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The Gift - What is YOUR Gift today?

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23 Gifts Of Energy For You

by Silvia Hartmann

23 Gifts Of Energy For You

"The Gift" is a wonderful and very powerful Modern Energy pattern that lends itself perfectly to being used in conjunction with The Energy Symbols.

Here are 23 Energy Gifts for you to enjoy, with a little dash of energy magic.

23 Gifts

by Silvia Hartmann


A gift of trade for you today:

surprising profit comes your way

Stardust fine and stardust bright,

brings to you a special night


Friends on high will show the way:

what was lost, returns to stay


Lord of the land, high above,

shows you to a place you love


An animal brings you a gift -

make the most of it with thrift


Genius symbol for magic

Magic lantern, magic light,

reveals to you a magic sight


Sunrise morning sings a song,

shows your heart where you belong


In your house, a candle's shine

reveals a treasure that is thine


Aspect little understood,

turns what once was bad to good


A gift has now become revealed;

and what was hurt, will now be healed




The chalice bubbling magic brew

turns something old into the new



A crystal fine and crystal wise

contains within the endless skies


A stranger from a foreign land

extends to you a helping hand



Lightning in a crystal ball

reveals your power over all


genius symbol for dragonwings

The dragon rises, gives you wings,

shows you many wondrous things


A mirror all your space does show,

there is more room for you to grow


A tiny grain of endless time,

gives you rhythm, gives you rhyme


The ancient spirits give to thee

a fantastic tapestry


genius symbol for the dance

A drum beat from the Lord of Dance,

hear your heart and take a chance


Angel rose hued, angel mild

hands a feather to a child


From a planet far away,

alien cookies make your day


Giant trees grow by the sea,

guardians watching over thee


Fountains sparkling rainbow bright

fill you with their living light




Shiny symbols 23

All together sing for thee,

bring you sparkling energy -

It is so,

so shall it be!


Silvia Hartmann July 30th, 2010

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!" Margreet Vink

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