writing, I recommend to use a plain notepad application so underlined squiggles or auto-editing features don't disturb the flow of reporting the events in real time.

Some people find it easier to write the "real time report" by hand in a notebook instead and then type it up after the fact. This takes longer but the important thing is to keep the flow when the story is actually happening for the first time.

The third way of doing the real time reporting is to use an audio recorder and speak the story as it happens. I always liken this to reporter in a war zone, crouched behind a fallen wall, and describing what it's like for them at that moment.

You can then transcribe the audio recording after the story is over.

Editing The Story

With all three formats of "live writing" any after-the-fact editing should be done with extreme caution and care. Often, what seems like "school mistakes" are no such thing; for real time reporting and paranormal language classical editing rules do not apply.

The real time reporting of the story as it happens is all about the emotion or energy movements at the time; it is about the experience, and making this experience come to life in written or spoken words. Half sentences, unsusual wordlings, temporal shifts, broken grammar are all indicative of the state the speaker was in and they are not mistakes, they are simply what happened at the time.

When editing, the rule of thumb is "If in doubt, leave it alone!"

With a little bit of practice, the writing or telling of these stories will leave the writer amazed at what they can do with words when they take the breaks off; the awesome realisation that they are capable of paranormal language transmissions; and we have stories that are alive, powerful, and create change in the world.

Which is what stories were always supposed to be all about in the first place.

Happy story writing!

Silvia Hartmann

October 2010

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