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The Straight Horizon & 2 Stories From The Shores Of The Universal Ocean

by Silvia Hartmann

The Straight Horizon & 2 Stories From The Shores Of The Universal Ocean

A SuperMind tip about the straight horizon and two stories from the shores of the Universal Ocean - Ilka Wandel's Galaxies and The Trouble Pebbles by Silvia Hartmann

A SuperMind tip. There are different levels and layers to the worlds we visit; and they become consecutively more abstract as we get further and further away from "the world we know" (the one with gravity, the local temperatures, mountains, trees and so forth). A way to recognise where you are is to look at the horizon.

For example, if you're standing at an ocean shore, and there is no bend to the horizon, it is perfectly straight and goes on forever, you can know that you are on a plane, rather than a planet.

In my example, when there's no roundy-bend in the horizon there, you are standing "at the shores of the universal ocean."

Here, we can do many things that are other than, beyond or simply completely different than what we would do with the sort of shore and ocean we are used to from our material lives.

This "no bend to the horizon" thing is also something to notice in dreams and meditations.

Very cool. xxx


This tip was prompted by a SuperMind Story Ilka Wandel told:

She found herself on the shores of an ocean, and on the white sand there lay giant sea shells which sparkled like diamonds.

She went to take a closer look at one of those and realised that every shell was a galaxy!

You could dive right into any one of these and have such experiences there ...


A day or so after the post with the tip about the straight horizon, this happened:

I just re-read this and the thought occurred to wonder what I might do if I stood at the shores of the universal ocean right now. This reminded me of the "Casting the stones into the sea" EMO exercise we sometimes do when we are on a physical beach; and I thought I'd like to throw all my troubles into the universal ocean, that would be a great relief ...

As I thought this, the entire beach, as far as the eye could see, became cluttered with black stones, big ones and little ones, and tiny ones like gravel and sand ...

My oh my, I didn't know I had so many troubles ...

For some unknown reason, that made me laugh; and as I laughed, the black stones of many sizes seemed to wake up, they opened their eyes, extended their legs, and started to move towards the water πŸ™‚

A mass movement of troubles into the universal ocean!

Watching the bigger ones I noticed that the contact with the clear turquoise water changed them; they seemed very light and buoyant all of a sudden, absorbing the turquoise or perhaps they were becoming transparend? Like glass or crystal? ... and then they were just gone ...

There was a wave of troubles moving into the water all along the shore, as far as I could see left and right; and then only the smallest ones remained, heading towards the water's edge on their tiny legs, but soon, the entire beach was trouble free, sparkling in the sunshine, and I was smiling all through every layer of me, wishing them well, wondering what adventures they would have next, and very, very glad they had moved on. πŸ™‚

Thank you, dear Energy Mind! πŸ™‚

Silvia Hartmann
November 26, 2020

  by Silvia Hartmann
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