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by Silvia Hartmann


A great shining star had fallen from the heavens that night, and there were those who felt inspired and excited by it, wanted to discover more, and wondered what they might find.

A great shining star had fallen from the heavens that night, and there were those who felt inspired and excited by it, wanted to discover more, and wondered what they might find.

Three youngsters, a girl and two boys, packed provisions and set off in the direction where an enormous golden glow had lit up the night for some time, before it had slowly faded and disappeared into the rising dawn.

For two days they walked and climbed across a ridge of mountains that lay between their village and the scrub lands beyond, and when they had reached the top of the ridge, they could see where the shining star had made landfall - a perfectly circular crater that was smooth inside was visible another's day walk from where they were, and full of excitement, the three went on their way.

They were young and strong and happy; light of foot and laughing and chattering about all manner of things as they descended into the vast expanse on the other side of the mountains.

At night, they would sit around their little fire and tell each other stories of the wonderful things they would find, and sleep deeply and they dreamed together under the twinkling stars in a deep blue ocean sky.

The next morning they were even happier and even more excited than before; they could hardly wait to get going, and eventually, the three started to run towards the rim of the circular site they had seen from the mountain top.

They clambered up the side, soft smooth sand that gave them little traction, and just for a moment, they stood and looked at each other, before yelling, whooping, they let themselves slide into the crater.

Dusty and laughing, they got to their feet, but then their mood changed.

There was something in the very centre of the structure, and although none could see it as yet, they could feel it.

The hair on the back of their necks stood up, the hairs on their arms stood up, and their whole bodies started to tingle.

Slowly now, reverently, and as one, the three moved towards the centre.

The closer they got, the stronger the sensations became; the tingles turned to a strange rushing sensation that seemed to blow the thoughts out of their minds like an autumn storm will blow away the old dried leaves; but they had to get closer; nothing could stop them now ...

They arrived in the centre.

There was a hushed stillness they stepped into, all three, and they stood around the centre, looking down, but there was nothing to be seen.

As one, all three went to their knees; and as one, three pairs on hands very gently moved the sand away, and then there was ...

A bright flash of light, and before them lay revealed an egg shaped stone, and at first, they thought it was made of gold, but it was just a little too bright, a little too shiny, and a little too heart stopping in its beauty and power.

All three sat back on their heels, folded their hands in their laps, and all three said together and at the same time,


The three looked at each other for a moment; they knew they had spoken a word that had never been spoken before in all the times spent, and they knew that they knew what this was, as well as knowing that you cannot tell in words what had been found here on this day.

It was the girl who tenderly and with the most careful, loving touches placed her hands beneath the piece of dragongold that had come from the stars, and lifted it clear off the sand.

It was cool and warm at the same time, and it made her smile and shiver, through and through.

She held it to her heart for a moment, closed her eyes and her companions had never seen her so beautiful, or her smile so angelic, although they had known her all their lives.

When she opened her eyes, there was the laughter of joy dancing in her very being, and she handed the stone to the next; and he too took it to his heart and felt its blessings; and in turn, he passed it on to the next, and when all three were radiant as joy can be, they laid the star stone on the ground, and held hands, and loved each other and all the worlds in gratitude.

They returned to their village, all rew and bright they were, and everyone was awed and delighted by what they had found and brought back for all to share; the star stone was a living wonder that could heal, uplift, and bring a bright new life in a whole new way.

But there was one more thing about the star stone made from DragonGold.

An older woman came to hold it; and she had many rings and bangles made from normal gold.

When the star stone touched them, they turned to dragongold in a bright white flash; and all her gold turned into dragongold as soon as it touched them, in an instance.

All people ran and found what bits of gold they had; and some had none, and some had much, so those would give a share to everyone. They brought their gold and watched in awe, laughed in delight as all the gold turned into dragongold.

The story spread so fast, you might have thought that it had wings!

From all the lands now people came and all the gold turned into dragongold - where there had been so much need, so much anger, so much fighting and so little hope, a ray of light shone into all and even all the darkest places now; and there is the story of an older man, who took a piece of dragongold to the mountains, where there was a deep cave with veins of gold inside, and he touched it with his piece of dragongold, and in an instance, all the gold in the world became transformed, for it was all connected.

And this is so the story of our world; there are old tales of suffering and endless wars, of people being hungry, or alone; we don't remember this, and still, we celebrate the youngsters who set out that day to find the heaven's star.

DragonGold (c) Silvia Hartmann 2019

  by Silvia Hartmann
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