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23 Modern Holistic Workshop Ideas

by Silvia Hartmann

23 Modern Holistic Workshop Ideas

It came to pass that I was asked to come up with some ideas for a modern holistic 2 hour workshop as a bonus workshop for the annual energy conference.

  • In the following 73 minutes, we generated the following ideas and titles for 23 modern holistic workshops.

The set up was:

"I want a Friday Night bonus workshop for the GoE conference, that is attractive, adds real value for the participants, that the participants will enjoy and benefit from taking part in greatly, that will be a joy to teach and that will help everyone involved have an even better conference experience from the start as well."

And here are the results.

23 Modern Holistic Workshop Ideas

Created And Written Down in 73 Minutes

The Rainbow Angels

Bringing high, fine, pure angelic vibrations into your life and energy system.

Experience the unique power of the Rainbow Angels and learn how to channel Rainbow Angel energy for groups and clients.

Raising Power For Life With Shamanic Animal Energy

From the dawn of time, shamans the world over have "become" powerful animals in order to gain their strength, intelligence, survival power, sexual prowess and to access their heightened senses and awareness.

Feel the power of pure animal energy and learn to handle animal energies you might have been scared of for unique and transformational energy experiences that can change your life.

Creating A Paradigm Shift In Psychology

Using the power of the group mind to move the human global consciousness onto the next threshold of evolution.

When we put our minds together, we can make changes in huge, long standing powerfields. Using the experience, inherent power and energy of the participants, as a group we will create a change event to bring the entire field of psychology into the light and onto the next level.

You Have The Gift To Change The Worlds!

Learning to give and receive The Gift - a simple yet extraordinarily profound method for change, healing, and evolution.

Learn to heal, change and evolve other people, your relationships with all manner of entities, with animals, concepts, ideas, with landscapes, institutions, and all manner of existences with the power of The Gift - an extraordinary experience in giving AND in finally learning to receive.

ExtraOrdinary Emotions: The REAL Catalysts For Change

Mastering the power of extraordinary emotions to attain a totally different self concept and explode your powers of reality creation.

People are terrified of powerful emotions such as anger, rage, horror, intense sadness, unconditional love - and yet if handled correctly, these powerful emotions can and do become the real catalysts for change for the better, enliven us, and give us the energy we need to get to work, overcome all obstacles in our paths and transform our incarnations.

How To Be A Better People Person

People make and break our incarnations - in business, in our families, in our relationships, in our lives!

Learn a brand new sequence of easy to use energy techniques to gain confidence, self belief, personal power and really begin to enjoy other people on a whole new level - without pain!

Control Your Artefacts, Control Your Life!

How to use your material world to refine and reach your highest life goals.

Find out how artefacts - all the material things you own, including your clothes, your house, and all your possessions - define you and how we get our power back over all and any artefact, past, present and future. Free yourself from the domination of artefacts, free your mind, your body and your spirit!

Meet The Alien Within ...

Making friends with, understanding and learning to love your psychic circuitry.

The psychic circuitry is the neurology of the energy body, and its heart is the soul - a non-material system that has no reflection in the physical body and can thereby survive physical death. Starting to understand and work with your psychic circuitry enhances and supercharges your psychic powers, healing powers, magic powers, spiritual development and plays a great part in avoiding psychosomatic illness, disease and suffering.

Flying Higher: Break The Ties & Lies That Hold You Down

"Letting go" of old bonds and binding is quite practically the pre-requisite to "flying higher" - thinking, feeling, understanding, being, experiencing, seeing, hearing and feeling at a higher level.

Most people think of letting go as something that causes you to fall. Find out what ties & lies you have to unbind and let go off so that you can quite literally soar into new realms of clarity, transcendency, high vibration emotions and experiences - this is the not the next step for your personal evolution, but an unbinding to lift you HIGHER.

Body Confidence: BeauTy T

How to own the room and everyone in it - no matter where you go, no matter what you look like, step by step.

Attain a state that is powerfully noticeably by everyone - step into a powerful, natural authority that happens when you are fully aligned in body and energy system at the same time. An essential skill and experience for all true healers, teachers and therapists that you can share with your clients too.

The Healing Dance - Healing Without Words

Learn a magical new way to give and receive powerful energy healing without a word being spoken through the medium of dance.

In this fabulous workshop, you will discover a delightful way of giving and receiving a unique form of personal healing without words for your oldest and deepest energy system injuries. An extraordinary and exciting new take on the famous Client Practitioner Dance.

Stop Undervaluing Yourself: You Have More To Offer Than You Ever Thought!

Discovering the joy of what you have to give, and the delight of what happens when you start to trade YOUR personal gifts with others.

Holistic people are notorious for being bad at networking. In the past it was thought this was because they were too self obsessed, but recent discoveries show it is simply based on low self esteem and people not knowing their own true worth in theory, and in practice. Transform YOUR self concept - you are NOT who you think you are!

Crystal Clarity, Crystal Beauty, Crystal Love

Experience the truly transformational and delightful energies of advanced crystal energy work and open up a whole new realm of techniques, ideas and strategies to help you survive AND thrive in the real world.

Learn how to channel crystal energy correctly, how to make crystal grids, how to use stones and crystals to move reality - whilst all the while being supported, led to clarity and logic by the extraordinary beauty and power of the crystal kingdom. Unmissable!

Time Is My Friend: How Your Life Changes When Time Is On Your Side

Step into the flow of time, gain a new perspective on time, discover how time itself can lift you, heal you and support you, and end your struggles with and fear of time - one of the most powerful allies we can have to live wonderful, rich, experience packed, exciting, worthwhile lives, every second, every minute, every day, and every year.

From absolutely overcoming fear of aging and death, to having much more time, to doing things exactly at the right time, when time itself is on your side, life simply becomes far, far more delicious in every way!

Save The World - The Group Meditation

We are all filled with sadness and dismay at the state of the world, and especially the natural world, our mother, our beautiful planet that has been literally desecrated at the hands of unthinking human beings.

Let us get together and first of all, release our own sorrows and sadness so we may be clear and powerful, and come together at the end of this workshop to create a powerful healing meditation for the natural world.

Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll - Creativity From The 1st Chakra Up!

The creativity channels in the human energy body are the most powerful by far - actualise them, and you feel such a rush of energy that cocain pales into insignificance!

Clear out, energize and then tap into the sheer joy of the creative energies in your energy body - all the fun without negative side effects of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

Zauberherz: The Heart Of Magic Is The Soul

Practical exercises to make your soul smile, and sparkle!

Yes, we really do have souls - energy systems with the potential to survive the death of the physical body. But what shape are they in? Are they strong enough, fully grown, and ready to take wing when the time comes? Discover easy, wonderfully exciting ways to make YOUR soul grow, and smile, and start to sparkle.

The Dark Side Of The Moon: What's Behind You?

Bringing light to the shadow side and freeing up your true total potential.

Quite practically, what's behind you is the dark side of the energy system. There are things that might hurt you, burden you, stab you in the back or hold you back quite practically. Discover the amazing potential and beauty of the dark side of the moon, and restore it to its proper functioning with the help of this workshop, and the other participants who are right behind you and can help you reach those things you can't reach by yourself.

Experience The Power Of The Champion: How To Be A Soul Pilot

Making the concept of "You are PERFECT just the way you are" take on a whole new truth and meaning!

Learn a fantastic technique to lift your self esteem, teach you amazing things about yourself and about the way the world of spirit really works, plus exercise your psychic circuitry, discharge pent up energy forms that can make you sick - a fabulous personal development tool you can also share with others, including clients and children.

Magic In Your Blood: Activating YOUR Magical Heritage Across The Ages

Discovering the power of multiple line ancestry and weaving together the strands to create your own magic for your own here-and-now.

We all have many exciting and rich ancestral lines, and they are an absolute reality - in our blood, in our genes, and most importantly, in our energy system. Tune into your most powerful ancestral lines and bring them together in this exciting workshop that will bring you a much more powerfully grounded sense of self and the support of YOUR ancestors across time and space.

Oceans Of Energy: How To Evoke The Most Powerful Nature Energies For Healing & Change

In our worlds, there are no more powerful energies than those of nature itself - oceans, deserts, tropical forests teeming with life and love of life, coral reefs, storms, lightning, glacial ancient ice, soaring mountains.

Learn to evoke and channel these most powerful and wondrous pure nature energies for personal and professional use easily and profoundly - a true gift for life.

WonderWorlds Of Energy: Working With Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary is an astonishing group of techniques that shows us a place where we can work with energy hands on and in a natural, humane way that engages not just the conscious mind and the body, but also the energy mind and the energy body.

Find out how you can use the energy worlds of Project Sanctuary for personal and professional changework, but most of all, to learn first hand by experience about the wonders of the worlds of energy.

Learn To Be Light: How To Become Enlightened, Delighted, And Light As Light Itself

One of the major breakthrough insights in working with energy is that energy is light - dour attitudes, "hard" work, knitted brows and gritted teeth bring energy work to a screeching halt. We need to be light hearted when we work with energy to create wonderful and exciting results.

Discover in this workshop how even the most dreadful problems can be approached respectfully, yet with the light touch of love that lights the path to the solution, to healing, and in the end, is what enlightenment is all about.

Bonus Idea: The Symbol Sphere says the Bonus Workshop is ...

The Genius Symbols

Your Energy Magic Machine, Stargate & Portal To YOUR Real Intelligence, Creativity, And Inner Wisdom!


... and as you might imagine, this made us fall about with laughter - a perfect end to a perfect exercise in simple, direct, energy mind driven creativity!

  by Silvia Hartmann
"You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read Project Sanctuary, your answer will be an easy one." Β Helena Sweden

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