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The Creativity Genius Symbol

The Creativity Genius Symbol

The fountain symbol stands for pure creative energy, the wellsprings of our existence, the pure and unstoppable force that powers the Universe itself.

If this symbol turns up, bring in the energy of pure creativity, let literally the creativity burst forth like a fountain from the bedrock of old to bring new life to all it touches.

Genius symbol for creativity from the genius symbols

Thoughts on The Creativity Symbol by 5 Different People

For me, the creativity symbol is a fountain that represents flow in general. Not only a wellspring of creativity, but an opportunity, for good things to flow into my life and hardened, dark, energy sapping forces to flow out of my life. I was carrying the fountain symbol and considering its meaning when I was doing an EFT session. I noticed the next day that something that had been weighing me down for a long time was now greatly diminished.

As I carried the creativity symbol around during the day, I felt the urge to start writing again, but I was at work so I couldnt. So I noted down a quick poem, just to show my Energy Mind that I was paying attention! I couldn't wait to get home and start writing, and my story was wonderful! Apart from the story what I got from that was to appreciate the power, the pressure of pure creativity, it really is a wellspring that will lift you up if just let it.

When I look at the creativity symbol, I see fountains (water) but also fountains looking like seeds, seeds of newness: projects, states of being, plantings, beginnings, nourished - it's like creativity is nourishing itself, feeding itself, causing evolution. The creativity sign is evolution.

At first I had the sense of a female dancer, a wellspring coming out of me. Then a new insight - the fountain came up through me was initially refreshing water coming down over me which transformed into a shower of energy. Felt wonderful and is always available to me.

Having spent a day with the Fountain, I have to say that it came to mean to me the whole process of how the ideas of creativity can be and are translated into action. That day it seemed that I kept coming face to face with people or situations who either had taken that step to create reality through the use of will, desire, imagination and visualisation. To me, this is a symbol of alchemy, transformation or metamorphosis. It came through as a symbol of discovery that is sparked by intent and focus. It seemed to stand for energy that was there pure and needed to then be directed and controlled in such a way to bring about what is wanted. This may sound quite strange but the Fountain itself seemed to me to be a feminine energy whereas the fruition of it came across as a very masculine kind of energy. It seems to me to be another symbol of magical influences and even synchronicity. To me, it was about making things conscious and the conscious creation/conscious use of energy.

True creativity sends a wave of freedom throughout your being, washing away old thoughts and entrainments and presenting new ways of doing things, perfect solutions created by the energy mind. Sometime you need to disregard what has gone before. Just because 'it's not broke', doesn't mean it's right or the best way of doing things! In many situations, one size doesn't fit all. Let this freedom flow through and join the road of true discovery.



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