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Dreams & Dream Interpretation

All of Project Sanctuary works on the principle that all the components of a story are interactive metaphors and belong together. Therefore, Project Sanctuary Dream Interpretation doesn't work with something that is taken in isolation, such as a single object, artefact or occurrence, but is always dealt with in context of the entire dream *and the person who had that dream*.

Project Sanctuary dream interpretation, or as we call it, Dream Solutions, works by stepping back into the dream and moving the story on from inside the dream, until a threshold shift occurs and the person understands the "message of the dream" perfectly.

This makes dream interpretation completely individual, as well as immune to false interpretation; it also shows us just how far reaching and powerful the messages from the energy mind truly are when they are understood properly and responded to appropriately.

Stars On The Cutting Room Floor

Stars On The Cutting Room Floor

A dream in graphic novel style which got a very cool evolution and became a Star Matrix Star Dream.

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The Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation

The Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation

I had a Star Dream the other night about a crystal library which held all the crystals of not just this world, but of all worlds, where people could go and check out any crystal they needed, take it home and enjoy it, then bring it back. I loved this and so based upon it, here is the Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation. Enjoy!

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Poem: Dream On

Poem: Dream On

One of the most important functions of poetry is to keep us reminded of the other realms, the higher realms, beyond the stress and chaos of the day. It's like going to church but you don't have to get dressed up and sit around uncomfortably for hours on end - with a simple poem, you can get there whenever you want, or need to ...

... be reminded ...

Dream on ...


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The Boy On The Sea Of Books

The Boy On The Sea Of Books

Once upon a time, there was a boy, and he dreamed that he was sitting in a rowing boat that did not move, and the ocean was made entirely of books, waves upon waves of books, static, frozen, inescapable, terrifying and lonely ...

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Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

If you ask yourself, "What do my dreams mean?" don't look for an online dream decoder, an A-Z of dreams or a dream symbol list that OTHER PEOPLE have assembled. Your dreams are your dreams, and you need to do your dream interpretation in context of who you are, what your life is like, and what the dream symbols mean FOR YOU.

Here are the 3 simple secrets to correct dream interpretation, how do do dream interpretation yourself so you find out the meanings of your dreams, and some examples about a naked dream, and a dream about a snake.

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Owl In A Dream: PS Dream Interpretation

Owl In A Dream: PS Dream Interpretation

So there's a person, and they had a nightmare which woke them up in a cold sweat of fear, with heart thumping, and the nightmare featured an owl.

As usual, the dream book of off the shelf explanations didn't help at all, and they kept thinking about the owl and the dream, and they kept thinking there was an important message in that owl dream, but they weren't getting it.

So here's the owl dream resolution in true Project Sanctuary style ...

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Flood Dream Resolution

Flood Dream Resolution

This Project Sanctuary story is an example how to use PS to resolve dreams.

By resolving dreams, we mean that a conclusion or breakthrough on the topic from a dream is being reached, and a sense that this is now been moved along and to the next level.

This is a particular fascinating dream about a flood wave, and drowning in the water.

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I Dream Of Healing ...

Holistic healers of all kinds would express the desire to somehow, find enough money to start a "healing centre" somewhere - and they would tell me of beautiful healing gardens, natural healing environments; clear, fresh healing water from a stream nearby; these beautiful buildings, like healing temples, white, ethereal; a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility, of soothing.

But what does this dream of healing mean? Is this about getting a bank loan and a load of concrete and start digging in the wilderness, or something altogether more metaphysical in every way ...?

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Shamanic Healing With Project Sanctuary

Shamanic Healing With Project Sanctuary

I've recently been working on a site related to "healing" and it was then I started to think about all the healing applications of Project Sanctuary, and what we should call PS style healing.

The closest match is really shamanic healing; that's the only thing which brings in the concept of travelling in other realities and interacting personally with the events and existences you find there. Here's an article I wrote about shamanic healing in the 21st century for an ezine recently, plus notes on The Sucking Doctor, and a Dream About Scissors.

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Dream Solution: Deliverance From Enlightenment Mountain

Dream Solution: Deliverance From Enlightenment Mountain

One of the neat things that comes naturally to Project Sanctuary is to take as a starting point a dream.

You go right back and re-experience it, then you interact in there just as you would with any Project Sanctuary habitat - with integrity, with fun, and with volition. Dreams, and especially recurring dreams or dreams which haunt the dreamer, are MESSAGES, of course - we're supposed to do SOMETHING about them, change something, TAKE SOME ACTION.

PS allows us to lucid dream anytime we choose to do that and interact directly with the dream, and the messenger of self who sent the dream. Here's an example of dream changing that is really good fun. Read on!

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Anna & The Starving Kittens

Anne, a fellow therapist and a good friend, dreamed of starving kittens repeatedly over a period of years. The dreams were frightening and depressing and always proceeded along the same lines: she would be quite happy in some landscape or other, and then would come across a litter of near starved kittens of about 3-4 weeks old. They were skin and bones and obviously unloved and abandoned. After each dream she'd wake up scared and full of dread.
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