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Fairy Tales & Magic - Why we need new fairy tales by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Fairy Tales & Magic - Why we need new fairy tales by Silvia Hartmann Fairy Tales & Magic - Why we need new fairy tales. An Essay about fairy tales and magic by Silvia Hartmann

No More Old Witches!

Fairy Tales & Magic

An Essay about Fairy Tales & Magic by Silvia Hartmann

When we are young, we are told fairy tales - about evil witches, mostly older women, and wishes that lead to disaster; about magic gone wrong and full of dire warnings to not stray from the straight and narrow or else terrible things will happen. These things sink into a young child's neurology and there they stay, and there they sleep, and there they wait until the moment comes when an adult might want to make a wish, but all of sudden and seemingly from nowhere, there's fear. There's doubt. There's confusion. Bad things happen when you make a wish ... don't trust that genie in the bottle ... magic leads to no good in the end ... And that's a magic reversal in action, old programming that is just the same as brain washing or cult control, but here the cult is the Spanish Inquisition, reaching across the ages through the medium of fairy tales and affecting people in their millions, still here and right now.

If we are seeking a new world, a better tomorrow where we are more respectful of all of Creation and where we may live in harmony not just with the world around us, but also with each other, we really and profoundly do need NEW FAIRY TALES.

It is not just the children who need new fairy tales, but it is at this time especially the adults who need an antidote to the "evil witch programming" they themselves received when they were children.

The programming of fairy tales is DEEPLY sub-conscious and it cannot be undone by counter examples or by thinking or talking about it in every day language. It just doesn't reach that deep; it doesn't make any changes at that level.

In order to undo the original subconscious programming of fairy tales, you need to go back into that country, "once upon a time in a kingdom far away", and it is THERE we need to make the changes, have new experiences, ADD NEW STORIES to create a better balance all around.

Many women as they grow towards menopause and beyond are greatly influenced by the negative "evil old witch" stereotypes; and that ripples back through the timelines to the young women who don't want to grow up to be warty and evil and eating little children, either.

Women especially do not step into their full powers of reality creation, and you may call that what you like, until after menopause; the "evil old witch" horror they are entrained to have await them, should they buck societal trends and start having their own ideas of relationships, of healing, of creating a more holistic life that is more in tune with the invisible realities that do exist and that do pervade our every day and night, there is always that hideous face of the wicked old witch staring at them and warning to turn back, lest they should be ostracised and stuck on the bonfire with all the other evil witches of the past ...

But also for men, the stereotypes of the evil magicians who go power mad in their own solitary towers is just as damaging and just as limiting.

Personal power is what magic is all about. Taking charge of one's own life. Talking to spirits directly and not through the medium of a paid priest. Making choices and developing one's own future, an unknown journey through a pathless land for a single individual, as it should be - and not the "cradle to the grave, one size fits all" sardine factory that is prescribed for the good citizen, no matter what society they live in or how exactly that is defined.

There is nothing to be gained for societies from frightening little children away from personal power and magic by telling tales of magic horror.

The truth is that all societies NEED individuals who are aware, who are wise, who have learned the limits of their own power, who are in tune with the world, themselves and the people around them, who are creative, who contribute, who serve and who role-model lives of splendid joy, satisfaction and achievement for the younger generations.

The truth is further that without magic, NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE.

Without magic, the world is dead, life is meaningless, hard and painful, and it's all over when we die.

Without magic, there is no legacy, no contribution, and THERE CAN BE NO CHANGE.

We need magicians.

We need witches.

We need them in every possible area of human endeavour to bring new solutions to entrenched problems and creative, positive, proactive change.

No-one can be expected to do "clean magic" whilst they are still full of swirling fear and old entrained terrors that were transmitted through the stories of the past.

We do NOT want the past to be repeated.

One Spanish Inquisition was quite enough for humanity, indeed.

And so, we need NEW STORIES.

For only new stories can heal what the old stories caused to go wrong.

It is an interesting challenge, and a wonderful one.

I am hoping that soon, more will heed this call and start to write NEW stories too, stories of hope, joy and beauty which after all is the real truth of our enchanted, wonderful, unbelievable, endless and totally amazingly splendid universe, and our lives within this, granted to us by the great Creative Order, who made us all.

And in this spirit, I offer "The Golden Horse & Other Stories" - my personal collection of 16 brand new fairy tales for the magical child within, the part of us that knows there's more to life than death and taxes, and who, if it will awaken and join us here in these our incarnations, has the power to bring back the wide eyed amazement, the unlimited creativity and absolute awestruck wonder of our world, our life, we once knew and now, need to remember.

Silvia Hartmann
October 2007

Fairy Tales by Silvia Hartmann: The Golden Horse & Other StoriesThe Golden Horse & Other Stories
16 NEW Original Fairy Tales

For The Magical Child Aged 9-99

"Bedtime Stories For The Angel Child"
Published by DragonRising Publishing, United Kingdom, 2007

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  by Silvia Hartmann
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