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The Alien Magic Box SuperMind Game

by Silvia Hartmann

The Alien Magic Box SuperMind Game

This is a really interesting SuperMind Energy game - the Alien Magic Box. It's important that this should be an ALIEN magic box to get past any expectation of old, known, already existing magic boxes and expand beyond that.

Alien Magic Box with alien symbols on the outside in purple

Here is your very own alien magic box!

The question is, "What do you hope will be inside?"

Answered honestly, it will make conscious something that a person needs to evolve at the energy levels which they may not have known they needed or wanted. Or they may have known, but didn't know how to get it.

Once a person has expressed their hope for what will be inside, we step into Sanctuary through the Classic Game where they can open the box.

Their dear Energy Mind will have placed something inside for them to find, and this something now needs to be ingested by the energy body, it needs to go inside, flow in, through and out and trigger an evolution

This can be done purely with and in Sanctuary, or you can use EMO to find out where whatever was in the box needs to enter into the energy body, or you can use it as a Positive for Modern Energy Tapping.

It's a lovely pattern that goes beyond repair into doing something beautiful for the evolving energy body; it is designed to create a Star Event, a Star Matrix "Star Dream" that will become inscribed in the Book of Stars.



Silvia Hartmann

November 2021





  by Silvia Hartmann
"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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