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How To Shift Realities Tik Tok: Shifting & Shifting Reality How To Step By Step

by Silvia Hartmann

How To Shift Realities Tik Tok: Shifting & Shifting Reality How To Step By Step

This is how to shift realities as in the Tik ToK game, step by step. Safely. Easily. Let's go and shift reality!

1. You're not shifting reality itself. You are shifting your attention to a different level of reality.

2. Our conscious mind is time-space-dimension ship. It can be either "here" or "there," it can travel freely.

How to shift realities - by putting our attention either here, or there. We are free!

3. The more either "here" (in your body, in your house, in the Hard) or "there" (in a memory, in a story, in a dream, in Sanctuary) you are, the more "real" that "reality" becomes.

4. Shifting is placing your attention from "here" to "there" at will - and of course, back again.

5. Your physical body and your energy body, which produces all your emotions, will react both here and there in the same way. In other words, you can be happy or stressed both here and there, and your body will react to this in a very real way.

6. Therefore, don't shift into horrifying, frightening or disturbing places in time and space because that isn't good for mind, body and spirit.

7. Ideally, you always want to shift realities into the perfect place in time and space for YOU, right now. This is super-good and super-healthy for mind, body and spirit. It's also healing, and enormous fun, where we learn the most and gain the most benefits from shifting realities.


How to shift realities tik tok style so it's really, really real - HOW? do I get started?

Star Matrix is the easiest way to get started with learning how to shift reality.

Do this standing up, not lying down for now.

1. Remember a Star Moment of your life - remember a really good memory, one of the best moments of your life, when you were happy, amazed, excited or had learned something really important. A Star Memory.

2. The memories flash very fast. In order to enter inside the memory, we have to slow down and take it step by step. We use the SuperMind "Classic Game" to do this. Ask and answer the following questions OUT ALOUD:

In the memory, what was ...

The time of day? Morning, afternoon, night etc.

The time of year? Spring, summer etc.

The weather?

The environment or landscape?

And what else was there?

These questions establish a HABITAT, an island world into which we have entered, and in which we will be able to act - shifting from the reality here to the reality there, into the habitat, is what "shifting" is all about.

3. Making the shifting more "real"

Now, and inside the habitat, we ask the questions that will make it more real and produces the shifting effect.

In the habitat, inside the Star Memory ...

What can I see?

Describe this out aloud, point to it.

What can I hear?

What can I feel through my skin?

What can I taste in my mouth?

What can I scent through my nose?

And how does my body feel inside? (6th sense).

Now you are more present in the Star Memory habitat, and you can explore it further.

4. Learning to stay "there" and not dropping out.

When you first start learning how to shift realities, you will "bounce out" easily. Disturbing noises from "here" can cause this, but also stress (makes the mind jittery!) or simply losing attention.

When that happens, simply ask, "Where was I?" out aloud and answer the question out aloud: "I was standing on the beach, watching the birds, feeling the summer wind on my face and in my hair, and ..."

You can do that as many times as it takes to be back on the summer beach.

IMPORTANT! Every time you do this, you get a little bit better at it. Never give up on your beautiful mind which was designed to do this reality shifting thing. It's a part of being HUMAN! And it's a super power or as we call it here, a Star Power.

5. Practising how to shift realities with Star Memories

Re-discovering the POSTIIVE memories of your own life is super healthy and teaches you a million times more about "who you really are" than any trauma memories ever could.

You too have many, MANY Star Memories and you can practise accessing different ones every time, so your mind learns how to shift reality at will, and into many different places in time and space.

When you can easily step inside a Star Memory habitat, and "live there" successfully, if only for five, ten minutes, we can do our reality shifting into other kinds of habitats.

6. Infinite habitats to go shifting into

SuperMind/Project Sanctuary works by asking for "the perfect place in time and space for me right now."

These days, we make the set up in the Heart Position and say directly to the energy mind, "Dear Energy Mind! Take me to the perfect place in time and space right now!" and then go through the Classic Game questions (What is the time of day etc.) followed by the Sension questions (What do I see? etc) to shift into that habitat.

These SuperMind habitats which are created by asking for the PERFECT PLACE in time and space are NEW. They are not memories. They are habitats to be explored; we find custom made magic stories here that are PERFECT for each individual, and custom created FOR YOU BY YOU.

They are also super easy to explore, and here we get into the deeper, longer shifting states as you begin to interact with the other reality.

Here, you create your own stories as your energy mind gives you something to work with, and you consciously react to this and make choices (for example, should I go to the town, to the castle, or to the mountains in the distance?).

This is literally the greatest game in time and space for any person to play.

7. Shifting into someone else's "realities"

All the various worlds of your favourite authors and creators are their own SuperMind habitats.

These creators entered into THEIR perfect places in time and space and created a habitat, a world, where the stories play out.

Once you can move happily and freely around in your own memory habitats and Sanctuary habitats, you can of course also enter other people's habitats and play in those if you want.

That would be worlds like Harry Potter, StarWars, StarTrek, Pokemon world, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft or any other world created by any other person.

This is also fascinating to shift yourself into those other people's realities, but the really fascinating realities, habitats, worlds, are the ones created through the Classic Game by you, for you.

It takes a bit of practise of the basics to get really good at shifting your consciousness into other realities, but it's a gift for life that keeps on giving.

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step on how to shift realities; take a look at some of the other games and articles on this site, this is all about the exact thing the teenagers of the worlds discovered when they were locked up for the 2020 panic pandemic.

It's a beautiful thing - and don't let anyone ever tell you it makes you incapable of dealing with the Hard (our term for misery real life!), the opposite is true.

What you learn in Sanctuary is important, essential, and you can't learn it anywhere else but right THERE.

Keep shifting!

With lots of love from Silvia (who has been shifting for 55 years now and still considers it the absolute joy of her life!)

Silvia Hartmann

October 2020


Youtube videos about Project Sanctuary/SuperMind here

  by Silvia Hartmann
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