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Genius & The Structure In Sanity

by Silvia Hartmann

For people who have genius experiences, and think at the genius level, it is not always appropriate to share their internal experiences with others.

Here is some good advice for genius thinkers that can make their lives a whole lot easier, and that is to understand ...

The Structure In Sanity

What's the difference between a sane person and an insane person?

When both see a big winged demon, only the insane person will go round telling everyone else they saw it ...

One of my favourite stories about the structure of behaviour in sanity is an old Next Generation StarTrek episode.

Here, a crew member gets randomly catapulted through time and finds himself - anytime, anywhere.

It could be in the middle of a battle, or in the middle of the birthday party of his own son he never actually had, or at a wife's deathbed he never married.

The first few dozen times it happens, he starts wailing and shouting, "This is all wrong! I'm not supposed to be here! I'm not married to you! It isn't 2004 at all!!!" and every time, he is predictably jumped on, wrestled to the ground, pumped full of tranquilisers and carted off to the sick bay!

Eventually, he gets it that this behaviour doesn't serve him, so instead, he tries to "blend in" with whatever the environment is he finds himself in, tries to "play the game" as best he can, and then sneak out later and ask some seemingly innocent questions of an expert in time/dimensional travel.

Over a few more dozen trips, he accumulates enough information about what is happening to reverse the process and gets to go "home".

This is a fabulous metaphor for the structure in sanity and if I'd only known and understood that principle, I would not have suffered so much at birthday parties, family gatherings and when Xmas hits the streets of Muppetville again and all I want to do is to scream, "No, NOOO! This is all wrong!! CAN'T YOU SEE THIS IS ALL WRONG ..."

SFX 2004

A 2009 Addendum To "The Structure In Sanity"

As we are talking about genius on this website, the structure in sanity for a visionary genius is to be not just a genius, but also to be sensible.

I have internal experiences of great power and beauty, and some of them seem very strange to people who are entirely unused to such things.

WHO you share with what actually goes on in your own mind is the key to the structure of sanity.

There is no merit in me sharing the fact that I have just had an experience where I travelled to an alternate dimension which was composed entirely of radial strands of light that resonated on a particular frequency each and thus had a communication that I thought was like a song, or a symphony, with the bus driver, or my aged mother in law, who just about manages to keep up with a TV soap opera, from day to day.

Indeed, there is no merit in sharing this experience with the people who hired me to come up with a solution for their particular business problem.

Most if not all other people really only need to hear "the managerial digest" from you.

APPLY your inborn genius to the question of HOW to explain that light dimension thing to your clients, or your taxi driver.

LEARN to translate what you are doing and learning into different languages - one each for the husband, for the employer, for the hairdresser, for the best friend respectively.

The reason that people think geniuses are crazy is because they share far too much in the wrong way with the wrong people, and fail to be sensible and apply their genius ALSO to the way they communicate with others.

Aha ... as they say ...

Silvia Hartmann 2009

  by Silvia Hartmann
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