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In Serein & EMO

In Serein & EMO

Silvia Hartmann writes: I am best known for personal development research, so the question is often asked, "Why do you waste your time with Fantasy Fiction novels? Why bother? Why not write some more How To's that's what you're good at, that's what makes the money ..."

The answer is simple. Without such things as In Serein, there would be no EMO, no Energy Magic, no HypnoDreams, no Genius Symbols and there would be no Events Psychology.

How is it possible that writing a "fantasy" novel ends up creating advanced personal development techniques?


It's very simple.

This is the genius of the energy mind at work.

The energy mind, previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind, is the fountain of all creativity. Creativity isn't just painting random pictures or spouting a lot of poetry; it is also the solution to problems that can't be solved in the normal way of trying to think your way out of it.

That's the genius part in the story - the energy mind works very differently to the conscious mind and it provides astonishingly concise and organic solutions to problems and questions. For as long as there have been human beings around, they have tried to figure out how they can get their energy minds online. They tried to hang themselves from trees by their nipples, drank a lot of weird concoctions, meditated until their legs fell of and danced and prayed for decades in some cases without much success.

I figured out a long time ago that if you want your energy mind to wake up and get into action, you need to use it.

You need to communicate with it, and try to understand the language it uses.

Now this has been called the language of metaphor, but I like to think of it simply as autogenic visions, lucid visions, experiences that take place not in the physical (in the Hard) but actually in the mind - the combined conscious mind and the energy mind, together and in the same place, working as designed by the Creative Order in the first place.

When I sat down to write In Serein, I told my energy mind to give me a story I needed to know.

It provided this story faithfully, and I faithfully wrote it down without interference.

In Serein is a giant Project Sanctuary habitat, a meta story. As such it is more than just daydreaming or make belief; the story is energy mind derived and therefore, contains metaphor, but it also contains truth.

You just have to know how to read it.

One of the key concepts of EMO - and all of energy work in general - turns up early on in Book 1.

Then our eyes met.

In spite of the gloom and the distance – a good three strides of more – something shot from his eyes straight into mine (pale, alien eyes, this man is dangerous, frightening!) as though he was storming straight into my head. Reflexively, I fought him and tried to push him back, but he was much, much too strong for that and I had that feeling of wry amusement from him again as he played a little with me to give me the illusion I could hold out against him even for a few moments.

I wished I had the singing stone to provide me with extra strength and somehow, the vortex flashed into my mind. To defeat the vortex, you had to merge with it. It had worked then – was it worth trying it here with him the vortex I was trying to conquer in vain?

I gave in to his pushing just a little bit and felt a tingle of joy and a surge from him or me, it was difficult to say, but it was then I made the choice to let him in all the way. I simply dropped all resistance and not only let him flow into me, but reversed right round and pulled him into me as well instead.

All that I was lay open to him; entirely unprepared, he fell into me, out of control and for an instant, we were one and the same and then with a tremendous crunch that shot through my mind and my brain, he was gone from there but outside he had jumped from of his chair, with a strange expression on his face.

He crossed the distance between us, stood and looked down at me. I had no trouble this time to meet his eyes, and when we locked again and he began to push, I pulled and he instantly stopped pushing and took a deep breath instead. His lids flickered and then he was just a man, just looking at me like people look at each other, without trying to suck out each others souls or conquering them, for that matter. This close to the fire, his pale eyes seemed nearly red for a moment, lit from within.

β€œThat was an interesting lesson,” he said.


And it is an interesting lesson. This is Aikido in a nutshell; but also the whole concept of the more you fight a flow in energy work, the more resistance you are creating. It is told in such a way that *I* understand that, it now makes sense to me, and this being so, I can translate this principle into step by step instructions for my students.

From this and other examples in In Serein, we figured out that in theory, letting in an energy form that was deemed to be dangerous or frightening is in fact what renders the energy form not just harmless, but empowers the person who takes in that energy, makes them stronger.

This led to the first tentative experiments with making teensy holes in shields, letting in just a teensy amount of the "bad" energy - and In Serein was right, it was the correct move, it worked.

We were astonished. In Serein "held in the Hard" as the saying goes.

From this came the shield protocols of EMO, as well as the central tenement that there is no good or bad energy, but ONLY energy which is absolutely foundational to the understanding of EMO, energy work, and figuring out how and why people perceive some energy forms as good or bad respectively.

There are many aspects of EMO which are quite unique and were learned in In Serein; the hands of ghost, the healing hands, the simple but profound understanding that "healing hands" are the hands of the energy body, and from there, the understanding that they are not tied to the same location as our physical hands and can take many shapes and forms, healing beams, healing wings, the healing wave from EMO 2011 and so much more ...

All of this from this:

I stand and look at him looking out at his father’s lands and find myself caressing his brow, his hair and his shoulder with my thoughts, stroking his back, seeking to remove some of the tension in his neck with loving fingers of ghost, stroking away darkness and soreness and dissolution from his shoulder blades, from his spine.

As in response, the ice begins to melt a little at a time, softening around the edges and I remember how he took me so gently to a place of calm in my own sorrows, such a short time ago, and I ease his melting and support his calm beyond the ice as best I know how yet without drowning him in an ocean of emotions he has no use for, nor can he find nourishment of any kind within its depths.


What I find so fascinating is that the proponents of doing everything with the conscious mind alone, the standard science approach as taught in schools and universities across the lands, are trying to tell us that facts and figures are quicker and more precise than metaphor, but that's not true, especially when we are dealing with meta-systems, meta-truths of any kind. The above paragraph is a few sentences long and contains so much information, you can build an entire career on just that one paragraph.

Start with a book on the Ghost Hands. Followed by a training and certification program. Annual conferences. Specialist applications for kids and sports people. Relationship counselling. Healing with Angel Wings. Ghost Hand sex, Ghost Hand Magazine ... it goes on and on.

This example shows us just how the hard needs ideas that are not recycled; that are energy mind derived and therefore, so so simple - the real elusive obvious in every way.

Another of these information dense transmissions which one could analyse forever is the Vortex from 1-2-2 - so many lessons in such short a time.

Metaphor isn't just *the* most information dense device there is known to mankind, it also happens to be something that people can naturally understand.

You can write whole books about certain things in every day language and try to explain until the cows come home, but you tell somebody this and they *understand* - on a very different level, as Lord Lucian remarks:

I have no idea where I am but wherever I am, I am alone here and this is a relief as intense as the cold rain that bathes me steadily on, never caring if it fell on me, or on a stone beyond, or on a blade of grass, or on a smouldering wet fire that, if you stirred it somewhat, would contain bones, and teeth.


This one sentence explains the concept of Innocent Energy, which is important in energy healing. People make judgements and these judgements create shields; if any aspect of the energy system is judged to be evil or undeserving, it becomes structurally excluded from receiving any form of energy healing. Lord Lucian's experience of the rain, which does not distinguish or care if it falls on the executioner or the remnants of his victims, is a form of unconditional healing that is very profound and very necessary for so many people. There are many people who were never executioners, perhaps they were children, and certain things in their systems became "bad" and disconnected from any flow of energy, love, information that would help them evolve. If you can understand that the rain will fall even on Lord Lucian, then you can understand the concept of Innocent Energy and you can be healed through it too.

The final example I'd like to give of how In Serein shaped the concept of EMO occurs many times, and in many different guises and circumstances. This is the movement of mind into the pattern world; where things are no longer crying, dying children or badly injured loved ones, or even an old woman's skirt; here, things are just patterns and whatever is going on with them can be clearly perceived and acted upon without stress, worry or freaking out.

This is at the heart of the structural energy work in EMO, summed up in the instruction, "It's only an energy!" This move into the pattern world, in the case of EMO the simple structural discovery of how the energy flows actually really work, changes state entirely. It changes how we feel, removes emotional disturbances, and lifts thinking, comprehension and action, both in physicality but more importantly, the energetic action being taken by one's energy body and energy mind, to new levels of effectiveness.

Of course, there are many more structures and patterns from In Serein that have found their way into the original EMO 1, 2, and 3; and of course, there are many more patterns still waiting to be discovered, used, some of which are extremely advanced indeed.

In Serein is many things. It's an example, it's an exercise but it is also structurally correct and as such, a demonstration of how when we take our energy minds a little more seriously, and allow them to tell us things, teach us things, answer our questions, they will.

Most of all, In Serein is a case in point that when we actively endeavour to breach the divide between creativity and the hard, between fact and fantasy, between conscious mind and energy mind, we get both a jolly good story that is entertaining *as well as* a lesson in energy and magic - and then some.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, EMO

Author, In Serein

June 2011

Project Sanctuary -> In Serein -> EMO

"I wish the world Project Sanctuary." Christine Sutherland

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