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Write YOUR OWN Awesome Fairy Tales!

by Silvia Hartmann

Write YOUR OWN Awesome Fairy Tales! I am so happy and excited - I had a Star Event yesterday! I saw the pattern, how Fairy Tales work, and not just that, how we can make it so that anyone who plays in Sanctuary gets to write their very own Fairy Tales of healing, love, problem solving and magical inspiration!

I told a few people and they loved it too; so and as I have this one Monday off, July 31st 2023, I am going to give an hour and a half playshop online (because this isn't WORK!) - let's write some NEW Fairy Tales! The world sure needs them, having grown tired and ran the old tales into the ground over the last few years. 

Absolutely love what I saw in a flash there - perhaps this is going to be the rising of DragonGold and the new beginning for a new world of fairy tale magic! That would be groovy!

Original Fairy Tale Poster July 2023

Really looking forward to this, I sense a new beginning here!


Update December 2023: 


The Fairy Tail Fairy Formula Workshop with Silvia Hartmann  
And not just that. My first book of Fairy Tales, The Golden Horse, got its 2nd edition and the original illuminations back - yay! and my new collection DragonGold its first edition publication. 

Inspired by The Fairy Tale Formula, Alex Kent also published his own book of Stories, Poems & Fairy Tales - it's a Fairy Tale Event! :-)

Love the Fairy Tales!

  by Silvia Hartmann
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