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Get Creative - It's Important ...

by Silvia Hartmann

Get Creative - It's Important ...

Playing PS games, running stories and exploring habitats is a version of creativity that is structurally exactly the same as though you were writing a book, a play, a symphony, a song, a poem or a short story.

Whatever it is going to be in the end, at this time, it isn't here yet.

You're looking at an empty piece of paper, a blank slate.

This is one of the reasons, I have discovered, that a lot of people and including myself end up thinking that there's nothing there, or they don't have any motivation to start - it's a blank piece of paper.

And we won't know what it is going to become until we've stepped forward and made the thing.

I've always known that I can write a poem or a story at any time, I just have to call up a piece of paper and get writing, then it will unfold. If I don't, of course it won't and the paper remains blank.

What I didn't know was just how systemic that is.

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I didn't know, for example, that I can also write endless songs, melodies, pieces, an entire opera in just the same way. And even though I've proved to myself that all I have to do is to get the blank canvas out (pick up the guitar, or turn on my music computer) and there will ALWAYS be something - it just comes, it be-comes as you engage with it, and then you have something surprising and you didn't know where it came from, nor even HOW on Earth you managed to do that.

I used to sit around and "wait" for "an inspiration to strike" or a "need to arise".

A question to be asked.


Truth is that waiting is wasting time.

It's all there. You just have to

a) know that


b) go get it.

PS is just like that.

So we don't play and nothing happens. Sometimes, someone comes along and asks about an Easter Egg, and a fine and original event unfolds that feels sort of enriching, fascinating, empowering.

Original. Wow. I can be original?


All we have to do is go to that blank canvas more often and let it show us something new.

It's completely fascinating and should be done with the same regularity of brushing one's teeth.

Teeth fall out eventually.

But your energy mind and your creative capabilities ARE FOR LIFE.

Should they not have the same care and respect?

Indeed, they should.

So I'm putting out a general call to all of us, and all who are listening, to step up to the blank canvas more often.

To simply start - on a PS story, an enquiry, a painting, a design, a poem, a business plan, a sci-fi story, an invention.

Then it comes into being and the process of creation is underway.

How often that happens, and how good we get to be at it, AND how much pleasure and profit we'll gain from all of that is STRICTLY UP TO EACH ONE OF US.

We can sit and wait for someone to come along and make it happen - commission the poem, ask the PS question, pay you to paint a duck.

But some of us might find we wait our lives away in the interim.

And that's a waste.

Go somewhere today.

Step onto the transporter pad, spin the wheel with the time/space/dimensional co-ordinates randomly, and materialise somewhere.

See and feel and learn what you will find, and what will happen next.

It's as easy as that, and as important as this.

Silvia Hartmann


  by Silvia Hartmann
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