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12 Healing Stories

by Silvia Hartmann

12 Healing Stories

In February, I set a special Project Sanctuary game for the members of StarFields VIP - to become a pure energy healer in Pertineri and to treat 12 clients, provided for you by your own energy mind.

This is a challenging game because it involves 12 personal and unique stories of healing to be played wholeheartedly; each person who plays it will of course be sent the exact right clients to help that one unique person evolve. Here are my 12 stories of healing, courtesy of Project Sanctuary, which really is the greatest game on Earth.


The Healing Game

You are to hire a suitable healing space in Pertineri, the famous white city at the interdimensional crossroads where beings from all times, spaces and dimensions can come together and trade in various ways.

Once you have your healing space, hang out your shingle.

Pure Energy Healing
Evolution Guaranteed.
One Gold Coin Per Client Per Session.


You have to take 12 clients your energy mind will provide for you. You can't reject or refer any of them and you must be sure to be paid for your services on each occasion.

You have to play the healing game until each of the 12 clients experiences a threshold shift.

The purpose of the game is to learn something about energy healing, and about yourself.



12 Stories Of Healing

by Silvia Hartmann



0 - The Healing Space

Ok - lets have a space for this, lets have some fun.

Yesterday, I considered what kind of office I would like. I looked at a few vacant properties with a local realtor and found the one I want.

It's on the north side of the market, facing south thereby, and just a couple of blocks down from the Guild building.

Looks fairly normal from the outside, the inside is much bigger than the outside and contains an empty white space with a circular energy area which presumably the healee and my personal self will enter. Romans and lions, I like it. Panem et circenses.

That's pretty much it but on the way out I noted a new feature. The door has a coin lock; it won't open unless you insert a golden coin. Hehe ... that'll keep the time wasters at bay! Clients only can come through the door. Paying clients only. Well it was a part of the set up, what a fun way to enact it. Means that I won't need a receptionist.

I just wondered how I get in but I can phase a little and walk through the door as though it wasn't there. Cool, all ready to go.



1 - The Thin Blue Person

Prologue: I noted that I was fluffing. Why should I? When it comes to Soul Piloting, I just jump to it. Why should this be different? Something to do with "healing" perhaps? Silly! Soul piloting is difficult, this is a piece of cake ... Let's go!

So here I am, standing in my round space of healing, the door opens and a thin blue person enters.

I can't make them out too clearly; there is an energy difference in the circular space, it's a different dimension.

The thin blue person steps into the ring, and now they are huge. Huge, huge, huge ... immeasurably complicated, multi-level, multi-dimensional, galaxies upon galaxies of stuff swirling everywhere, lights, patterns, sounds, bloody hell!

I move back and up and grow and grow and grow some more until I'm the same size as they are. I become aware of me being just as complicated and not at all shaped like a person anymore. No healing hands. That's a relief as with the level of complexity, you wouldn't know what to handle with five fingers apiece ...

The person - if you can call it that - reaches inside itself and pulls out a yellowish thing, like a nebula with lightning strikes in it, holds it out to me.


a) I don't want to touch it it looks slimy;

b) what are they doing pulling it out, surely its a part of their system that needs treatment in situ.

I have an urge to just take it and eat it, then where would they be? But I'm supposed to be a healer, be nice?

Sod that.

I take the thing and eat it.

As predicted, they totally freak out - they want it back.

I refuse.

They start to plead (I won't even try to describe what that looks/feels/tastes/scents/senses/sounds like!) and eventually, fall to the ground in a big puddle.

I give them the thing back, unaltered, entirely unhealed and they grab it and re-insert it where it came from, somewhere up and to the left.

That changes the whole colour of the person; they are green now.

The thing is clearly unhappy; it stands out with its yellow colour and it's not translucent like its environment, it is slimy.

In the absence of healing hands I have a moment of not knowing what to do so I blow on it instead. Fine filigree strands travel from all of me across to the other being, I seem to have blown not with my lips but with all of me, and they connect up everywhere.

Where they connected up, there's a small flash of light, and these small flashes travel backward and forward at the same time, generated by the point of connection between me and them.

Feels interesting these little pulses.

I don't know what they are doing to me (I can't see me at all) but they are travelling into the being and eventually, they reach the slimy problem thing.

There, they can go no further and a traffic jam of these light flashes is building up from all sides; the more pile up, the brighter the flashes become, until the entire yellow blob area is encased with a corona of light that pulses steadily.

I watch this with interest; the other person is getting a darker and darker shade of green as this going on, actually a very beautiful colour that goes well with the yellow light flashes of the corona round the slimy thing.

I'm just starting to wonder how much more it can take before it explodes when it does - the pulses must have built up to an event point and there's a starburst that ripples through the person's system and travels back through mine, throws us up and around and then there's me and an older woman, quite thin but looking flushed and lively in the ring in the room.

She is very happy, thanks me and dances away through the front door which has opened for her automatically; I follow to the door, take her gold coin from the container and eat it. It tastes very nice, like sunshine.

First job done!



2 - The Man With The Funny Hat

My second customer is a tall man, thin, wearing what seems to be a funny hat.

As he steps into the healing circle, I see a machine fused with his systems, he is a cyborg.

This is not his natural state and he is not happy; it hurts all the time but he is used to that. He thinks his problem is elsewhere, in his spine, and it is true his spine is compressed from the additional weight of the machine that is fused into his head.

The machine looks hard but I know it is only an energy; not just that,it is badly constructed, rusty in parts, totally unbalanced in others. It wouldn't take much to topple it.

My desire to do just that grows and I let it grow, let my disgust at this torturous structure fuel me whilst I smooth the pathways so the eventual explosion will be clean and pure. I gather myself into the tension, let myself twist until near breaking point - then I unleash myself against the machine.

It is instantaneously blown to smithereens; to the tiniest of tiniest fragments, a storm of star dust that rushes around the room and the man falls to the floor.

I lay a field of soothing around all of him; in due course, he awakes and is a little disorientated, but smiles at me. He is much younger now, sweet really, and I wave him farewell.

The gold coin in the door tastes like vanilla.



3 - The Girl With The Broken Wings

This one when it walked through the door looked whitish, like a ghost, dragging something behind it, I thought it was rags at first, then when it stepped into the circle, I got the sense that it was a girl with broken wings.

I put her in the center so I could move about her freely; change my point of view. Bearing in mind we're both insanely structural and entirely super-complex information fields inside the circle.

What I had called wings was some structures that were unused, quite withered yet very large. There was very little life in them. I tracked through them and found that the power that would be their metaphorical hydrolics was routed away and into some other structures where it didn't belong and caused paralysis there as well. Definitely nothing good had come of this re-wiring.

I keep circling her as I'm wondering how to make this right; my movements are creating a kind of wind that is ruffling her feathers, very metaphorically speaking. I'm producing lift on those huge useless wings.

Then it occurs to me that I'm thinking too hard here; we are both standing "on the floor" which doesn't give me access to fly underneath her - hehe I always wanted to be the wind beneath someone's wings ...

So I let the whole thing drop away, healing circle, Pertineri, everything and change the angel of my circumnavigation so it's perpendicular, vertical instead of horizontal. That now creates a massive updraft and lifts the wings, more and more until they snap into place and as they do, these big energy flows snap into place at the same time and the whole system transforms, lights up like a Christmas tree throughout and produces such a charge, it's like getting a massive electric shock.

The client is a young girl, quite angelic, pretty and now very serene; she makes an interesting movement with her neck, I can see the wings flexing, and she's very happy, leaves on very light feet.

The golden coin tastes of honey.



4 - Gold and White

I step into my healing space and let the ring dissolve. Done with the "sacred circle of healing" now it seems.

A person comes through the door. I mean that, the door doesn't open, they come straight through it. They seem very wide, very wise and grow into the larger space I've made.

I find them very attractive. Gold and white, golden lights, a very nice being, not a human by a long shot, they are all the colours of the rainbow and then some.

It seems very flowey, it feels good to be here with it. I remember something from Sanctuary. A young girl being unsure of "how to please a man" being advised to "do to him what you want to, he's your toy, just play ..."

So I sigh and turn around, snuggle into the white gold being and let it embrace me. I extend myself quite a bit, relax a lot, I'm becoming much more flowey myselft as I shape myself into the being, wriggling a little here and there to let things find their rightful places.

I can feel the being really likes this, is excited by it. It moves in response to my movements which sets up an interesting circuit, a spiral of course, not a circuit, a feedback spiral.

As I keep moving and weaving backwards, I get deeper into the being. Soon, it will enfold me altogether. There is a moment of uncertainty but the beings feels good and it is obviously looking forward to enfolding me completely, so I go with it, really let myself fall backwards and release the last of my control.

And so I flow backwards, into the being, it completely surrounds me, is very excited and stimulated by this, and then there is a moment when we are not quite one and the same but our respective centres are in the same place at the same time, and that's really cool, a real buzz, ...

Ok that was too much to describe and I had to take a typing break there for a moment.

That backward movement has started up again, and I'm moving through the being and out the other side, slowly undoing myself as more and more of me is exiting, and eventually, we're separate again but this time facing each other.

There are lots of little strands between us, like sea weed in a sunny sea, under water, lightly touching each other, very playful, very sweet, beautiful and innocent.

The being is definitely different, gold and green and much more resonant, much more lively - it is extremely happy with what just happened here and I have a feeling it will come again. I look forward to that, this was an amazing experience, this was a client with benefits.

The being leaves, moves out through the west wall, straight through as it came.

I'm curious to see if it left a golden coin; and indeed, it did. It's not at all really gold or a coin, it's like the being tried its best to make one without really having the first idea what it was that I was asking for. That makes me laugh.

I pick up the spaghetti writhing of gold and white energies that tries to be a circular shape and eat it.

It tastes very much like a sunny Sunday afternoon ...



5 - Golden Lion


So here we are and here we go ...

I find myself lying on the floor like a sphinx on this occasion, or a lion perhaps, gently licking the back of my paws which are quite golden and smooth.

From the corner of my eye I see someone approaching, very cautiously. They hover and wring their hands. This is making me laugh; in the past it would have annoyed me. Today I find it amusing.

I roll on my back and stretch; then flip over fast onto my feet, well paws I guess and look at the client.

They are very nervous, they smell nervous. I wonder what they might taste like and the instant response is probably rather awful. Bitter and sticklike with that fear all through them, nasty. I shall not eat them, at least not yet, that's for sure.

I pad towards them, then circle them slowly. I feel like I'm doing a cat walk, quite literally, like a model on the catwalk, showing myself to them, showing off my fine golden shiny flanks and green eyes, showing them my beauty.

It's working, they are becoming much less afraid and much more fascinated; that smells much better and I get into it, moving in such a way that my muscles really ripple and my tail really swishes, holding my head high and regal.

The scent from the client is improving so much, they really are starting to smell quite delicious, Frankincense and Petitgrain with a dash of Jasmine, perhaps, Aromatherapy for the lion's soul?

I stop circling and walk towards them. They are no longer afraid and their very inviting scent stays strong and resonant, improves even, gaining more notes and undertones as I get closer and eventually I rub myself against them, rub around them like a cat to get some of that scent onto me, a very pleasant experience. Then the client unlocks and they start to stroke me - ooh, that feels nice. A deep purring vibrates my entire being and that changes the scent once more - now we have nectar and ambrosia, unearthly delight beyond imagination ...

I'm not going to eat them. That would be foolish, they need to be outside and well alive to make me feel so good, scratching that special point behind my ears, smelling so good, being my personal perfume, custom made for me.

So it could be said that a good time was had by all; eventually, I lay down and they lay down with me, and we slept together. When we awoke, we were all done and the client left, a great deal stronger and free of fear, and of course, they still smelled a whole lot better.

The golden coin in the door is fish shaped like a golden baked cat biscuit, just bigger. It's crunchy and tastes of the ocean ...



6 - The Piano Player

Alright, let's go.

It is very late at night and unusually, I'm walking though the streets to get to my clinic. Very cold, blowing smoke like a dragon.

On the doorstep there sits a man in a brown overcoat. He looks haggard and very unhappy, green pale with a week's stubble. He sees me coming and jumps up. Is this the client? Does he have a gold coin? Do I do public service? He reaches into his pocket and holds out something in his nervous pale hands - it's a gold coin but it's not the kind in use in Pertineri at the moment, it's older, bigger, thicker, it wouldn't fit into the door mechanism.

I take it and put it in my pocket, wave the door open and we enter.

Inside, it is very dark and very, very still. This becomes complete when I close the door; it is so silent I can hear my own hair rubbing on my coat and both our heartbeats loud and clear. Now there I've used a stock phrase. The heart beats aren't clear, they are bassey, resonant, thumping, shaking the ground and I note that as we both stand here in the darkness and our wet coats drip drop on the floor, they're coming into harmony with each other.

I close my eyes and just listen with my feet, my hands, my whole body, da-di-dum, d-dum, d-dum, dum, dum ...

Our heartbeats happen at the same time now and that more than doubles the shaking and trembling that produces, like a giant with a hammer, bashing away at something that needs to crack and break and will, any moment now ...

I look forward to that and breathe deeply; I think this is speeding up my heartbeat a little, both our heartbeats and then it happens - there is an almighty crashing and splintering, everything flies, screeches here there and everywhere, everything disintegrates ...

Slowly, I open my eyes. I'm in a white room with a huge window that is open and summer fresh breeze comes inside, makes its home with me, lifts me, makes me feel young.

The man is sitting at a piano. He looks well here, healthy, very relaxed, happy, and he starts to play.

As he plays, small shapes are born from the sounds and they tell stories, play with each other and with him, some slide out through the open windows, others drift across to me and play like puppies at my feet.

I sit down amongst them, then lie down and close my eyes. I can still see everything but now feel much more restful and relaxed; perhaps he is playing me a lullaby ...

I fall asleep and when I awake, it is in the treatment room in Pertineri, I'm by myself and in the same clothes I wore when I got here last night.

There are no traces of the man, no wetness, no footsteps, yet I have in my pocket that very old coin. I recognise the profile on it before I read the inscription.

This coin is not for eating. I'm unsure as what to do with it; I try eating it with my heart, putting it into my head, trying to melt it into my hands but it just remains what it is.

Fair enough.

I put it back into my pocket and leave the building, stepping out into bright spring sunshine and what is going to be an especially busy market day.



7 - Cocoon

From the moongarden, I brought back some seeds of these moonflowers. I thought it might be an idea to put them in the office, as there's nothing there and lots of light of night and day flooding through the big windows. I got some planters and planted the seeds and when I was finished, the client arrived.

This was a very important person. I can tell because there are fanfares and a huge kerfuffle outside; I'm getting a member of West Life or royalty today.

Still, it matters not; a coin is a coin and a client is a client.

The door opens and big self important person stomps in; I can't tell their gender but they're obviously used to service with a scrimp and a bow.

I find it amusing that they are puffing themselves up so much because when I invite them to come all the way inside, they will expand to fifty times their current size without all that huffing and puffing, and what they're displaying here will be so antlike by comparison.

I back away into the abstraction area of the office and they follow me in. As before, I'm experiencing this huge back-and-up expansion like I'm in an express lift, but when I look for the client, I can't find them - they have not expanded successfully.

They're all small and beetle like, with an exoskeleton that groans and quakes but holds them small inside.

Gee, if that exoskeleton gets a chip in it, that's going to be a fine mess all over my white office walls ...

I'm tuning in tighter, have to lower my awareness downwards, like looking out of your shins, and this poor being is not a pretty sight.

Thick armoured plates, one upon the other, shifting and groaning, and some oozing green stuff, dayglow green, glow in the dark spooky green, being expressed from in between those, forced out by the huge pressure that must exist inside.

It's really unpleasant but for the person, it must be hell.

I cautiously reach out with a wide wing shaped healing hand to see if I can soften those exoskeleton plates a little, make them more rubbery, so they can expand more but they are hard as hard can be and don't respond. This is energy healing, so don't give me that. This stuff is made from energy, and it will do whatever I want it to, I just have to treat it right.

I ask for a bit of help here and in return, my healing hand wing shifts and becomes very different, like a scythe, shimmering blue black.

Cautiously, I touch the very tip of it to the hard plates nearest to me and it cuts through them like a hot knife through butter, immediately creating a fountain of green stuff splushing everywhere.

This is truly disgusting and I can't see that being good for the client either; they're pulsing a bit because the crazy pressure inside must have been relieved and then I get it what's the problem here - they are a caterpillar!

They are supposed to transform into some kind of butterfly after re-organising all their liquid cells into a new form, but somehow this went wrong a long time ago and they got stuck in the catarpillar state and it's been all going from bad to worse ever since.

I shift my healing wing into another state and seal the cut; extend a field of sleep upon the client so they fall over and just lie there now, quite unconscious.

Where is the creative template here? I need guidance as what needs to happen and in which order.

The creative template is not immediately apparent; it is hidden, stepped off, disconnected but I trace it down and find a very beautiful creature this client was supposed to have become. Awesome, an awesome energy system, so huge and multi-coloured, multi-levelled, huge wings, many layers of wings. You'd truly never know if you saw that cockroachy mess in front of you.

This thought causes a shift and I start feeling much more compassionate towards the being as it is; I'm going to heal the cockroach, that might be a step in the right direction.

So I very lovingly start to stroke it, sing to it like you would to a baby, massage the hard plates with a healing intention and in its sleep, the bug thing seems to relax and calm down, the pressure inside becomes more bearable, and the hard plates soften up a little too.

I keep it up and call in re-inforcements; other beings enter the space and assist me, they look a bit like the creative template of this being but they're a lot smaller, but they seem to know what they're doing and together, we are making changes.

The bug is now a cocoon; it is a pleasant pea grean and there's light inside. It pulses a little with a good universal pulse like you find in waves and stars; it's coming into sync with the Universe. It is also expanding, growing, getting much bigger and then there's the definite feeling of re-organisation taking place inside, and you can see a being forming inside of it as the cocoon gets more light filled and the outside of it more transparent and organic.

The process is taking on a life of its own; I don't need to do anything further.

I step back and away and just observe now as the green light is getting brighter and brighter, yet it is a pleasant green of finest spring, very young and rich and natural, and I can really tell the shape I saw in the creative template becoming actualised - in a huge lightburst, the cocoon disintegrates and this fabulous being is revealed, lying on the floor, waking up as if from a long sleep, seeing all the smaller ones flying about the room in triumph and being very happy indeed.

That is one hell of a nice being there, spot on attractive to humans, and so I'm not at all surprised that the shouts outside turn into massive cheering as the being and is entourage leaves straight through the front windows.

Phew. That was - different. I'm most intrigued by the coin it left, it is shimmering and has that quality of awesome fairy tale beauty to it. When I eat it, it slides down a treat and makes me feel giggly and light headed, very tasty indeed.



8 - Voices On The Telephone

When I walked into the office today, skipping more like, really excited, really wanting to be here for the first time and looking forward to the gold coin and what it would taste like afterwards, I found in the middle of the room a telephone.

It was an old 1930s Bakelite black phone, with the circular dial but no phone cord.

I sat down in front of it, crosslegged and sort of meditated on this phone, various memories streaming through quite happily and then it rang.

That's such a unique sound, that bird cheeping of modern phones isn't the same, and as for the tinny crap the mobile phones play ...

So I pick up the phone and I'm smiling, don't ask me why.

"Starfields speaking, how can I help you?"

There is only silence and crackling to be heard, someone is phoning me from very, very far away.

I close my eyes, let myself drop backwards onto the soft floor, still holding the receiver that feels super smooth in my hands, and listen.

The static sounds are very soothing, white noise, and I'm hearing ghosts just as you would see ghosts on a snowy TV if you keep looking at it long enough ...

All sorts of voices, many voices, and I'm still smiling, just listening to all the many messages, like listening in to a whole telephone exchange all at once, yet every one of the whispering voices is in a strata of its own and if I was to tune into any one of them, it would be clearly audible and perfectly well defined.

But there's no need for that. I just listen. Isn't that what a good therapist is supposed to do, just listen?

I tune all of that out and simply stay with the voices, all those many voices, and I feel safe, compassionate, happy, in the right place at the right time and all is well.

I'm not sure how long this goes on for but eventually, the voices slow down and then there are only a few remaining, they too fade away and then there's last one who says, "Goodbye ..." then the line humms and gives that clear tone that used to tell you the conversation was over.

I very carefully and lovingly replace the hand set on the two large hooks, the cradle as it was called I think, and the phone becomes immaterial, a little shadow then it disappears altogether.

I feel immensely serene and proud of myself - I did it right, I did a good job even if I don't know what I did or even who or what that was about.

When I go to check the coin box, coins just cascade from it, a flood of them, so many they would have filled the whole room if the room had any dimensions. And they keep on coming.

I smile, click my fingers to manifest a fabulous goblet made from deep, deep green precious glass that sparkles like emerald, dip it into the stream and drink it all up, holding it in both hands, until it is empty.

That was unbelievably delicious and I have a notion I'm a lot more golden than I was now from when I first came here, so I skip out of the office, straight through the window, leaving the stream of golden coins to go where it needs to go ...



9 - Slithering

Lucky No. Nine, I'm whistling and skipping to the office. It's raining softly and such a beautiful atmosphere, all soft, silent and whispering, mystical, delightful.

As I'm walking into the office I see that the first of the moonflower seeds have started to sprout. They look very sprouty, very ordinary, you wouldn't guess if you didn't look at them right how special these are and what wonderful plants they'll grow into eventually. But if you do, they're already fun packed bundles of - many wondrous things.

This chirps me even further so I'm bouncing by the time the client drags in through the door. Dishevelled, desperate, very sad.

I go forth and make them feel welcome, then I make them comfortable by manifesting a very comfortable couch and a hot drink. I take their coats off - they are wearing many and they're all soaked through with misery and encourage them to take their shoes off too, and all the many dripping misery soaked socks while we're there as well.

It's no good, their underwear is misery soaked as well, all of them is, so I make them strip and change the couch into a swimming pool in the centre of the room instead.

The water is crystal clear but it hisses when the client steps into it, and great clouds of steam unfurl into the room, making everything very misty and you can't see much anymore.

I slither out of my clothes and into the water (that's literal) and slide around in there. Under the water, I can see the client very well; there's a chemical reaction taking place with their body which is dirty with encrusted misery and he looks like one of those fizzing vitamin tablets from this vantage point.

I'm glad the chemical reaction of the water is transforming his misery into - bubbles, and some little crystal tear shaped things which are pretty, non-poisonous and happily settle at the bottom of the pool.

In the meantime, this pool is cool. It's neat, it's nice, I'm slithering around in there big time and leave a bioluminescent trail that is fascinating and where it interacts with the fizzing client, we're producing a lovely water-and-light show of interesting colours.

The client - he's a man, in his fifties, possibly - is getting a lot happier too. He is more sharply defined and has started to move a bit, I can tell that slithering movement wants to be happening but he's not quite there yet.

I grin to myself and focus on my own slithering which is so highly enjoyable; so cool when you become long and streamlined and you can try and catch your own tail!

I quite forget about the man until I do catch a tail but it ain't mine, it's his! He squeaks and I laugh so much, I nearly drink half the pool in the process. Not soon later I squeak because he's returned the favour and caught my tail instead!

Much thrashing ensues followed by some serious synchronised slithering, and when we're all done, we come out of the pool exhausted but very happy indeed.

The client is utterly delighted and insists on booking another ten sessions immediately; I have objection, the pool is here at any time, and so I can I be, I'm pretty fast if I want to be.

I have to manifest some new clothes for him, top to toe, as none of that old hideous stuff will now do in any shape or form, and find I need new clothes too.

We get dressed, shake hands firmly, both start to giggle as we remember the tail chasing, and he leaves most happily, with a spring in his step.

I watch him go then I remember to check the coin box. The golden coin has a dragon on it as normal but it's a sea dragon. How appropriate!

As it very much slithers down most excellently, my glance falls to the moon flower seedlings - they seem to have gotten a bit of that pool splash on them and they seemed to have liked it, they're twice as big as they were before I came today.



10 - The Garden

I transport myself straight into the office. The moonflowers are hand high and have four leaves each now, very pretty soothing grey green colors are the shoots, looking very healthy indeed.

If I shift my point of view I can even begin to discern what the fully grown plant might look like; the little seedlings are growing into their creative template, it seems. Lovely.

A sound snaps me out of it - like temple bells or a fanfare of bells, denoting the entry of a very important person. Hehe, a VIP.

The person comes through the door; they are some kind of priest or something in ceremonial garb. I greet them sincerely; how nice such a person would seek an evolution, they're normally so smug and closed minded and think they know it all ...

I ask to come in, come deep inside <g> and invite them to hover in midair in the healing space.

They don't know how to do that.

I stand next to them and show them; cautiously they hover but are nervous about it and think they have to keep it going with will power.

Eventually, their will power falters and they find they can hover by themselves in the classical lotus position and now they're all happy and buddha-like.

So, what else can I do for you?

They're very happy with their mid-air hover, very excited to have learned something new, wow that was quick, great, thank you, didn't expect to be learning this today ...

I make that shift up and back and view them from a different perspective. In this view, this person is like a Russian doll; there are buddha shapes within buddha shapes inside of them, repeating pretty much ad infinitum, like chaos mathematics.

Is there actually anything in there at all, anything original or worthwhile? Or is this person like a "pass the parcel" evil version of the game where the last person to unwrap the last layer finds - nothing?

I zoom in through all the nested buddha shapes, in and in and in and in and in and in and in ... I'm just about to give up when I remember "the oldest castle" - keep on digging ...

So I sigh and set my zoom to infinity likewise and hurtle further into the chaos pattern, in and in and in, faster and faster and faster, and eventually I break through into another dimension and I'm in a green garden and there's a happy fat child playing on the grass.

This garden gives a good attempt at being the Garden of Eden; fruit on the tropical trees, massive flowers everywhere, loads of edible stuff, very nicely tended and managed and not a scorpion or an earwig in site ...

There are those temple bells again I first heard in my office when the client arrived, and here a bunch of priests or monks come along; they've come to collect the child and cart it off to their monastery.

There is a woman who is crying and begging them not to take the child; but she is being completely ignored, she might as well be the wind for all they care.

The little fat kid is getting upset too; it doesn't know what's going on and keeps looking to its mother and because she's crying, it starts to cry as well.

I watch this and think to myself, then say it out aloud, "ENOUGH."

The priests stop as if they'd run into an invisible wall. They are clearly frightened and there's much craning of long thin necks with big gullets and bobbing of heads and whispering amongst them, they look like a flock of turkeys to me.

I watch this performance for a while then I say, "Go away."

And they do - immediately. They bow and scrape and then run as fast as their skinny dirty bare feet will take them.

Soon they are gone.

The woman runs to the child, holds it, comforts it. Both start to calm down significantly, then the woman gets up, puts the child on her hip and comes over to me.

Her gratitude and joy are powerful indeed. She is a very powerful woman and she is a mother which makes her more so. I bow to her and return to the client who is not hovering any longer, instead, he is lying on the floor in the foetal position, with his thumb in his mouth.

A newborn soul ...

I sit with him and sing to him, stroke him and tell him stories until he finally awakes. When he opens his eyes, I see both the woman and the child reflected there, very powerful; he is now a powerful man and should he ever want to speak on behalf of the great Creative Order, I'm sure he would be worth listening to.

We bow and he leaves; as he does, there is a distant sound of joyful laughter and of festival, and the temple bells have gone.

I find his coin in the door. It is very beautiful, very resonant and when I eat it, it tastes like a wonderful garden in full bloom.



11 - The Tribe

As soon as I step into the office, the door opens and a pile of people pile in - loads of them.

Whoa. Come on guys, what is this?

They all talk at the same time in chorus - which is rather disturbing - and tell me they've come for family counselling.

Seeing they all the talk the same words at the same time and make the same gestures and facial expressions at the same time (someone should stage this as a play, it really is most disturbing to watch! and listen to!) I don't see where the problem is.

So I say, "What is the problem?" at which point the chorus breaks down and everyone talks differently, causing complete chaos where you don't understand a word and everyone is shouting louder and louder to make themselves heard.

Gee ...

I hold up my hand and they fall silent. I address the one closest to me, a young man of perhaps 20 years of age, nice looking, dark haired and ask him something, but everyone answers instead.

This is some tribal hive mind in action here, they look like separate people but they aren't, they only have one overall identity or something like that ...

I take them into the healing field and there, I make them all hold hands in a circle, just to give them something to do. I need some inspiration here, what should I do next?

Soon as I think it, I - hm how would you describe that?? Like a pack of playing cards I separate and then there's as many of me as there is of them, at first I think they're all copies of me as I am now, then the other me's shift into all sorts of different aspects, archetypes, multiple personalities, making a tribe of my own.

Gee ... ok, so that would be increasing the complexity ...

I just about get my guys to take up position next to the tribe person which most reflects them or resonates with them and stand by their side and now things become more obvious.

With the me's, there's an overbeing which is connected to them all; I can see the strands clearly moving upwards and connecting up in a central place. Ok, now for the tribe people - yes, they too have a hive mind, an overmind and I guess that's who I should be addressing, but not from down here. I have to move up into my own hivemind or else I won't be able to talk to theirs.

Now this is a bit more challenging than I would have thought as "I" can't actually go there; "I" have to leave "me" down there and travel in a different way ...

This is a very different movement to the back and up with individual clients; this is forward and sharply up and out but it happens very rapidly once I decided to go for it and there we are - just me, being very androgynous, very out of time, and an other who presents likewise.

We don't talk but communicate instead and I understand that this tribe has arrived at that place just before individualisation happens - when people wake up to their own individuality and lose the comfort of the hive mind.

This movement happens a lot and there are memories of beings being one at one time and then splitting up and becoming two; of tribes of cells being the same and then splitting up to become different. It's a very strange experience.

I can tell how this natural movement can become disrupted when one gets consciously scared of that and tries to stop it from happening - this is the case with the tribe, they are afraid and they're confusing this natural process and it will lead into misery of wrongful individualisation.

I communicate some more with the other, things are flashing back and forth, these might be ideas for potential solutions, but eventually they come into sync, into harmony and there's only one idea left - heal the fear.

I gently move down and back until I'm much myself and in the room with the tribe who are still holding hands and the me's who are standing behind them.

All the me's know the answer too and they are all agreed, that's a powerful group of allies there for me, I'll have to do this in team work and we will have to speak in chorus now, act in chorus now.

So we tell the tribe that they must release all their fears and burn them in a sacred fire; in the centre of the circle there it is, a sacred fire that is fine and of many colours, fascinating.

Each one must take their own fear now - they have to let go of holding hands, and are being steadied and encouraged by the me's that stand behind them, with our hands on their shoulders, we've got your backs, it's ok to let go ...

Each one of the tribe reaches inside themselves and pulls out their fears, writhing shadowey things with strands.

Some pull it from their chests, some from their eyes; some from their throats and some from their heads; some even from their legs and from their genitals and those strands are quite long, they have to ravel them up like you would twist spaghetti on a fork, and eventually each one ends up with a ball of fear in their hands.

Now, they all step forward in perfect synchrony and put their fear into the fire - there is a huge, huge explosion and when it is over, there is one single man and me in the room, that's all.


The man - a good looking young man of about 20 years of age - and I gaze at each other and we recognise our respective overbeings in one another, but also the tribes at the same time. And there's more. The tribes are a part of other tribes, up and up, a network connection that ends - where ...?

We are here.

We are who we are.

And when we speak to thank each other, our voices are very resonant, harmonious and unusually pure.

He leaves and I'm so intrigued to find the coin.

This one has my profile on it. I laugh, give it a flick and it flies up in the air, spinning fast, and at the apex, it disappears in a little shower of fairy dust.




12 - The Final Client


Well, I've been up all night, doing metal macro photography - amazing. Really tired now but I'd love to do client No. 12 before I go to bed.

So here we go.

I transport to the market in Pertineri and walk the last few blocks because a bit of fresh air might wake me up a little, but I'm aiming to retain the sense of dreaminess I have after being up for so long and doing arty things, thinking many thoughts ...

I put a gold coin into the door and smile to myself as I do so. The mechanism whirrs and then the door clicks open. What an interesting experience ...

I walk into the office, think to look at the moonflowers but there's someone already there, at the back where the office merges with the healing dimension and things become very other than.

I sense them more than I can make them out and I let my coat slide from my shoulders and step forward.

With every step I take, my dreaminess recedes and I become sharper, clearer, yet with widening awareness and energy building.

"Hello Silvia," I say softly.

She smiles and shakes her head at the same time and then we both sigh at the exact same time in the exact same way and finally make eye contact.

We are a Universe, we really are.

We've been through a lot.

We have travelled far and then some.

We are here today and who else would we trust the way we do?

At the same time, both of us let ourselves fall back and upwards, rushing high and fast, higher, higher, higher ...

In this exquisite healing, nothing is left untouched; nothing is left unloved, nothing is left unforgiven.

Higher, higher, higher ...

Higher ...

Higher ...







The moonflowers are just about to open.

I take the planter, tuck it under my arm, then I take my coat from the floor and take that too.

As I walk away from the office for the last time, it shimmers and there is a flower shop where my office was, and it will open soon.


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