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CreativityDragon 4 Story

Creativity is the act of creating something. It's often confused with the IDEA one needs before one starts to create something, the inspiration.

Inspiration comes from to in spire, put a bit of spirit and energy into something.

The ideas or data for any form of creative endeavour come from the energy mind; they may be "flashes of inspiration" or flash visions as we call them, or longer visions, or the extreme form of vision which is a metastory and can go on for a long time indeed.

Project Sanctuary puts a person in control of their own creativity as we get to ask questions and set challenges which will produce the visions, inspirations, stories in direct response. This does not limit the artist or creative, as you can ask for good things or bad, disturbing or healing, add an and to the set up to create something that is satisfying and commercially successful, for example.

Project Sanctuary makes creativity achievable, accessible, and creates artistic evolution, joy and surprise by its very nature, based as it is on the truly endless data stream of personal, original creativity that flows through each and every person, if they know this, or not.

The Modern Energy Art Course with Silvia Hartmann available online now

David Bowie: Eyes Of Night Wide Open

David Bowie: Eyes Of Night Wide Open

There is this whole other level of encoded information there, in sounds, in movements, in timing, in all sorts of things that, once you've heard it, is definitely an asset in knowing that it exists, and then, to understand it in a different way.

Perhaps as people become less stressed and learn to pay more attention, more will hear the messages behind the music and the words.

Those are immortal.

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Dragon Story

Dragon Story

"Tell me a story," she said ...

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Get Creative - It's Important ...

Get Creative - It's Important ...

Playing PS games, running stories and exploring habitats is a version of creativity that is structurally exactly the same as though you were writing a book, a play, a symphony, a song, a poem or a short story.

Whatever it is going to be in the end, at this time, it isn't here yet.

You're looking at an empty piece of paper, a blank slate.

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Infinite Creativity Now Available On Amazon Kindle

Infinite Creativity Now Available On Amazon Kindle

Infinite Creativity, the Project Sanctuary story and the most up to date, in depth PS manual available, is nw available on Amazon Kindle. Listed as having 532 pages, Infinite Creativity contains a wealth of stories, background information, important patterns and reads as a fascinating journey of exploration which unlocked many of the real threshold shifts available to date. 

A "must have" for all Silvia Hartmann fans and a book that will keep on giving and growing with the reader, highly recommended.

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New Art Group: Energy Art - Art 4 Energists

New Art Group: Energy Art - Art 4 Energists

All Project Sanctuary players are heartily invited to join our new group: Art 4 Energists on FaceBook.

Art Solutions and modern energist's art demands there should be some kind of vision at the core of it (no vision = no art!) and PS makes creativity reliable, makes visions achievable, makes creativity very literally child's play!

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The Dragon Lords Project

The Dragon Lords Project

Silvia Hartmann writes: "I absolutely LOVE the metaphor of the energy mind being a beautiful, huge, alien dragon and that you have to not tame it but make it like you and want to work with you. The whole process about learning each other (we consciously do such strange, strange things!) and getting to trust each other, then love each other, is just ... fantastic. You can't tame the dragon. What a terrible idea! But if you're nice to it, it might take you places you have never been ... :-)"

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Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story

Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story

The new Project Sanctuary book, Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story has been released this month in conjunction with the 16th birthday of DragonRising Publishing.

Project Sanctuary has been the generator for many wonderful patterns and the device by which new methods and techniques have been discovered.

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In Serein & EMO

In Serein & EMO

Silvia Hartmann writes: I am best known for personal development research, so the question is often asked, "Why do you waste your time with Fantasy Fiction novels? Why bother? Why not write some more How To's that's what you're good at, that's what makes the money ..."

The answer is simple. Without such things as In Serein, there would be no EMO, no Energy Magic, no HypnoDreams, no Genius Symbols and there would be no Events Psychology.

How is it possible that writing a "fantasy" novel ends up creating advanced personal development techniques?

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Imagination & Visualisation

Imagination & Visualisation

Imagination, visualisation, visions - what are they? Should we be afraid of daydreaming in technicolor?

What can we do to get started with our imagination if we "can't visualise"?

And why is imagination important for "the real world"?

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The Man

The Man

A man came to me and said he wanted to learn of Sanctuary.

"It sounds interesting," he said. "It's just imagination, right?"

I laughed. "Just? What do you think imagination is?"

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The Matrix Vision

The Matrix Vision

An exploration into visions and conscious mind to energy mind communication that can change and save our lives.

And a fabulous Project Sanctuary vision->meditation->experience based on the movie, "The Matrix".

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The Creativity Genius Symbol

The Creativity Genius Symbol

The fountain symbol stands for pure creative energy, the wellsprings of our existence, the pure and unstoppable force that powers the Universe itself.

If this symbol turns up, bring in the energy of pure creativity, let literally the creativity burst forth like a fountain from the bedrock of old to bring new life to all it touches.

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Genius & The Structure In Sanity

For people who have genius experiences, and think at the genius level, it is not always appropriate to share their internal experiences with others.

Here is some good advice for genius thinkers that can make their lives a whole lot easier, and that is to understand ...

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What Is Creativity? Creativity Explained

What Is Creativity? Creativity Explained

You may have heard many a definition of creativity, taken a creativity test or have studied creativity research, but where does all of that leave us in trying to understand our own processes of creativity? Here, I would offer you a completely NEW, simple and manageable explanation on the origins of creativity and how we get to use this marvellous function of the human mind to have more fun and find creative solutions to our own problems.

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MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

Silvia Hartmann  writes: When Project Sanctuary gets going, we have EXPERIENCES.

These are "other than" simply imaginings; they are autogenic experiences whilst awake which are very much related to, and feel like, lucid dreams.

You could call them visions, if you wanted; the key thing is that these experiences have a numinous quality and the person who has them, KNOWS that they are of a different order than just visualisation, fantasy or day dreaming.

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Tesla Machines - A Quick How To ...

Tesla Machines - A Quick How To ...

I'm sure you all heard about Mr Tesla and his amazing machines, that he built and ran in his mind in quantum time, then went back to check and measure which parts had worn out and when he came to build them for "real" they functioned beautifully, the problems having long been found and ironed out in the mindspace trial runs.

I've heard it too and just put it aside, as something Mr Tesla could do, being a genius, but not available to me as an ordinary human being. 

But actually that's not so. 

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Night Eyes

Night Eyes

I just love Project Sanctuary to bits! Ok, I'll rephrase that - it truly delights me. It really, really, really does. I had the most fantastic, but really fantastic experience yesterday with it. So, I'm just lying in a very hot bath, thinking how totally amazing it feels to be in this hot water and drifting with the wonderful sensations.

These days at the *slightest opportunity* these other thoughts, images and sensations come to me and in an instant, I am transported into the world of "Ice River" beyond the "gate of far perspective".

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City In The Sky

City In The Sky

City in the sky is a classic metasong - a description of a Project Sanctuary habitat in the form of what one might call a metaphor poem.

The original vision/experience also inspired a painting.

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The Image Streaming Technique

The Image Streaming Technique

As "Good Companions" to Project Sanctuary go, a finer friend is hard to find.

An extremely useful technique I would like to introduce is a method of increasing conscious - unconscious communications quickly, to be better able to visualise, and to be able to generate representations quickly and at will. This technique is Image Streaming by Win Wenger.

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Improve Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

Improve Self  Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

Silvia Hartmann writes: In 1993, I developed a process that I called Project Sanctuary. I said that it improves Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Spirituality, Creativity, Autogenic, Healing, AND that it is FUN. I appreciate that it sounds like hype, impossible, too much but it's true, it's proven, and it's absolutely REAL. I think it is about time more people got to the benefits of this which is still NEW, STARTLING and - OTHER THAN.

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Reliable Creativity Part 1

Reliable Creativity Part 1

Must creativity be spontaneous to be real?

Can creativity and creative states be manufactured? Is creativity and accessing creative processes an accident, a gift from the muses or can it be ...

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The Possums & The Power Of Fantasy

Are you still waiting to "prove yourself on the battlefields of the Hard" so that you can know what you are worth, or whether you are a winner or a loser? If so, then here is a story that might change your mind, if not point the way to a change of heart, indeed. Read on.

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