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Create NEW fairy tales with Project Sanctuary, re-write old and damaging fairy tales and generally, take control of the deep metaphors in fairy tales - NOW.

The Golden Horse

The Golden Horse

An original story in the classical fairy tale format by Silvia Hartmann for those who might be weary of the drudgery of life, and seek to recapture their magic.

Originally posted 2002-02-04.

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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Once upon a time, in a land not as far away as we might think, there lived a fairy who was very sad indeed.

For it was so that all fairies there had wonderful long tails, very elegant they were and really helped to keep the balance when they flew; and there were sparkly, shiny tails of many colours and all the fairies took great pride in grooming, oiling and massaging their tails so they would be just as proud and shiny as they could be.

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A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate's Treasure

A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate's Treasure

Dimitra Paraschou from Greece is a Genius Symbol and Project Sanctuary student who volunteers to help out with terminally ill children at her local hospital, talking to them and reading stories for them.

She created a lovely new story, using the Genius Symbols and the Classic Game, something that would entertain but also enlighten and inspire. You can read the story here and also what happened when she told the story of The Pirate's Treasure to the children on the ward.

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Solstice Story

Solstice Story

Today is Winter Solstice and it is cold.

Gather around the fire, and I will tell you a story ...

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Fairy Tale Therapy

Fairy Tale Therapy

Fairy Tale Therapy is an extremely powerful way bring healing to systems which remain otherwise out of reach. But there is more to fairy tale therapy than that alone.

Putting someone in charge of *all their stories* - which includes heirloom stories, all forms of old wives tails, religious stories, what they see on TV and read in the newspaper, and also, their very own memories and imaginations as well as fairy tales - is probably THE single most powerful key to personal development we could give to a person.

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The Ice Prince

The Ice Prince

A brand new fairy tale for 2010 - The Ice Prince by Silvia Hartmann.

The story is complete  ... are you sitting comfortably?

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The DragonLord & The Sick Boy

The DragonLord & The Sick Boy

The story from Northold I want to share tonight is about a young man, the only son of a rich and aristocratic family, who was badly injured during birth, brain damaged through lack of oxygene we would suppose today.

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Fantasy Fiction Story The Book Of The Law

Online complete fantasy fiction story about graves, graveyards, creatures, reclaimers, treasure and the book of the law by Silvia Hartmann.

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Toxic Tales: How The Wrong Stories Can Make You Sick

Toxic Tales: How The Wrong Stories Can Make You Sick

A good story has the power to heal.

A story is a containers for energy forms that the reader or listener "ingest" in the same way as someone would take a physical pill by eating it.

The wrong stories can be toxic, like the wrong chemicals - stories of misery and depression, of loss and defeat are unhealthy and we must learn to spot the toxic tales, avoid them, reject them and replace them with healing stories instead.

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De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

Silvia Hartmann writes: Fairy tales have an inordinate effect on human beings. They are very specific stories, set in a "timeless" dimension and they act on the neurology in a very specific way.

"Embedded" when we are but children, and with their true messages quite hidden under the surface, fairy tales program a range of codes of conduct and behaviour specific to the societies that tell them to train their youngsters to grow up into good productive citizens.

Fairy tales are the carriers for deep programming, as are other types of stories which function on the same timeless "once upon a time in a faraway land" principle and this programming is not just resistant to being undone later on with conscious interventions and decisions and willpower, but is actually structurally out of reach from attempts of the adult mind to free itself from these entrainments. Simply put, to de-program a fairy tale, you need ANOTHER fairy tale. And nothing else will do.

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In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary is a powerful, short metasong story from the book of fairy tales, The Golden Horse.

This story concerns a little girl who demanded far more from the world around her than was seemly ...

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Sereya's Song

A story about a little girl who had lost her voice by Silvia Hartmann.

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