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Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story

Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story

The new Project Sanctuary book, Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story has been released this month in conjunction with the 16th birthday of DragonRising Publishing.

Project Sanctuary has been the generator for many wonderful patterns and the device by which new methods and techniques have been discovered.

Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary story charts the development of Project Sanctuary from its inception, via the first trials and experiments, over the last 20 years.

Bringing together for the first time all the major Project Sanctuary patterns for the first time, this is an excellent book for Project Sanctuary fans and players. As we meet the people, journeys and events that produced the major threshold shifts which have formed Project Sanctuary as we know it today, there is every opportunity to learn new things, expand the possibilities of use and find inspiration for games and journeys of our own.

This book also comes with a significant addendum outlining a multitude of Project Sanctuary games and includes the Genius Symbol in context, with suggestions for Project Sanctuary (advanced) games to play.

For Project Sanctuary beginners, we continue to recommend the original Project Sanctuary manual; for engaged students and Project Sanctuary players/masters, this is the book we have been waiting for.


Infinite Creativity White Dragons Flying To Pertineri Cover Image

Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story

by Silvia Hartmann 2012

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"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan