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The Matrix Vision

The Matrix Vision

An exploration into visions and conscious mind to energy mind communication that can change and save our lives.

And a fabulous Project Sanctuary vision->meditation->experience based on the movie, "The Matrix".

The Matrix Vision

Memories & Energy Mind Communication

One of the things I have come to rely on over the years is that my energy mind will send me what we now call a vision - a flash download of information - when I need it.

Sometimes I've needed this because my life was at risk, for example by flashing me an image of a horse rearing up in front of my sports car on an empty road in the middle of the night, causing me to wake up and slow down, and thus giving me a chance to stop before running into a herd of red deer which were just around the next bend at 90 miles an hour.

Sometimes, this happened when other people's lives were at risk, for example at one point where a dead dog I had once owned flashed up strongly, barking hysterically, which made me go outside into the garden where I discovered that my two year old had fallen into the garden pond and was about to drown.

Sometimes, this happens and I don't know why, but I still follow it, like the time I set out on a long drive to a major city, and on the first roundabout, saw out of the corner of my eye a car I had once owned and which had nearly killed me in a bad accident, and which I knew for a fact had been scrapped at least 20 years ago and couldn't possibly be there. But I knew immediately what it meant, turned my current car around and went back home.

That last example is to show you how much I trust in what my energy mind has to say to me, or show to me, using images that would make sense to me, that I would understand, very personal messages. By not driving to the meeting in the big city that day, I lost money, opportunity, business contacts. And I didn't know what would happen or where, or when or why, but I simply trusted my energy mind, which doesn't send these kinds of warnings often, or lightly, or spuriously.

The energy mind uses information "packages" designed so I understand the communication.

It uses memories and things I know about to communicate with me.

Existing data, in other words.

It's a fascinating thing and it's to be remembered that this communication is totally not just about "seeing pictures".

The horse, dog, and car in the three examples I gave were not "pictures". They were fully 3D, "really there" and in all three cases, came with the very specific sounds such things would make, or did make at some time, the horse rearing and crying out, the dog barking incessantly and so loud, I couldn't hear myself think, and the very specific sound of the 6 cylinder engine of the "dead car" as well.

These flash visions are real, that's how you can tell them apart from a mind game, an idea, just thinking, that type of thing.

I get these visions when I need them, or when I ask for them.

One place where I ask for them is when I am teaching or leading a group.

I don't believe in "stock visualisations" or "stock meditations" for a group of people when I'm there live.

My energy mind can calculate the needs of the whole group with everyone in it, at that precise time, at that topic, in context of the environment and what went on before, what is to come, and most of all, what the purpose of the training or meeting may be.

Consciously, this is totally unkowable, with 50, 100, 250 or just ten separate people and their various reasons, motives, and states of being at the time.

These "visions on behalf of a group" are markedly different to those I get when I ask for something for myself alone; they are more encompassing, and often really surprising. Never once the same, of course, either.

And so we come to the Matrix vision.

On this occasion, I was doing a small part of a presentation on web presence, web sites and it was my job to make it interesting for the people who had attended, mostly female therapists, and to tie it in to what they were interested in, EMO on this occasion.

My idea was to use my part of the presentation to give people an opportunity to overcome shields and structural damage relating to working with computers at the energetic/emotional level, and make them love their computers more, and thus make them more willing and able to use the Internet to get more users, and help educate the world about energy and emotion.

This went very well just using basic EMO but then my energy mind kicked in and sent the Matrix vision.

This was a memory straight out of the movie, The Matrix.

To re-cap briefly, the main character finds out that the world he lives in is essentially a virtual reality, the Matrix, and that all the people are asleep and dreaming. That when you know that, you can change reality by changing the Matrix; and at one point in the movie, he becomes one with the Matrix and ceases to see houses, people, objects and so forth as pictures that we are used to seeing with our "eyes of day" and instead, starts seeing the pure information, the data, everything is made out of.

At that point, he can work with the data directly and create reality according to his will.

Visions being visions, this "memory" was not a memory of me watching a movie in the cinema on a flat screen; here, the matrix was right in front of me, alive, "really there", rushing, whispering, symbols and data nodes falling like a waterfall, a data fall, and you could step inside of that, become one with it.

Even just typing this I'm getting a rush of energy, of excitement tingling through me!

As this was happening to me right in the middle of the presentation, I could feel another threshold shift occurring as I knew this was not just about making friends with computers, or with symbols, or with maths, or with quantum physics - this was about REALITY CREATION ABSOLUTE.

This was an advanced version, or a different version, or a LIVED, EXPERIENCED version of the idea that all things made of energy are malleable - IF you can hold the thought that they are malleable, IF you can enter the matrix and see it for what it really is, namely data.

This matrix vision was a version of "It's only energy!" - only here, you too were ALSO only energy and thus, literally in complete control of energy flow, of creating energy objects, of dissolving existing objects, of re-routing pathways and making changes at will.

I can't tell you beyond that brief description what an extraordinary experience that was, I knew I was learning something, that something was changing, big time, right there and then.

I can't tell you exactly what it was that I learned, or what new skills opened up there in a moment; we'll have to let time go by and see what I do now, and what new things come after that, then we can consciously start to track back and reconnect cause and effect with the wisdom of conscious hindsight.

Now, I can't even tell you why exactly I am writing this article; perhaps to put in a reminder for a future self, or to set something in motion that my conscious mind needs to actually use this what I learned there, this threshold shift, as best as I can use it at this time.

I can tell you some other things and thoughts though related to this.

One is that the Matrix Vision re-affirmed something I've known for a very long time but haven't given enough attention to perhaps, and that is that one's own memories form the language with which one person communicates with their energy mind and vice versa.

I bet we all get memory flashbacks delivered many, many times, every day even, and don't recognise that these are important messages from the energy mind. I personally only used to become aware of this when high end disaster was threatening, or very particularly "loud and urgent" messages were being delivered.

This means that KNOWING YOUR OWN MEMORIES is of the essence to understanding your own energy mind, so it can use them to talk to you.

So you're chopping vegetables in the kitchen and a memory flashes up of watching your Aunt Mary chopping vegetables when you were a kid.

This kind of thing happens all the time but it just goes by because we haven't consciously established yet what this memory is about, what it is supposed to tell you.

For argument's sake, let's say that the memory of Aunty Mary actually goes on to seeing Aunty Mary lose concentration and chop her finger, and there's blood everywhere. And this was traumatic but also highly memorable to you as an individual, this is a memory that warns of loss of concentration and that something bad is about to happen, giving you a chance to pay attention and avoid the problem.

Now it would be really interesting to muse with hindsight, how many times has something like that happened for you but you just haven't connected the dots?

So in a way, a first step to really getting into practical sync with your energy mind is to actually know your own memories, and the stories they tell, what they mean.

Your own symbols.

That rearing horse I saw on the night road, that was a memory of having fallen off a horse in riding school when I was really young and I thought I was going to die as it reared up above me and screamed. I scrambled out of the way just before the hooves hit back down where I had been only a few second's earlier, so that is a clear instruction of "Watch out, you're gonna die, do something!" that makes sense to me absolutely.

The dead dog who barked so furiously and told me that my child was in peril, he was a protector, and especially of the children, when he was alive. That particular dog got me moving faster than showing me any other of the many, many dogs I've owned, and I remember.

The "haunted car" I saw, that was about uncompromising bad luck with no escape on the topic of driving and roads. I bought that car cheap because it had been reconstructed after a previous owner killed themselves in it. I had a bad accident in it myself, no damage to me but the car was damaged and the other guy badly hurt; and the guy who bought that car off me also had a bad accident after he fixed it up yet again, and his girlfriend got hurt real bad too, so he had it scrapped, even though it was still worth a lot of money and there still people keen on fixing it up again.

The death car.

Very personal to me, unknown to most other people, very, very specific.

Show me the death car on the road and yeah, I'm going turn round and go back home, stay safe on the couch!

So going back to that basic idea, when you know your own memories, then your energy mind has something to show you that can warn you, save your life, for real.

There are many lower level occurrences of this, like only recently I was having a big argument about getting a new bathroom, and my energy mind flashed me up a memory of a guiding star moment in a specific bathroom I was trying to re-create without knowing that.

The minute I saw it and recognised it, I also knew that of course what I was trying to do was "irrational, too expensive, and shouldn't be done" and stopped arguing instantly. Which left the other person involved very astonished but resolved the problem on the spot.

So for now, the moral of the matrix tale is to really know your own memories and WHAT THEY MEAN.

Once you know that, you have a library of fantastic communication with your energy mind that grows on its own accord.

You don't have to visit every memory you've ever had to see the patterns of how "communicating with memories" actually works, and to be able to pretty much instantly understand what is meant by that when your energy mind flashes up a horse, a specific dog, or a death car.

Or a memory of Aunty Mary, chopping vegetables, just before she got hurt.

Work in progress ...


SFX May 2010

"Project Sanctuary is an excellent resource for any explorer of the human mind, developed by one of the savviest people around. Highly Recommended!" Win Wenger, PhD

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