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Flood Dream Resolution

Flood Dream Resolution

This Project Sanctuary story is an example how to use PS to resolve dreams.

By resolving dreams, we mean that a conclusion or breakthrough on the topic from a dream is being reached, and a sense that this is now been moved along and to the next level.

This is a particular fascinating dream about a flood wave, and drowning in the water.

In the original dream, the dreamer found themselves in their childhood home. They were not quite lucid, more semi-lucid and remembering thinking that some things were very strange. Where the TV had been in the real house, for example, in the dream there was a strange alien installation with a sparkling screen which they noticed and thought, "That doesn't belong here?"

Shortly afterwards, water was covering the floor - it was coming in fast and then, the person describes what happens next as follows.

"I noticed the water flooding in. At first it was just round my ankles and I stood and looked at it, not knowing quite what to think or what to do, but then all the windows and doors burst away and this HUGE flood wave swept in and just lifted me up, and up, until I was right up at the ceiling and running out of room to breathe.

"I kept pulling in breath in the ever smaller space between the wave and the ceiling and when it ran out, I woke up with a shock and a start."

Sitting up in bed and with their heart beating high, the person decided to immediately take the dream into Sanctuary as it felt "profound, meaningful and important, somehow".

They went from being lifted up by the flood wave towards the ceiling, but controlled the story so there would be an air pocket remaining in the corner where they could breathe until the flood had receded and the water levels began to drop again. They hung on to a lamp, then dropped down and could hold on against the water that was rushing away.

Dawn had arrived, and there was no-one left. There were no bodies either, not much debris because the wave had been so enormous, a hundred feet or higher still, and outside, the land was drenched and the buildings were half washed away, but other than that, it seemed safe enough.

So they walked around for a while, looking for survivors, but none were found. They found some provisions in the cellar of their childhood home where the windows were barred and things had survived there. They wandered around some more, and finally, on a hilltop some miles away from the house, they found two men who had also survived.

The Project Sanctuary story kept playing on as they do, with discussions between our dreamer and the two men they had met; until about 24 hours later, the flood wave came again. It was so huge that it was travelling all around the world, not just once, but many times until it was finally exhausted.

All three managed to survive again but lost all their new provisions and whatever else they had managed to rescue from the first flood; and of course, it was now clear that the flood would come yet again the following day.

It was at this point that the person thought, "Perhaps we should just stop fighting and join all the others who were drowned in the flood. Go with them, wherever they went. Be a part of this, whatever this is, and submit to it."

They thought about it for a time and finally breached the subject with the two fellow survivors.

And here the story takes an amazing turn.

"As soon as I said it to them, shall we just call it a day, join in with this and let the flood take us too?, they both transformed instantly into two angels which I recognised at once as my two main guides I have had for a long time.

"They didn't have to tell me - the transformation in itself let me know that I was right, that this was what was required - to allow myself to be taken by the wave.

"The emotions I felt were extraordinary - at first I thought, I am terrified, because my heart was beating so high. But then I realised that it wasn't fear, or terror, or anything like that. It was an emotion I've never felt before.

"Then I started to cry and thought I was sad. But again, I realised I wasn't sad, this was something else altogether. It was a most extraordinary experience.

"So then at the horizon, I could see the flood wave come again. I stood and turned to face it, and the two angels took my hand, but I knew that they couldn't save me here, or help me, they were just there to provide moral support. Whatever was to come, would now happen and I would just have to go through it.

"Then the flood wave came, and it hit me and lifted me, and I don't remember anything after that."

And how do you feel about it now?

"I feel very strange about this still. It was as though all of my childhood was being washed away. Not destroyed in a bad way, but more like sins being washed away, the past being washed away? It feels very tranquil, very peaceful and somehow, very right. I know I made the right decision, and clearly, it was something that my unconscious mind wanted to happen, tried to make happen in the dream but I resisted it because I guess I was afraid of dying.

"It's the strangest thing. I just needed some more time to get myself to the point where I could let the wave take me. When the story was running and I was interacting with the two other survivors, there wasn't a trace or a hint of anything from them to make me think I should let myself go. They were completely reactive, just doing normal survivor things. This didn't come from the two angels, it had to come from within me.

"Once *I* had made up my mind, they could help and reveal themselves. It's strange how that works. It feels right though, and very profound. A very good resolution that I don't know yet how it will affect me in the future, but I can't help feeling that it was a very brave thing, and a good thing for me."

Flood Wave Dream - Can You Stand Your Ground?

The Flood Wave - Can You Stand Your Ground ...?

Notes on Dream Resolution with Project Sanctuary:

  • Make sure to step back into the dream as best you can, just the way it was.
  • You can choose any point in time for your entrance into the dream when you are awake.
  • You can change the dream to produce a different timeline of events, which will then respond BACK to you with different and new information which might be exactly what you need to understand not the "message", but actually, the *purpose* of the dream.
  • Remember that once you have taken the dream into Sanctuary, you have all the magic of all time at your command to make the changes you need to make to find a resolution that is perfect for all of YOU - in the CONTEXT of the dream itself.
  • Especially repetitive dreams, or dream scenarios that are being presented time and time again, really benefit from the Project Sanctuary dream resolution. These are not just "messages" but actually, they are *processes* that need to run to a conclusion, or at the very least need some action to *move them along* on a path of unfoldment.

SFX April 2007

"A visit to Project Sanctuary is simple to do and leaves you marvelling at the wonders to be discovered in your own mind." Margarita Foley

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