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De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

Silvia Hartmann writes: Fairy tales have an inordinate effect on human beings. They are very specific stories, set in a "timeless" dimension and they act on the neurology in a very specific way.

"Embedded" when we are but children, and with their true messages quite hidden under the surface, fairy tales program a range of codes of conduct and behaviour specific to the societies that tell them to train their youngsters to grow up into good productive citizens.

Fairy tales are the carriers for deep programming, as are other types of stories which function on the same timeless "once upon a time in a faraway land" principle and this programming is not just resistant to being undone later on with conscious interventions and decisions and willpower, but is actually structurally out of reach from attempts of the adult mind to free itself from these entrainments. Simply put, to de-program a fairy tale, you need ANOTHER fairy tale. And nothing else will do.

The problem is that only few people in each generation know enough about the deep structure of language in the first place; out of those few, even fewer turn their minds towards writing fairy tales - that's just for little children, right?


As long as these programs spook around essentially unchallenged in a person's neurology, they will very practically limit the experience of magic, personal power, and most of all, individual expression for as long as they remain there.

Project Sanctuary allows us to go "into the story" and to change damaging stories BUT ONLY IF WE BECAME AWARE OF THEM.

It still then only changes one story, one person at a time.

We need some new stories; stories that will quite literally pick up the sword of reason and go to war with all those "old wives tails" of evil witches, kings who choke on their own riches, wishes that leave the wisher wishing they'd never even wished for anything at all because such terrible things happen, as well as all the unhelpful and fearful archetypes that are being evoked to keep the citizens on the straight and narrow.

I have written 16 fairy tales to start combating the old; for it is indeed time that we came out of the middle ages, where things were "Grimm" indeed and start moving forward and into a different mode of being - one where the Spanish Inquisition is NOT the last authority on good or bad; and where we have a world of beauty, glory and splendour beneath a Creative Order that is built on LOVE instead of fear, terror, pain and suffering.

It has to start to end, and The Golden Horse and the other stories are my contribution to beginning to turn the tide.

I call on all other PS Players to consider this, and to contribute as well. It is time we had new stories. We really need them if we want to get out of the confusions and contortions that are holding our lives in unbalance.

The magical child we still all are inside needs new stories to spread its wings and fly; the adults we are today are reliant on that to make our lives meaningful and purposeful, beautiful and amazing. No robot and no science, no pill and no chemical can do this for you, nor can any other living person - it's YOUR magic inside that needs to grow, to rise and to take wing for real to bring YOUR JOY.

So here it is: The Golden Horse & Other Fairy Tales.

Use them for self help. Use them for therapy. Read them to existing children to create a new balance in their minds and cure the fear of being human. Use the stories as a spring board for discussions, for further stories, for the future, or just enjoy them and let them enrich your worlds.

Enjoy on every level.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Project Sanctuary; Author, The Golden Horse


The Golden Horse & Other Fairy Tales Front Cover

The Golden Horse & Other Stories

Original Fairy Tales by StarFields

Bedtime Stories For The Angel Child

Masterful Elegance In Metaphor

Powerful Emotions & Beautiful Energies

The Reality Of Magic, Mystery & Pure Enchantment

Timeless Lightning Strikes Of Pure Creativity To Help Us Learn, Heal and Grow

The Triumph Of Beauty & Love Over All

This is The Golden Horse, created by Master Story Teller Silvia Hartmann For Magical Children Aged 9 - 99, The Golden Horse is an anthology of absolutely original, highly creative stories told in traditional fairy tale format to heal, enlighten, inspire and foster curiosity and delight in exploration.

Lovingly illustrated by US Artist Sheryl Tongue, modern yet ageless, hypnotic and enchanting, perfect for being read out and spoken aloud, these stories will speak to the magical child within us all.

It is rare, very rare indeed, that someone comes along who can handle the traditional fairy tale format and produce such sparkling gems of pure creativity.

From the wonderful Golden Horse, which gives this anthology its name, to the immensely moving Star Child, the inspirational story of Darain Of The Dragons, the quite terrifying Book Of The Law and the superbly told The Wedding, these are stories of true power, of beauty, filled with emotion, leaving the reader uplifted, and thoroughly enriched.

This is the fairy tale book I would loved to have read when I was a child!

Nicola Quinn, Project Sanctuary Master

Story is the oldest, most profound device of human learning, and of change.

Fairy tales especially, with their timeless settings, their powerful imagery and rhythms, their patterns and their unfoldments, shape our lives and thinking more than most will ever know.

For those who want to escape from the "lessons" learned in childhood about kings who choke on their gold, evil witches who eat little children, of monkey's paws and the dangers of wishing for anything at all and re-claim their magic in a very different way, The Golden Horse is the perfect antidote - here are NEW, powerful stories of true magic, of power, indeed, of our personal, god-given power to change the world and live lives filled with enchantment.*

Like the Golden Horse, these stories are here to help us today throw off the shackles of the valley of the shadows, and live and dance in the light of beauty, and of truth.

Perfect for sharing with real children, perfect for the child within, perfect and unusual tools for self help and therapy, these stories can be used to change minds, and hearts, and most of all, re-connect us to the magic we once knew for real when we were still a child.

This delightful anthology of tales is rich in metaphor and magic.

These modern-day fairy stories will appeal to all ages, from the very young to the very old.

On first sight they present a relaxing and enjoyable read but they are full of hidden treasures and each re-reading will reveal new secrets that challenge the mind and uplift the spirit. They stir the imagination and, for those familiar with Project Sanctuary, these tales will provide another entry into the energetic realms where they will come alive and share their riches.

The Golden Horse is not to be missed and I highly recommend this addition to the Starfields library.

Sue Bellworthy, Project Sanctuary Master

Silvia Hartmann, author, researcher and language expert is a uniquely talented, amazingly creative individual who in The Golden Horse turns her attention to the master form of story telling, the traditional fairy tale format.

Previously published fiction work includes The In Serein trilogy, Vampire Solstice and The Magician.

Dr Hartmann is the creator of Project Sanctuary, a unique device to allow the streams of creativity to flow freely, brightly, and with joy.


Wonder-Filled Stories For The Magical Child:

The Golden Horse


This wonderful meta-story opens the story ring that is The Golden Horse and takes us to a place of brilliant brightness and the learnings of all times - the world of the story tellers, where each story is a star, each story is a song, resplendent in the universal map that corresponds to the living universe itself. Elory's Joy is a gateway to the magic of creativity - and of truth.

The Golden Horse is a story of re-unification - and a cautionary tale of the terrible loss and heartache that occurs when the spirit world is lost because it is deemed to be unimportant for daily survival. Here, good does not just win out over the evil - it is triumphant in love and the splendours of the future.

Little Sereya has given up her power of speech because she thinks that no-one understands, and no-one listens. But then she finds another language and another way so she can tell her story.

Freedom and redemption are the themes of The Roach Master, a man who had to survive in terrible circumstances. But situations change and time moves on. It is easy to take a man out of prison. But what does it take to take the prison out of the man?


Do you believe in miracles? Do you remember what it was like to be a child and falsehood was a game you hadn't learned to play, a time when your heart was pure and all was truth? Darain of The Dragons comes to remind us of the beauty of innocence - and its power to truly change the world.


The Magic Picture is a tale of warning and a good story to think on further, to discover its meanings and relevancy for how we think and act each day.


What is good, and what is evil? How do we turn the evil into the good? The Crystal Magician learns the truth about the matter and he finds out, just as those who will read this wonderful story about bringing beauty and light through courage, and love.


Once in a while, a story comes along that you've never read before and yet it feels familiar - here is something that we know and we have dreamed about ...


Why are mermaids being killed and their tails sold off for fish? Find out what happened and how it was put right in the tale of Deep Sea Jewels.


In Sanctuary is a story about the truth and purity of nature, but at the same time, it is also a very personal story about a little girl who could not stop complaining ...


Sometimes, a woman's magic can be found within. And at other times, especially when the moon is bright and round, one might need to get dressed against the chill of the night and find another kind of magic ...


The 12th Spirit is a truly beautiful story about life, and death. Deeply moving and entirely visionary, this is a story you will never forget.


Not all fairy tales are like the three little pigs. There are others, complex, frightening and wild - and the Book Of Law is amongst the latter. This is an amazing story about sin, and time, and finally, about redemption.


Meet the lonely woman who wanted nothing more than a child - and whose prayers were answered. A Star Child was given to her to take care of for a time. But what will happen when this time is over, and the Star Child has to be returned ...?


A great magician and his two young apprentices set out on a journey from which no-one has ever returned - to find the Heart Of The Desert.


Mysterious, beautiful and exciting, The Wedding closes the story ring that began with Elory's Joy. Meet the magician Shakastra, the princess Harmony, the slayers and the dragon lady in the nightlands, long ago ...


16 exquisite stories, vibrant with life and emotion, a nourishment for the soul.

To share with your child, your child within, and those you love.

Absolutely original stories that make you smile and weep, that make you think.

Stories that enter into those places where only OTHER STORIES can reach to heal the past.

Stories that inspire us to reach beyond, step into the world and make it our own.


Story in its oldest and most powerful sense:


The Golden Horse & Other Stories

by Silvia Hartmann

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