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Of Disturbing Dreams, And Data Streams - Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

by Silvia Hartmann

Of Disturbing Dreams, And Data Streams - Dreams are only energy data ...

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

Of Disturbing Dreams, And Data Streams

Or: It's ONLY An Energy ...

I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday with my heart pounding from a particularly disturbing nightmare.

This had contained very specific but highly distorted environments and series and sequences of events that were just plain insane.

Upon waking, for a moment there I contemplated just WHAT one might do about this superbly distorted habitat and all the requisite insane details within (which I will spare you! and be grateful!), but as just about EVERYTHING was completely off any form of sense, I just could not find any leverage point.

What I mean by that for those who are not up on their PS lingo is that if you are chased by a bear, for example, a simple leverage point to change the dream is to leverage the bear - confront it, transform it, disappear it, communicate with it, many options; but the leverage point is clear.

In this instance, EVERYTHING was SUCH a mess so there was no leverage point and when I saw that, I got very calm and remembered, "Ah! This is ONLY AN ENERGY ..."

Oh yeah, right!

I lay in bed and smiled to myself.

What we were dealing with here was a mangled data stream - a form of Chinese whispers effect that happens when disturbances exist in the energy system.

Instead of a nice clear signal being broadcast, you end up with a heap of nonsense as you're trying to translate the disturbed data stream into functional metaphors.

They all cross fire amidst themselves, of course and that adds to the total confusion.

That's also why there was no leverage point to be found - whatever it may have been got lost in the mangled data stream that now didn't make any sense at all anymore.

So I took a deep breath and applied a PS/EmoTrance crossover technique that readily sprang to mind.

I called up the equivalent of an energetic hurricane to rip this data stream to shreds, separate out all these components and sent them back to where they belong, to their RIGHTFUL PLACES where they should be so that Even Flow may return to the system which was broadcasting this mess.



The entire very real dreamscape tore apart in scales and flakes like you see the shingles of a house get torn off by a hurricane and flew in all directions. Very soothing, a feeling of, "Thank GOODNESS for that!"

In fact it was so relaxing that I fell asleep, and when I did, I dreamed again, and I *know* that it was the same dream, but this time, the message was immediately recognisable and clear, direct, and all the components made perfect sense.

Further, the new dream provided a host of insights into the whys and wherefores of my personal cause and effect and left me feeling immensely grateful for the care and kindness of my own unconscious processes.

So this is what I think.

I think that disturbing dreams are directly sourced from a system in the energy body that is requiring attention, indeed SEEKING attention to its state.

I would further say that when a dream is "resolved", and Even Flow has returned to that system which sent the help, this clears the path to communicate with OTHER systems, and for this communication to be very direct and straightforward then.

In other words, nothing at all like the usual inexplicable weirdness one finds in dreams, but much more lucid experiences, rich with vital and essential information about the world and about oneself.

I've always had a notion that this is how it should be, and I do believe that this is a step towards general lucidity - in waking life, as well as in dreams Smile

Fascinating dreams to all,


Silvia Hartmann
  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Project Sanctuary is was one of the most freeing, validating things I have ever read." Valerie Collins

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