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In order to become a Project Sanctuary Master, a person has to complete The Official Project Sanctuary Masters Course, designed by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary.

The following are the only people in the world to date who hold this distinction.

The title of Project Sanctuary Master is valid for life.

The Project Sanctuary Masters

Sue Bellworthy   Sue Bellworthy Unknown

Corinne Buchta- Muster   Corinne Buchta- Muster Lausen, Switzerland

Margarita Foley   Margarita Foley Trainer Dublin, Ireland

Phone 00353863553981

Roberta Greene Trainer New Jersey, United States

Phone 609-346-2132

Mary Hardy Germany

Phone 0049 7732 8026000

Mary Hirose   Mary Hirose Illinois, United States

Dieter Maas   Dieter Maas NRW, Germany

Phone 004922352520

Laura Moberg   Laura Moberg Trainer New Hampshire, United States

Mobile 1 (603) 359-4782

Maggie Noskeau   Maggie Noskeau Derbyshire, England

Conny Sennhauser   Conny Sennhauser Aesch, Switzerland

Phone +41763234811

Lucy Shorenzon Ramat Yishay, Israel

Jorge Vence   Jorge Vence Trainer Hampshire, England

Mobile 07914016397

Margreet Vink   Margreet Vink Noordholland, Netherlands

Phone 0031-299-416444

Ilka Wandel   Ilka Wandel Trainer Alicante, Spain

Reto Wyss   Reto Wyss Trainer Berne, Switzerland

Phone +41 62 962 9212

Carna Zacharias-Miller   Carna Zacharias-Miller Arizona, United States

Angelica Zemp   Angelica Zemp Graubünden, Switzerland

Mobile 0041 76 502 57 08

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