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The Field Of Flowers

by Silvia Hartmann

The Field Of Flowers

An excerpt from my Special Report on the Afterlife, the field of flowers really encapsulates why making preparations for the afterlife in this life is such a very good idea.

My mother had a recurring nightmare of finding herself in a beautiful, endless field of the most wonderful flowers, but she was starving to death.

She would often talk about it and say, “You can't eat flowers!”

She would also enact this in the Hard, and only ever plant vegetables, because “You can't eat flowers.”

We can't know for sure, of course, but what happens to a Soul in Sanctuary if their owner will absolutely cling to the idea that “You can't eat flowers”?

Of course, in Sanctuary you not only can eat flowers, you should and MUST “eat” not only flowers, but all sorts of other energy things that are being offered to you on a plate.

  • That is the first and most important lesson of Sanctuary – it's all energy, and “we” need to learn to think about everything in a whole different way.

I would like to think that my mother, upon finding herself in the field of flowers and absolutely not waking up to any Hard any longer, would have become so hungry, she would have fallen upon the flowers and stuffed them into her mouth in great handfuls, and finally understood how to nourish herself, and then moved on to understanding how good they taste, how each and every one tastes differently … has different effects …

I would like to think that her Soul spent as long as it needed feasting on the flowers in all their endless variety, tastes and textures, until her starving energy body finally got enough nourishment to grow strong, grow up and experience a huge threshold shift – perhaps even to full ascendency, right there and then.

Did this happen?

Or is her lost Soul still roaming the endless fields of flowers, starving, starving, becoming ever more eroded, ever more unknowing, forgetting who she was in the process, until she blows away like a dried leaf and disintegrates altogether?

We cannot know.

What we can know, however, is that it would have been good for my mother to solve that “Soul Challenge” whilst she was still alive. It would have been good for her to understand that although you can't eat flowers as such (there are edible flowers, of course, did she even know this?!), flowers are more than just calories.

That there is ENERGY in flowers that can bring us joy. Hope. Healing.

It would have been good for her to learn that life lesson in life, and before she died of cancer.

So here is the third time I make the point that it really doesn't matter if the afterlife is “real.”

The experience of the Sanctuary realms is very, VERY real – and hugely beneficial for this life, as well as potentially life saving for the afterlife.

Field of Flowers Afterlife in Sanctuary

Excerpt from "Afterlife"

Special report on Project Sanctuary/SuperMind & the Afterlife by Silvia Hartmann.


  by Silvia Hartmann
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