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The Original Genius Symbols Interview

In this interview with Silvia Hartmann, Creator and Designer of The Genius Symbols, you can find out where the idea for the Genius Symbols came from, and why they represent the long missing Rosetta Stone to unlock the forgotten language of the energy mind (unconscious mind, subconscious mind).

--- Where did the idea of the Genius Symbols come from?

It actually started a couple of years ago, when I decided to "manifest" a silver Mercedes car for practice purposes, and it came to my attention that my energy mind (unconscious mind, subconscious mind) didn't have a clue what a silver Mercedes is. It didn't understand my request. Like, I input a silver Mercedes, and it would come back from the energy mind as an undefined sort of whitish blob with a feeling of a question mark attached to it.

So I undertook to teach my energy mind first of all, what a Mercedes is. I went to a showroom, put my hands on the bonnet and said out aloud, "That's it, that's what I want." I also when driving along the road would comment on passing cars to make a distinction between different types and models.

When I input the silver Mercedes Elegance again, the blob had become much more refined; now it was a silver teardrop shaped thing that actually travelled, like a comet. When I saw that vision from my energy mind I could FEEL the excitement because all that I wanted out of my new Mercedes was now understood and encapsulated in this vision - both I and my energy mind were in agreement.

I got the car within a week of this, it was just amazing how that happened.

That's the first time I think I've consciously been involved in a direct communication where a symbol was sent back and forth between the conscious mind and the energy mind until a "click" occurred, a rush of energy, and BOTH MINDS had understood what this was all about.

In fact, the sheer FEELING of that click when it happened was so extraordinary and such a good feeling, a real "Eureka!" moment, that the smooth manifestation of the silver Mercedes became little more than the icing on the cake after the fact!

The next time I used this method of starting with something, putting it to the energy mind, getting something in return, refining it some more from my end, and doing this "back and forth" motion between the two minds until it clicked was a deliberate test on my part to understand the symbology of the Tarot better, particularly the 4 suits.

I had THE most fantastic "Aha!!!!" experience with the material universe and not long after that, I started thinking of the symbols, a Rosetta stone for the conscious and the energy mind, so they could communicate more easily.

So that's what I did, and where the symbols came from.

--- What do you mean by Rosetta Stone?

When people started becoming interested in archeology, they tried to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, but couldn't work out how the symbols related to language or what they meant.

This went on for a long time and no-one could decipher these symbols, until in a place called Rosetta this stone was found that had something written on it in hieroglyphs AND in Greek as well - the same message, so people could then work out how to decipher all the rest of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Without the Rosetta stone, people would still not know what all those inscriptions on the ancient Egyptian tombs actually said.

I use the metaphor of the Rosetta stone to explain that both the language of the energy mind, and the language of the conscious mind are present in these symbols. You understand these symbols, and you can unlock the rest of the language of the energy mind through these examples.

--- How did you decide what symbols you were going to use for the Genius Symbols?

I started with the "Classic Game" of Project Sanctuary, which involves time, space, weather, landscape, plants, animals, people, dwellings and artefacts.

These components had turned out to be the basic building blocks of creating an environment where the energy mind and the conscious mind can come together and start to co-operate and communicate.

So these were the symbols I started with because I already knew from over 30 years experience with Project Sanctuary that they worked perfectly and were understood clearly by both minds.

--- Where did the rest of the symbols come from?

If you can play the Classic Game, you can ask questions already from your energy mind and get very cohesive answers.

Of course I can play the Classic Game, so that is what I did - I asked to be shown what other symbols would be needed to create this basic alphabet of communication, my 23 Rosetta Stones.

Some of the things I was shown I didn't consciously understand; and so I engaged in this backwards and forwards movement with the energy mind the other way around.

In the Mercedes example, I had a symbol - the Mercedes - that the energy mind didn't understand, most likely because it's not a natural thing like a landscape and I tried to teach it with practical examples what I meant by that.

When I was choosing and refining the symbols that was often the other way around. I would be shown something like an interlaced multi-coloured DNA kind of thing that was moving and I wouldn't understand what was meant by that and send it back with a question mark attached.

The energy mind would then come back with something else - two multicoloured strands and they appeared to be dancing with each other. Ah! I understood that, that makes sense, and the symbol that came from that communication was "The Dance".

--- Did you use the "back and forth" method for each symbol?

Yes, that was the most important part of it. There had to be that "click", that really noticeable "Aha!" that you can feel shooting through your body like electricity for each one, so they had the stamp of approval from both minds.

But it got a whole lot quicker after the first few, and the last five were so fast, I couldn't even track the back-and-forth movement, it was nearly instantaneous. A brilliant experience!

--- How did you decide on the patterns to use the symbols in?

Well, I thought it best to stick with what we know really works.

And what we do now know really, REALLY works is Project Sanctuary and the way that's set up - you start with time, then weather, then the land and that gives you a firm habitat, a space where events and visions take place and where you can interact directly with the data stream in real time.

So as a starting point to what is in essence a truly vast and undiscovered country at this time, I thought it would be best and safest, and easiest as well all around, if we stick with the Classic Game to begin with, and see where it leads us from there.

--- And where did it lead you?

[Laughs] Oh my! Everywhere! First of all, the Classic Game is in and of itself totally inexhaustible. It became clear pretty much right away that through using the symbols, it was much easier to take charge of the direction and content of the visions by using a statement of intent up front - a contract, a purpose if you will that was pre-set and so both minds can go to work on that single outcome.

It's like having two people sitting opposite a table from each other, and they are aliens from these different worlds, and they really don't speak each other's language yet but they've heard a lot of weird stuff about each other!

Instead of them staring at each other and getting worried, what we do is to place something on the table between them - let's say an orange. Now they both look at it, they've got something to focus on, and at the very least they're both soon going to learn each other's name for that round thing there. That's progress.

So the original intent for the communication, you can call it a set up if you will, focuses them both and brings about an instant alignment.

That's what we do first.

It was wonderful to think about what you would like to "bring to the table" to discuss with your energy mind on this occasion. Worries, concerns, problems, memories, events, ideas, conflicts, dreams, hopes, goals, questions - that alone with the Classic Game could keep you amused for all eternity, I have no doubt!

One of the later developments and a HUGELY powerful pattern to work with the Genius Symbols is the Symbol Sphere. This is where you use all 23 symbols to shed new light on a single situation, problem, or question.

The amount of ideas and breakthrough insights that the Symbol Sphere generates is FANTASTIC - even with an absolute beginner.

--- That sounds - remarkable. But the way you're saying it, there is even more?

Yes. Lots more. One of the first wonderful surprises was that you could tell your energy mind something, using the symbols, instead of it always being the other way around.

In the olden days, people would have visions streaming one way, from the energy mind only, if they were lucky.

But to be able to really properly explain a problem to the energy mind, to translate it using the symbols so it can understand and go to work and suggest solutions, but also DO it's mysterious thing that it does, quite practically, in every day life once it has understood what we want, that's amazing.

That's a very remarkable thing to be doing, and you have to experience this for yourself how that works, and how that makes you feel. All of a sudden, you are not alone any longer with your questions, problems and worries and you really know that there is this "other" there who can help you, and I mean REALLY HELP YOU get what you want in life.

That can be manifesting things like my car, sorting out relationships, or creating healing experiences for you - REAL help from WITHIN YOU.

For example, you can tell the energy mind about an event in your life that troubles you still, using the symbols as portals. Like, there was a house, and in the house, there were people, and this what they did ...

The response of the energy mind to that, and the way it opens that story, event or memory up to doing something with it, something new, something that was never possible before, that's really remarkable.

The Genius Symbols can be used for just about every human question, problem or challenge, to throw new light on the situation, but most of all, they teach the person who uses them HOW TO THINK in a whole new way.

And that is a fabulous experience, that does the world of good for the self esteem as well, and really impacts your future - what you hope and dream about, and to find practical ways to bring that into reality, and to know that you can.

--- What else can you do with the symbols?

There are many things.

Of course they are perfect for fortune telling. You can use them in therapy and healing, and in magic - there's amazing potential there.

You can use them for creative solutions, for dream interpretation, for getting materials for writing a great book, a screen play, a song, or a fabulous advertisement for your company.

You can use them for positive reality creation, and as a very powerful form of affirmation because your energy mind is working at the same time if you use the symbols.

Now I don't like the word meditating much because to me, that's sitting in front of a blank wall until your legs drop off in search for enlightenment which will never come! But you certainly can think about things using the symbols.

See the conscious mind, that what we're thinking with, it is very active, like a young child, it needs to be involved, you just can't tell it to sit still all the time, shut up, be quiet, just listen - that's not what it was designed to do! It's designed to run around and ask lots of questions, and to be very present and active when it's awake. So give it something to think about!

We can take a single symbol, let's say Time, and just look at it and think about it.

What you will notice after a while that this back and forth movement between the conscious mind and the energy mind begins to take place, and when that comes into harmony, then you'll have a literal enlightenment experience, a true "AH!" or "Eureka!!!" moment concerning your total understanding of time. That is THE coolest thing, and what you learn from that, you really can go out and start making money from it in every way you might want to!

--- So in that way, the symbols are not just esoteric, but also very practical?

Oh God yes! Whether it is practical in terms of making you feel better, or solving conflicts, or really enjoying the visions and how your mind is working so much better, the good feelings from the threshold shifts, those Eureka moments, but then on top of that, you get reality feedback in all shapes and sizes.

What you have achieved in that back-and-forth communication where both minds agree that this is right now, is something REAL.

REAL knowledge, real wisdom, real ideas that work in the real world.

That's the true magic and the true genius of how these symbols work, and the whole process.

What we have found also is that the question up front, the contract you put on what you are doing, sets the exact level of how esoteric or mundane your answers from the energy mind are going to be.

So for example, if you ask a real mundane question like, "What should I give Cousin Peter for his birthday present this year?" you will get an answer to that.

Or if you ask, "Give me a new idea to make more money," you'll get the answer to that and at that level.

If you ask something esoteric, like, "Give me a personal message from Archangel Michael," or "I need a new sacred geometry pattern," you will get THAT - you get what you ask for.

That is so cool, and that's what makes the Genius Symbols both useful but also a real tool that can grow with you, potentially infinitely.

--- That brings me to my last question. Why did you call these The Genius Symbols?

It is a good question. Originally, the idea had the working title of "The Project Sanctuary Playbook", believe it or not. Simple games to play for fun and profit.

But in the research phase and the first testing phase, I had a vision.

In this vision I was literally told that I should not hide these symbols under any bushel for once, and to tell it as it is.

Genius comes ONLY from working with visions.

Without visions, no genius.

Simple as that, really.

And just let's remember a vision doesn't have to be visual, it has nothing whatever to do with seeing, it's an all over experience where you learn just as well as if you were walking down a street and taking in what is around you.

These symbols open the door and create visions from the first time you start to use them. But more, the processes around them allow you to get into this back and forth communication process that leads to a threshold shift - a neurological re-organisation at a new level, both physically as well as energetically AND mentally.

Using the symbols will give you genius solutions, and that makes YOU a genius in every sense of the word.

That's why they're called that.

--- Is there anything else you'd like to say before we go?

Yes. I would like to say that there was a time when people thought you could only learn to read and write if your blood was blue or else your head would explode.

Nowadays, every healthy human being can learn to read and write at least their own names and we expect more from most.

The abilities and the genetics to work with visions and to co-operate with the energy mind to create these extraordinarily beautiful solutions that are so RIGHT and work so PERFECTLY when you bring them down into techniques, or objects, or inventions, or theories, or practical actions, that is the BIRTHRIGHT of EVERY HUMAN BEING.

It isn't something special for the chosen few.

Everyone can do this.


You know what happened to the world when more people started to write down about their experiences, and more people got to read what these other people had written.

It totally changed history, changed the world in every way imaginable.

Now imagine the changes we can expect if human beings across their imaginary divides of country, clan, race, gender, age, politics and religion begin to USE THEIR BRAINS CORRECTLY.

That's so awesome, that makes me smile.

With so many billions of us, there isn't a problem too grand, there is nothing that cannot be corrected, put on the right track, made to work for us IN CONTEXT WITH THE REST OF THE CREATIVE ORDER.

It's like humanity coming out of the valley of the shadows, coming home to the beautiful Universe at last.

It may be a long road, but the Genius Symbols are my offering to that end, something to really get us started in the right direction.

And that's exciting, and quite wonderful.

Silvia Hartmann
Creator, The Genius Symbols
August 1st, 2008

"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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