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The Wrongness & The Starry Souls

by Silvia Hartmann

The Wrongness & The Starry Souls

A SuperMind Story in Fairy Tale Format by Silvia Hartmann In a strange time and a strange place, there was a strange kingdom. All the people in the kingdom were obsessed with everything that was wrong their futures, their presents and their pasts; what was wrong with nature, wrong about themselves, wrong about each other, wrong with what they were doing, what they were thinking, what they were creating.

The Wrongness & The Starry Souls


In a strange time and a strange place, there was a strange kingdom. All the people in the kingdom were obsessed with everything that was wrong with their futures, their presents and their pasts; what was wrong with nature, wrong about themselves, wrong about each other, wrong with what they were doing, what they were thinking, what they were creating.

All they could ever see was the wrongness; the ones who saw the most wrong and criticised the most became their celebrated leaders and experts on all things; and if ever anyone strayed into seeing something good, or beautiful, or graceful, or beneficial, they were declared to be lunatics, heretics, criminals; and they were rounded up and sent to re-education camps where they had to be with others and criticise each other from the moment the sun went up to way beyond the setting of the sun, and into the night, day after dreary day, over and over, until they too began to only see the wrongness, and the wrongness was every thing.

High above this strange kingdom, beings congregated.

They came from all across the multiverse and the many planes and layers of dimensions, to observe these strange ongoings, and to show their young ones the results when conscious creatures focus on the negative exclusively, and seek more and more to dislike, despise and hate, and hold competitions who could be most hateful among them all.

A field of wrongness had been created; a bubble in the multiverse that was all alone, and disconnected; and as the bubble grew, it became darker, and lonelier, and ever more confused, insane, unstable.

And it smelled bad, too, as many of the beings noted.

A stench bubble in the Multiverse ...

Who'd ever known such a thing???

A tourist industry began to grow up around the wrongness bubble; and many beings felt quite strongly that something should be done about it; the suffering of those who were entrapped within the stench and misery was quite unknown to them, and affected them as well, and not in a good way.

"We should do something," some beings radiated; and some replied that nature must take its course, as it always will; that such a stench bubble could not last much longer, and it would be fun to see how the Great Creative Order would deal with such an occurrence.

Much can be learned from this! Let's keep watching!

"But what about the children? The innocent souls trapped in this nightmare? It wasn't their fault; it's the bubble itself, it grew and took on a life of its own, overwhelmed its makers, they didn't know what they were doing!"

Many multicoloured ripples went through the many beings who had assembled here; and there was consent both ways.

Now beings don't have our sense of time, and so the conversation flowed like waves, this way and that, causing laughter sometimes, waves of deep sadness at other times, and in the meantime, the bubble kept on growing, only it wasn't a bubble any longer, but a strange shifting, writhing madness with tentacles as some tried to escape but where pulled back into the stench that grew stronger, and ever more unfortunate.

As the beings watched and learned and listened, they did observe how some souls were trying to break free; stars trying to rise up; and the consus idea found a harmonic that in the meantime, those little starry souls should be assisted, so that they at least could break free, for they had clearly shown they wanted none of this, and in the best way that they could, did try to find a better way of being.

Now, the beings shifted their attention; they sought a resonance between themselves and each individual rising tiny star.

So it was that each tiny star would find a champion; find assistance and all of a sudden, to escape from the horrors of their bubble wasn't so hard any longer. There was a sense of uplifting, a wind beneath their wings, so they could fly higher and much faster now ... and soon enough, the distance was great enough, and they were outside ...


No wrongness.

Not a hint of wrongness here.

An endless, welcoming starry space ...

There was love, and there was beauty, restored.

There was order.

There were the other beings, and all the wonders of the Great Creative Order to enjoy, to explore, to make their own.

The little stars were dancing in gratitude and sheer de-light.

More and more were assisted in their escape; more and more little dancing stars formed a new sphere outside of the writhing stench field; a new bubble was forming in the multiverse, encompassing the old, sparkling, singing and dancing ...

This new sphere now attracted more little starry souls and provided the new lifting; the beings were no longer needed to assist; and more and more souls escaped, and joined the laugher and the dance of freedom.

And now it became noticeable - the more starry souls escaped and joined the dance, the smaller the old field of misery and wrongness did become, as though the very essence of life was being drained from it.

The process gathered speed; the starry sphere grew ever brighter as the tiny stars and their rays of light connected up with each other; soon, there was only a tiny kernel of the old wrongness now remaining.

Just one soul remained trapped inside.

Just one soul had started all of this, the seed for the field; a poor lost soul writhing in eternal agony, incapable of seeing any beauty, knowing any grace, all love forgotten - poor, poor thing!

The multitude of stars that formed the new bubble, and the beings beyond who were now bathing in their joyous light, went still just for a moment - and then, as one, they loved that poor, poor soul; and a multitude of rays of purest light came from the loving sphere, and focused exclusively on this one lost soul - a brightwhite flash, a primal explosion of unknowable power radiated through the multiverse, touched all the levels and the layers, and it was done.

The many little starry souls dispersed; free now to travel in the StarFields, find their own way; but their rays' connections remained, as did their shared experiences with all the other beings - the multiverse had unfolded, and now, only love remained.

The Wrongness & The Starry Souls
Silvia Hartmann
November 2020

Wrongness & Starry Souls illustration by Silvia Hartmann




Just shared the link to an online group with the following metacomment:


It is interesting that when "all else fails," I always turn to a "story" or a "poem" to help me out. This one was directly caused by a desperate discussion I listened to between two people who were despairing about the state of the Western world, and could find no solutions whatsover from the place they were at. This caused me to likewise, not be able to know what to say to them; and then the voice delivered the first line of the story.
This has happened before. If you know the words, "I place my own healing hands ... on my own dear heart ... with the exquisite tenderness ..." then you'll also know the story where the original "heart healing prayer"* came from, and indeed, where the HEART POSITION in Modern Energy came from, which is now so, so integral to everything we do.
This (poem) came to me in response to a call for help from a totally desperate child sex abuse survivor on an internet forum; and there as well, I was overwhelmed by the suffering and asked that question, "What could you ever say to this person that could ever possibly make any kind of beneficial difference?????"
Yeah, and there as well, the voice spoke the first line of the Heart Healing prayer. I sent it to the person and even at that time, on that day, they replied with, "That is the ONLY thing I've ever heard that makes any kind of sense to me, that has given me hope. Thank you."
As with all things we do in Modern Energy, it's not so much the "result" on the person you are writing/speaking to in "that other voice," it is the effect it has when you do it on yourself.
From being completely overwhelmed by the sheer depth and magnitude of the suffering, to feeling calm and very focused, very loving, and with a much more ... expanded awareness of the problem, and its solutions to boot, it really is a soul saver.
The moral of all of these stories - the story stories (Star Dreams!) and the "physical world" stories is this.
There are OTHER ways to talk; OTHER ways to "think" about our problems; and in fact, it is these OTHER ways that hold the solutions, and the evolutions/threshold shifts we need to get out of those fields of darkness, and into the light.
The ability to connect with these OTHER abilities is not reserved for saints or rare poets. We can all do this. But only if we want to.
And I want you to want to, because it's amazing to be able to do that, and for moments of personal overwhelm, a veritable soul saver. xxx
* The original Heart Healing "Prayer"

Heart Healing


Place your own

healing hands

on your own

broken heart

with the gentleness

and with exquisite care

the care

you would afford

a tiny frozen bird

you found

there on your doorstep.


With your gentle

healing hands

speak in your touch

of warmth and love

of your desire

to make whole

what once was broken,

of your desire and your will

to right what once was wronged.


Whisper softly,

I will do

what I can

for you,

my little love.


Fear not.


I am here for you.


For sure, I am no angel

but what I have to give,

I give to you.


Silvia Hartmann, 2003

Hear it spoken here:

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan

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