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I Dream Of Healing - The Healing Centre Dream, Dream Healing and On Being A Real Dream Healer

by Silvia Hartmann

I Dream Of Healing - The Healing Centre Dream, Dream Healing and On Being A Real Dream Healer

The Healing Centre Confusion - The Healing Dream That Can Become Reality with Silvia Hartmann

I Dream Of Healing ...

The Mystical Healing Center

The Truth About The Healing Dream

& Dream Healers

by Silvia Hartmann


The Healing Centre Confusion - How Can It Not Be Real?

Time and time again, in my travels amongst the healer communities, healing centres, conferences and gatherings of healers over the last 30 years, I came across a strange but very specific idea.

I used to call it "the healing centre confusion" at the time.

Holistic healers of all kinds would express the desire to somehow, find enough money to start a "healing centre" somewhere - and they would tell me of beautiful healing gardens, natural healing environments; clear, fresh healing water from a stream nearby; these beautiful buildings, like healing temples, white, ethereal; a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility, of soothing.

Being Dr Practical, I'd point out to them that this wasn't a "real goal" - if you were to make a "hard" healing centre in that way, you'd have no public transport or parking places there for the sick people and their cars, where are the wheelchair ramps, the fire extinguishers, the telephones, the staff and how is it going to pay for itself?

People would look confused and shake their heads - reality, as in the Hard, didn't enter this "healer's paradise" in any shape or form. As I was dealing with the business practicalities of earning money via a healing centre at the time, I was quite right to point this out; still, it amazed me how COHERENT and COHESIVE this "healing dream" was, and for so many different people.


The Healing Dream Is NOT An Illusion ...

It wasn't until some years later it finally clicked and I understood what this dream of a healing centre is, how it is that so many people dream that same dream and what that is all about.

The people who dream of the etheral, metaphysical healing centre are actually travelling in dreamtime to a real, existing place (or locus, as it is called in Project Sanctuary), where dreamtime healing should be taking place!

Only, people get confused between the planes; especially if they are unaware that they are already engaging in shamanic style dreamtime travel FOR REAL.

The metaphysical healing centre is NOT an illusion.

It is real. It's a powerful existing energetic reality, a place were we can go, where we SHOULD GO, if we are seeking spiritual healing - and even more so, when we are ready to GIVE SPIRITUAL HEALING TO OTHERS.

Remember that the people in question who "dreamed the healing centre dream" were THERAPISTS.

They were people who were already setting out or fully engaged in the act of healing SERVICE - wanting to heal others.


Spiritual Healing By Service - Healing Others

There is a school of thought that holds you cannot really ever understand a subject fully until and unless you tried to teach it to another.

Healers are aware that they do need to heal themselves AS WELL AS healing others; in a way, this is one and the same for it happens at the same time.

As the healer heals, they themselves are receiving a FANTASTIC gift in return - and that is NOT a monetary exchange, nor is it hard exchanges such as gratitude, or friendship offered, or even the love of the client.

This is very other than - it is in essence a reward of SERVICE.

I would point out that this is an aspect of SPIRITUAL HEALING only; this does not work in the hard.

Here, if you suffer from leprosy, you won't get healed of it by treating others who suffer from the same thing. They will benefit, you will not; at least not in the sense that the ORIGINAL ILLNESS is being impacted. In the case of leprosy that's easy to understand, but please know that this also is the case for ANYTHING ELSE - any hard healing activities, such as being a psychiatrist to those who were also raped, does NOT heal the person in the hard from that same problem.

On the other planes of existence, the spirit world, in sanctuary, dreamtime, the quantum planes or whatever you might call them, a DIFFERENT PRINCIPLE is in operation.

  • Here in dreamtime, if you were abused as a child and you seek to heal others with the same problem, it is IN THE COURSE OF THAT SERVICE that you receive YOUR OWN HEALING.

This is not even mysterious, hit or miss or a potential reality - it is a DIRECT CAUSE AND EFFECT of working in the dreamtime realms.


REAL Healing In The Dreamtime Realms

So, and if we were to strip away all of our many planes confusions which cause serial killers to endlessly try and kill a spiritual aspect of themselves by hacking away at the bodies of others; and which also cause healers who dream the healing centre dream to get out a bank loan and a bunch of concrete somewhere in the middle of a wilderness, we can get to work CORRECTLY and fulfil our dream of healing in a whole new and totally amazing way.

In order to reach the dreamtime dimensions, we do not have to be asleep; indeed, we need to be LUCIDLY AWARE in order to act correctly there.

If you have recognised the spiritual healing centre I have described, then you know this - you have travelled there before, and you can do so again, simply by closing your eyes and going there, paying attention to that, and entering there.

What this healing centre is is a MEETING PLACE for you to see clients in, absolutely - but these are astral clients instead of hard ones; and they don't pay you by giving you money or kind words, but by your own expansion and your own healing that will take place as a direct result of helping THEM.

If you go there with volition, and you stand there and you ask to see who needs your healing on this day, people WILL come to you, and they WILL be the exact right people that YOU NEED to grow and learn, for they are drawn to you by your personal vibration, which is completely unique and absolutely essential for each one who needs YOU, and not anyone else in all the planes, and all the times spent.

*For a more in depth explanation of the resonance match, please see The Soul Pilots


Dream The Healing Dream ...

If you know of the healing dream centre, then you are ready to go there and to heal.

This is a wonderful ambiguity, and I would also remind YOU that even though you may be sick and in need of healing, it is the act of GIVING HEALING TO OTHERS in these realms that will make you better, will make you well.

If that was not the case, you could not have possibly dreamed TOWARDS that particular location - it is where HEALERS go, and when a healer is there, that is what invites those who are a resonance match to that one particular healer to come and there, seek their healing.

You wouldn't even be here if you didn't already know many of these things, and know how to do a meditation that will take you there so you can start and heal for real, in the proper way, in the age old traditional way of all true healers of the spirit, so all that's left for me to do now is to tell you that you are NEEDED.

Your services and unique contribution awaits; your rewards await you likewise.

  • The more of us begin to dream the healing dream in all sincerity and with all our heart, the greater the benefits become for us all.

The healing centre is not an illusion. The Key To Your Creativity - Project Sanctuary

It is completely real.

And it awaits those who dream of healing.


Β© Silvia Hartmann 2005 Β 


  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say β€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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