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Metaphors Of Life - The Treasure Chest

by Silvia Hartmann

Metaphors Of Life - The Treasure Chest One of the most wonderful things about Star Matrix and StarLine Therapy is the fact that finally, the non-physical Star Events of our lives can take their rightful places on the StarLine. I have chosen to call the non-physical Star Events "The Star Dreams" and I insist that human beings should have 50% of their overall Star Events in the non-physical realm, based on the deep need for story and metaphysics that exists in all human beings, and which drives an "entertainment" industry which turns over more than food, or shelter. When we add the Star Dreams to our timelines, deep connections become apparent and now, we may discover "metaphors of life" - and that has just happened to me. Here's the story of The Treasure Chest.

Among my earliest and most profound Star Memories was The Treasure Chest. An unknown Star Person gave my 3 year old aspect a cardboard treasure chest for a Christmas present, which contained such marvels! Little horses, sparkling jewellery, mysterious objects - the child was entirely carried away by the unknowable potential for adventure, play, exploration and imagination, which were all one and the same at that age, combining into a state of joy previously entirely unknown. 

A treasure chest became at that moment the ultimate gift any person could ever hope to receive, the gift of endless possibilities and infinite joy, and I didn't realise that this had happened until I started doing Star Matrix, and recovered the Star Event with the treasure chest. 

I recorded the treasure chest memory in my Book of Stars and thought no more about it. 

Until the moment came, when someone asked me why I write, what am I hoping to achieve with my writing, and the metaphor of the treasure chest, the Star Memory of "receiving the gift of infinite possibilities and endless joy" exploded into my awareness. 

And I realised ... 

I have been trying to give people the greatest gift I know, and that gift is a treasure chest. 

Every book I write, every work of art I make and every training I create is trying to be that - a treasure chest of energy. 

I have been accused many times that I put "too much" into (everything) and should make things simpler, only talk about one specific topic at a time, give only one simple instruction or "stay in the lane" - but I can't do that!

I want to create TREASURE CHESTS in my work, gifts of endless possibilities and infinite joy!

I realised this when I came across my totally not in any lane at all energy - art - metasong - poetry book from 2003, For You, A Star. 

Of course For You, A Star is an absolute treasure chest! But it didn't stop there. I saw that it wasn't just For You, A Star, but that this desire to create a treasure chest of energy was there all along, and it's what I've been trying to do all along, trying to pass on that gift of joy my young aspect had received. 

It is the most astonishing thing when we consciously understand a huge metaphor of life, which has been in play in my case for over 60 years now, unabating, always there, a meta program running in the background upon which trillions of actions, in my real life, have been based, reliably, always, no matter what the practical results might have been. 

For You, A Star isn't a best seller; indeed, it confuses people who want either art, or poetry, or a book on positive energy, but not all of it together and at the same time. 

Modern Energy itself has this underlying feature of not being one method, one technique, but instead, a treasure chest right from the beginning with all its components in place. 

The Energy rEvolution is the non-fiction version of that treasure chest concept. All my books are, fiction and non-fiction alike. They are all attempts at being treasure chests for the recipients. 

I so want to share that joy!

It's an amazing thing to find out why you do the things you do, and in this case, it's really beautiful for me to understand what I've been trying to do. 

Infinite Creativity ... Project Sanctuary or SuperMind as it's now called, the greatest treasure chest to gain more Star Dreams there ever was. 

I am not going to stop doing that. It's good to know that no matter how hard I try to "write something that will sell better" I can never stray from that original desire to create a treasure chest for someone to open one day and find amazing things inside, things that will bring them joy as they play with them. 

The power of our metaphors of life is extraordinary. Doing Star Matrix is extraordinary, another treasure chest - it's even called "Discover the treasures & riches of YOUR life!"

I am super grateful that I have been given the opportunity in this life to do all the things I did, to essentially live a life of extraordinary adventure and amazing experiences. 

I would like to close here with my eternal gratitude to the unknown Star Person who gave a three year old that treasure chest on December 24, 1962. 

Thank you. I have done my best and will continue to do my best to pass it on. 

Silvia Hartmann & The Treasure Chest 2023
Silvia Hartmann & The Treasure Chest 2023


  by Silvia Hartmann
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