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Feeling unloved, sometimes? Do you wonder sometimes if you are at all lovable? Feeling lonely even inside a relationship? Misunderstood? Alone? Well, I think we can put an end to that. And a beginning to a completely different understanding of how and what love has been in your life, what really went on and how you could, if you wanted to, begin to think of yourself in a whole new way.

LoveLine - A Project Sanctuary Pattern

Feeling unloved, sometimes?

Do you wonder sometimes if you are at all lovable? Feeling lonely even inside a relationship? Misunderstood? Alone?

Well, I think we can put an end to that. And a beginning to a completely different understanding of how and what love has been in your life, what really went on and how you could, if you wanted to, begin to think of yourself in a whole new way.

There's just one one pre-requisite you need for this journey, and that is a measure of courage.

Loving is not at all as easy as it may seem or as is generally preached about.

This is because if you love and lose, there is tremendous pain involved, and this pain gets linked back to the decision to love, like an allergy. Just think about that. There are so many people out there, allergic to love. Many more than are allergic to peanuts, only that love is somewhat harder to avoid and a shortfall in the supply will cause various forms of energetic scurvy. If it was a substance, you could sell it with the slogan: "Love. Nothing else will do."

As a way of protection, it is often easier to make it so that you never really loved this (awful) person at all, that you were just deluded or very young or drunk or didn't know what you were doing; that's a process I've seen many times and of course, it's designed to make it hurt less when you think about that (awful) person. Sometimes it is not a deliberate choice but something that just seems to happen - you look at the person and whatever there once was, is no longer there and you really wonder if anything you thought or felt before was ever real at all.

We need a measure of courage for this pattern because we are going to revisit a time, a moment, when you were *in love* with the people in your life you ever were *in love* with - all of them.

You see, there are dimensions beyond what we can perceive here in The Hard.

Some of these dimensions have different laws of nature, and in many of them, time does not procede linearly as it does here, with one sunrise after the other, here today and gone tomorrow.

Indeed, there is a level of reality where *any event* that ever happened sets up a standing pulse, and remains to all intents and purposes, infinitely.

So, when they said to you, "I will love you forever." - they did.  And still do.

Sure, here in the Hard they may be dead, or gone or packed up and left and did all these things but this pulse is still there.

If it was ever said, felt, experienced then it *is*.

And it is forever.

Infinity = 1.

What in effect we will be doing when we undertake the LoveLine journey, is to get in touch with those standing pulses of love. These are as good as it gets, and the ones we are going to re-visit to remind ourselves of many things are not occasions when we received those, but when we *gave them*.

Our moments of "I will love you forever" are also standing pulses in a Universe much greater than the eye can see or the mind can hold in consciousness. They are very particular focus points of power and of understanding, space time events when you are all you can be and more, much more than you probably think you are right now.

I have a sign on my door that says, "You are not who you think you are."

It is a reminder of the fact that our so called self concepts are such puny, whimpering, twitching miserable little things, formed from habit and unknowingness, and that whatever you think you are, that's not beginning to scratch the surface.

But enough of the introductions.

This is what we are going to do.


First, you need to create a space, a meeting platform, where we will meet with the people we once loved and where we set up a standing pulse of inordinate resonance that still sings in the Universe, and will continue to do so, and has always done so, from the end of time to the end of time.

This space would be a wide sweeping landscape, as far as the eye can see and the colours and textures would be radiant and soft, entirely to your liking. It would be still there, and if you stood on this plane we have specially constructed to bridge to other realms of understanding, you would feel the stillness and clean clarity that surrounds you, from the virtual ground to where the virtual sky meets the horizon.

Slowly, turn on the spot and have your plane be clear in your mind and body, too. Know it and be familiar with it, remember it on a level because you have been here before, perhaps not in awareness, but there are stratas within you that well recognise this place.

Now, invite a one you once loved to be here with you.

One will come, and might be the one you thought it would be, or it could be another altogether and you would be very surprised.

All I want you to do is to step up to them, to look them in the eye and give a small nod, a small acknowledgement that indeed, you did love them.

That is all for now.

There is more that could be done if you wanted to. You could speak with them, hold them, be with them but that is not the point of LoveLine.

For you see, LoveLine is an unfoldment and a reminder.

In this space and on this plane, where you stand would be the moment of your conception and out in front of you, stretches invisibly across the open landscape your time of life.

There are people standing quietly - you cannot quite see just yet who they are and that is right and as it should be at this moment. These are your loves through your life so far.

These represent not themselves but your own ability to love, to make a connection, to understand something about the nature of the universe that is truly *holy* and profound, something no-one, but no-one can tell you about but only you can feel, know, experience - understand.

In your own time, step forward and begin to walk towards the first of these. Don't be too close, remember this is just a recognition. For each one, halt, stand in front of them and acknowledge them, remember them, recognise them and touch the standing wave that you yourself created in that moment that is with you once again as you gaze at them, quietly and steadily.

Make your acknowledgement and continue on.

As you do this, you will find surprises.

You will meet loves that you did not remember, did not recall, had forgotten or repressed.

You will be amazed how much you have loved, how many of them there are and how deeply you loved them.

Not a one with whom I have shared this basic journey has not come back astonished, sometimes appalled that they just didn't recognise or realise just how much they had loved and how many times. How much love there had truly been in their lives when they really thought there was none. How absolutely they knew how to love already if only they would remember and retain.

From here, the LoveLine journey can develop and take a life of it's very own.

You might like to go to the plane with the intention to meet those who loved you once and thus, for all infinity.

That is the moment, that is the manifestation, not what went before or what came after, it is that moment where the standing pulse comes into being that is here with you in this spaceless space, this timeless time of truth which is by no means an imagining but just a seeing, a translating of an energetic Universe that is beyond our eyes in every way.

You might like to do this more than once; indeed, there are so many there to meet you that to walk the LoveLine in it's totality on one single visit has been proven far too much for anyone who has attempted it thus far.

When you do, allow events to unfold and interact with the feedback you receive.

You might want to hug a person but they would back away, and tell you they're not worthy of your love or that there is too much of them that can't be loved at all.

And yet, the standing pulse of love loves *all of them* at once, all they are and quite regardless. Sometimes it is enough to tell them that and other times, they need to hear it said aloud on this meeting plane between the levels and the layers.

Let your desire and intuition be your guide on this journey of discovery, or should I say of re-discovery, for of course, there's nothing new here at all.

You already knew all of this.

Of course you did.

The LoveLine pattern is nothing but a much needed reminder of a truth about love, and loving.


Silvia Hartmann

Author, Project Sanctuary

Originally Published January 2002

"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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