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Visionary Genius FAQ

by Silvia Hartmann

Visionary Genius FAQ

What is a vision? Where do Genius Visions come from? Why doesn't everyone have visions/is a visionary genius already?

These and many other questions are answered in our quick Visonary Genius FAQ.

You need to have VISIONS to be a real GENIUS:

Frequently Asked Questions about visionary genius & visions


What is a vision you need to have to be a visionary genius?

A VISION is not just something you "see".

  • A vision is a full body experience that includes all the senses.

A vision is like a lucid dream - an experience of an alternate reality that is REAL to the person who experiences it.

A musical genius will concentrate on what she hears during the experience.

A visual arts genius will concentrate on what she sees during the experience.

A culinary genius will concentrate on what he tastes during the experience.

A performing arts genius will concentrate on what he felt during the experience.

A literary genius will be particularly good at describing the entire experience.

Regardless of what is done with the INFORMATION after the fact, in the vision lies the genius.


Where do Genius Visions come from?

Visions come from the energy mind.

Visionary genius is the description for the process of energetic data being downloaded into a person's conscious awareness.

This can happen in fast flashes that contain massive amounts of information, all at the same time; and it can happen in visionary sequences that play out like lucid dreams; or a mixture thereof.

We can learn to have visions at will, and steer what visions we will have, or about what topics we want to receive a vision (= information, data).


How do we get to have visions?

We need to contact the energy mind in such a way that the energy mind understands the request and allow the answer to come, which would be "the vision".


How do we contact the energy mind?

We direct the attention of the conscious mind towards the realms of the energy mind and travel there in consciousness.

This keeps the entire process of streaming visions under conscious control and avoids the problems of insanity visions, scary visions and inexplicable visions.


How do we travel to the realms of the energy mind?

We create a meeting platform called a habitat at the edge of conscious awareness, where conscious awareness overlaps with the energy mind.

We step in consciousness into the habitat and there, we can interact with the energy mind.


Do you have to be a visionary genius to have genius visions?

No, it's the other way around - you BECOME a visionary genius when you start to have visions and USE visions in your work and/or life to solve problems or create creative solutions, innovations, materials, works of art, and scientific breakthroughs.

Every person has the capacity to have visions if they want to have them.


Why doesn't everyone have visions/is a visionary genius already?

I believe that everyone does have visions already; for example, every person who has ever dreamed and/or remembered a dream clearly can receive visions.

I believe that the systems of how to deal with visionary genius, i.e. how to contact the energy mind correctly, ask questions and understand the answers, has either been unknown so far or if it was known, was not shared with the general population.

Many if not all structures in human civilisations as they stand make it illegal or unwanted to have visions; and offer punishment as well as no support to people who might have them accidentally.

Visionary genius is entirely misunderstood, totally mishandled, and never explained correctly.

I hope to put an end to that and prove, once and for all, that all human beings have the capacity to be true visionary geniuses as this is not just natural and healthy, but STRUCTURALLY DESIGNED INTO the blueprint of any human being.


What do I do next to reclaim my own visionary genius?

Get your copy of The Genius Symbols and start today.

The Genius Symbols will not just unlock your visionary genius, they will also help you if you already receive visions to bring them under control and USE THEM CORRECTLY to bring you what you want out of life, rather than drive you crazy.

  by Silvia Hartmann
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."ย Barbara Saph

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