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Tale Of Two Kings by Alex Kent

by Alex Kent

Tale Of Two Kings by Alex Kent An original fairy tale in poetry format by Alex Kent.

Tale of 2 Kings Purple Frog Prince

The Tale of Two Kings

In the green woods there was a bog,
And in it sat a purple frog.
He sat there near a gnarly tree,
With a sign attached saying "Please Kiss Me".

For this frog used to be a handsome prince,
Around his lofty castle he used to mince.
But he made the mistake of not being nice,
And denying a witch refuge though she asked nice twice.

The witch then cast a nasty spell,
And threw him down a deep dark well.
She cackled "niggidy nagidy nog,
I've turned you into a horrible frog.”

Now he stayed in the well for more than an hour,
He cried froggy tears over his loss of position and power.
But then a girl lifted a bucket out of the well,
And when she saw his purple face, she turned quite pale.

"Aaaaaah!!!!!!! You disgust me you horrible thing."
And she grabbed the frog prince and gave him a fling.
It's difficult to say just how far he flew,
But it was for many a frog mile, the frog prince knew.

So many frog years just went on by,
And he sat in his new home giving a big sigh,
"If someone could kiss me I won't be alone,
I'll even let them share my royal throne."

Now today's the day his luck was in,
For he heard a happy man come whistling.
His name was Julian and he liked to kiss creatures,
With funny little faces and horrible features.

But apart from being odd he was actually quite nice,
And he looked at the frog and he didn't think twice.
He gave the prince a big kiss and had a little surprise,
When there was a bang, some smoke and he could see princely eyes.

This wasn't quite what the prince had in mind,
But he had made a promise to be nice and be kind.
So he agreed to Julian "We both shall be kings!
And have laughs, tell jokes and do wonderful things."

So that's the end of the story of how the two princes met,
And it was no surprise that King Julian became the first Royal Vet.
The two kings share everything and always have laughter,
About the convoluted tale of getting their happy ever after.

Alex Kent
29th March 2017

  by Alex Kent
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