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Stars On The Cutting Room Floor

by Silvia Hartmann

Stars On The Cutting Room Floor

A dream in graphic novel style which got a very cool evolution and became a Star Matrix Star Dream.

Subject: Dreams & Star Matrix

Yesterday I had a very unusual dream.

Firstly, it was in black and white (with gradiations).

Secondly, it was in "graphic novel" format with cells and pages. Never had that before.

Thirdly, it was clearly about Star Matrix and I was aware of that as I was dreaming it.


A man with a hat walks through a grim city and a second figure follows him with a big old fashioned cine camera on their shoulder, collecting footage.

There are various events, most of them uninteresting, some depressing or scary, and some are positive.

The man with the hat does not know about the camera entity person thing. This goes on all day into the night and eventually, hatman goes to sleep. The camera being puts a new film into the camera after taking the old one out, sets it to run focused on the sleeping hatman, and opens a portal into a cutting room.

Here, the camera operator becomes the editor. They cut out all the positive things (on the film strip, they are brighter than the rest of any of the pictures, they are easy to find) and discards them. The bright pieces fall to the cutting room floor to join many, many others which are already there.

The being splices what's left back together to create a first cut. Then they take that first cut and cut out all the uninteresting things, which are in the grey range, and discard those too. The grey bits turn to dust as they fall towards the floor and disappear altogether.

When the being is finished, it has created a black film that is short, a small roll of film about the size of when you curl your thumb and first finger and make them touch. The being leaves the room through the portal and behind it you can see all the stars shimmering on the cutting room floor.

It goes back to the sleeping hatman and pushes the black film into his head, third eye.

Then it goes back to its camera, picks it up, puts it on its shoulder just in time for hatman to wake up.

This will repeat, every day, every night, forever ...


So that's what I experienced (in graphic novel format!!!) in my dream. Having re-written it, the story continues ...

In the cutting room on the floor, the white stars begin to vibrate. Each one is 1 single cell of film with a few cells either side that are bright, the corona I guess, and they are vibrating and moving. They start to rise in a spiral fashion and become more star like as they rise. Eventually, they form a StarMan.

The StarMan looks around, looks at the editing equipment in this confined room. Touches it and it reacts by falling apart, into sparkling stardust of many colours. Where this stardust touches anything that makes up this room, it likewise explodes into sparkles until the StarMan is in a wide open space with nothing of the walls of the editing room or any trace of it remaining. The StarMan turns and steps forward, straight into the bedroom where the camera/editor being puts the camera on its shoulder to record a new day, and the hatman is about to wake up.

The StarMan casts a glow and in that glow, what it falls on is now in colour and not black and white any longer.

The camera creature turns towards the StarMan and as the camera points directly at the StarMan, it immediately begins to dissolve into stardust. In panic, camera creature tries to throw the dissolving camera away but it is too late - the dissolution process gets into its hands, spreads throughout its body, it tries to scream but then it is gone, and the stardust falls and settles on the hatman and his room, turns it to colour.

The StarMan stands and looks down at him for a moment. He sits down on the bed.

Hatman wakes up. He sits up on the bed exactly in the same space where the StarMan is.

There is a flash and now, only the hatman is in the room, in full colour, and he is smiling.

He gets up and looks out the window, where there is a world outside.

When he goes to leave, he doesn't pick up the hat by the door; he closes the door and the hat dissolves in tiny sparkles.

--- The End ---


Haha that was fun.

Where did this come from?

I do not read graphic novels. Baby aspects did partake of cartoons but that's about it.

However, I did watch the Snyder Cut (Justice League director's cut, 4 HOURS!) the night before which was filmed in "graphic novel" style.

Mix the two (Star Matrix is always on my mind!) and the Snyder Cut, go to bed, and what do you get?

"Stars On The Cutting Room Floor" I wager!

 Stars on the cutting room floor illustration

Get into Star Matrix:

April 2023 update: I've been thinking how to create a graphic novel from this every since it happened. And now we have Image AI. So if I hang on in there for a little while longer, I'll be able to use that to make something which is perfect for "Stars On The Cutting Room Floor."

With the advancements on AIs, there may even be a short film one day ...

The evil camera creature from "Stars on the cutting room floor" by Silvia Hartmann rendered via AI

The evil camera creature from "Stars on the cutting room floor" by Silvia Hartmann rendered via AI


  by Silvia Hartmann
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