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A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate's Treasure

A Story For Terminally Ill Children: The Pirate's Treasure

Dimitra Paraschou from Greece is a Genius Symbol and Project Sanctuary student who volunteers to help out with terminally ill children at her local hospital, talking to them and reading stories for them.

She created a lovely new story, using the Genius Symbols and the Classic Game, something that would entertain but also enlighten and inspire. You can read the story here and also what happened when she told the story of The Pirate's Treasure to the children on the ward.

A Story For Terminally Ill Children:

The Pirate's Treasure

by Dimitra Paraschou, Greece

This story takes place in summer time, early in the morning of a beautiful day, with clear sky and the sun rising. There is a small beach with white sand, turquoise waters and a few coconut trees. There, if you take a very careful look you’ll see the spirit of a pirate, who guards the place because nearby he hid his treasure -  a magic wand -  and has to protect it from those who must not find it.

A hero comes to the shore with his ship, in quest for the treasure. He wears light clothes and only has a shield and a sword. In his neck shines a majestic talisman with unusual shapes engraved on it - shapes like many, many suns together.

The ship stops some meters before the shore and the hero swims towards the beach. Mermaids swim next to him and bless him with magic dust, to help him with his quest. The magic dust flows all over him and then takes the form of a coin, with the hero’s face on it.

Once he steps into the shore, he sees a wishing well. He takes the coin a throws it into the well, wishing to be strong and to get as much help as possible so to find the treasure.

After that, the well disappears and leaves behind many bubbles of light. One of them starts changing shapes and takes the form of a tiger - it stands now very close to our hero, looking him in the eyes.

The tiger is the pirate’s helper, and the pirate can see and speak through it. The animal, having a human’s voice now asks the hero why he’s there.

The hero answers that he is looking for the treasure and wants to take it to his homeland.

The pirate answers that the treasure will be given to the one who is in tune with the treasure’s spirit, so he has to prove himself worth of it.

Upon hearing this, the hero made a step closer to the tiger and looked it deeply in the eyes. He took a deep breath and let the pirate see - through the tiger -  his heart. Now the pirate could see of the many people and creatures this man had helped and that he wasn’t doing this for personal profit, but for the sake of his people who were in need of resources.

The tiger growled and disappeared, leaving behind the bubble of light from which it was originally made. The bubble came in our hero’s hands and saw that it could transform into anything he wanted! He asked to be the map to the treasure, because he didn’t know how to find it. And it did, in a few seconds!

He was following the map when he felt the need to pray and ask for protection and guidance. He prayed for a few minutes, with heart and soul, and then he saw beautiful angels flying close to him, forming a protective shield.

After a while he found the place where the treasure was hidden. There was inside a small cave. There were little creatures dancing around the cave. They were so different, dwarfs, fairies, little winged humans with amazing colors in wings and skin. The hero asked who were they and identified themselves as crystal spirits who make sure the treasure is full of energy.

One fairy, with royal blue wings and green skin approached the hero and touched his talisman, making it soft to the touch. She then asked him to mould it into something precious to him, so as to take the place of the wand. In this way there would always be a treasure, matching the needs of the seeker who would come to find help. The hero made a small castle, in memory of his royal castle that he was willing to give away if he could help his people.

The small golden castle was then taken by the crystal spirits and was blessed so as to be helpful and of huge impact and importance for the one who would come and seek for it. Still, it would have to be used with a pure heart and good intentions. Once the hero would leave this place, they would put it in the place where the wand was.

The hero was given permission to enter the cave and after a few steps - the cave wasn’t very big -  he found the treasure: the magic wand was in the hands of an amazing statue which didn’t have a human form. Above it there was an engraving saying that all treasures come from the Creative Order and are for the sake of all creatures in Universe. This wand was for healing and whoever holds it was bound to do good and help.

Upon touching it, the wand emanated a wonderful orange light and matched the hero’s hand. He heard a voice inside his head saying that now he and the spirit of the wand are companions and the more he would help others, the closer to Creation he would be.

The hero left the cave and headed himself to the shore, to take his ship and return to his homeland. He finally saw the pirate’s spirit, glowing and coming closer to him, thanking him for his pure heart and for releasing him from being a guard. Matching bravery with honesty and good spirit was the key that got him to the treasure, he said. The ship came and the hero was ready to board, when he looked back and the pirate’s spirit was never to be found. He smiled and was now ready to return home.


  • Created with The Genius Symbols, Classic Game, by Dimitra Paraschou, Greece, 2011. All Rights Reserved, Reposted Here With Permission.

Some follow up questions:

What contract did you use to create the story?

The contract was "Dear Energy Mind please give me a story to narrate to the terminally ill children in the hospital, which will appeal to them and will give them strength and inspiration". A long contract long but it did work.

Did you tell this story to the children in hospital? And how did they react to it?

Yes, they did hear it this Saturday and their reactions were astonishing.

First of all, they liked the fact no dragon was killed (most of them adore dragons!) and that generally there were no killings and suffering.

They loved the part with the tiger and the crystal spirits - which later on lead to a whole new talk about crystals, so tomorrow it's Crystal Day; the children asked me if they could see my crystal collection, so I'll be visiting them carrying some of them.

Of course they asked about angels -  if you pray you can see them?, are they all white? are they dead people? and then we had a conversation of the power of praying and what it means to pray.

They also liked the idea of leaving something precious behind as an exchange for the treasure. And they totally adored the hero, they asked if I can tell them what's going happen next...So now I have to find a new story - and no dragon killings!


That's awesome Dimitra and thank you very much for sharing it with us too!

SFX 2011

"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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