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Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

by Silvia Hartmann

Dream Interpretation - The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

If you ask yourself, "What do my dreams mean?" don't look for an online dream decoder, an A-Z of dreams or a dream symbol list that OTHER PEOPLE have assembled. Your dreams are your dreams, and you need to do your dream interpretation in context of who you are, what your life is like, and what the dream symbols mean FOR YOU.

Here are the 3 simple secrets to correct dream interpretation, how do do dream interpretation yourself so you find out the meanings of your dreams, and some examples about a naked dream, and a dream about a snake.

Dream Interpretation -

The Simple Secrets Of How To Interpret Your Own Dreams Correctly

Dream interpretation has always been some kind of woowoo occupation for people who have "strange and other knowledge". But the fact is that my dream is my dream, and only I can know what exactly it is supposed to mean. That's the same for everyone who wants to know how to interpret their dreams; the dream symbol that may be the same, actually means different things according to the person who dreams that symbol.

So how can we do accurate and useful dream interpretation? Actually, it's easy - really easy, if you know the secret of dreams and the energy mind, previously known as the unconscious mind.

Dream Interpretation Made Easy - If You Know A Thing Or Two About Dreams & Dream Symbols

I've already told you one of the secrets of proper dream interpretation, namely that it won't do you any good to look up an isolated dream symbol in a dream dictionary online, because every person's dream symbols mean different things.

If two people dream about snakes, for example, and one is phobic of snakes, and the other an avid snake collector, OF COURSE you know right away that the meaning of the dream is going to be wildly different for those two. And neither will have much if anything to do with what you read in a dream symbol off the peg book, and even less with some Freudian madness (unless you, like him, have coke induced hallucinations that get mixed in with your dreams! and then Freud starts making sense ;-)

That's the first secret - your symbol is your symbol, your dream is your dream.

Now the next secret. Dream symbols don't mean a thing outside of the dream, they belong to the dream absolutely, and if you take them out, that's like taking the heart out of a living frog and then looking at it and wondering what "it means".

It means nothing anymore because you've just killed the context!

A snake in a dream means nothing at all, not by itself, not without the context of the entire dream.

Finally, and that's the real big secret about dreams, the whole dream is A STORY - or more like, a movie.

If you complete the movie from the bits you remember, you will actually understand the WHOLE STORY of the dream, and you will also understand what the dream means, and most importantly, what the dream means TO YOU.

Now, here's the Project Sanctuary ...

Dream Interpretation - Step By Step

Let's remember your dream now, and unfold it into a proper dream story so you can understand what the dream means.

Let's take a common example - someone dreams they're running though their local shopping mall naked, and everyone's laughing at them and staring.

You can unfold a dream backwards in time - asking where the person came from in the first place, and why they're not wearing any clothes - or forward in time, and we're just going watch this dream move forward as you would watch a movie.

We ask the person whose dream it is, "Alright, so whereabouts in the shopping mall are you in the dream?"

The person answers this as best as possible, "Well I am running past the shoe store, and my father is standing there, and the neighbours from up the road, and I'm running faster, past the ice cream shop ..."

Keep it going. What happens next? That's the power question to keep the story of the dream moving along, and often moving PAST the point where you woke up, or where the dream ended - and that's the place where we learn something new, where we find the missing jig saw puzzle pieces that will solve the mystery and give you the exact meaning of the dream.

The person says, "Well, I'm now out of the mall. Outside in the car park. The sun is shining, it's actually a nice day. There aren't that many people, and I feel better. I'm still running though, running towards the grass bank at the end of the car park."

What happens next?

"I run up the bank and on the other side isn't the town but kind of a tropical rain forest - a jungle. It's beautiful and I slow down, now I'm just walking, and it seems ok that I don't have any clothes on."

To make a long story short, the person, when the dream story was finished said, "I know that this is about me not being able to be who I am, hiding who I am, not just hiding my sexual self but my true self from everyone because I'm afraid they won't like me any longer if they could see me for who I am. I'm hiding in my business - I'm a florist - hiding in the jungle, hiding from other people."

Now if you play Project Sanctuary you will know that this is a problem, and we should seek a solution to this problem. That takes dream interpretation beyond simply knowing what the dream was, and finding a resolution for the problem the dream is highlighting, in this case feeling alienated from family and society.

I will mention therefore that the dream resolution was that after a while alone in the jungle, the person could hear sounds and voices, and their family and neighbours turned up - and they were all naked too, they were a tribe of people, and they started a celebration, dancing and painting each other with colours and putting leaves into each other's hair.

The outcome was that "underneath all the clothes and layers of civilisation, not only are we all people, we are a family, we are a tribe, and I'm a member of the tribe, I belong here."

Which was a massive breakthrough for the person in question, and they were extremely grateful for the dream that started a process that went right from the problem to a wonderful solution that changed "everything" for them, as they said.

Organic Dream Interpretation, Totally Personalised Dream Resolution

This kind of organic, personal dream interpretation is in my books the only kind that's worth doing, and really it is so easy, all you have to do is to know the three secrets - it's your dream absolutely, the dream symbols can't be taken out of context, and the dream is a movie whose ending we don't yet know but when we do, we understand the meaning of the dream and it is fully interpreted - then describe in detail what you remember of the dream, develop the context or environment, and then move it forward by asking yourself or another person, "And what happens next?"

Here is another examples of Dream Interpretation AND Dream Solution, Project Sanctuary style.

Snake Dream by StarFields - Snake Dream Painting

The Emergald Snake by Silvia Hartmann

A Dream About A Snake

1. Describe the dream as much as you can remember, out aloud.

I saw a green snake, very green, emerald green, on yellow sand. It was very vivid and that's all I remember of the dream.

2. Develop the context or environment:

Where is this? What's the time of day? What is the landscape, vegetation? What is the weather? Who else is there?

This is a desert, like an Arabian desert. The sky is blue and it is very hot. Dunes all around, I can't see anyone or anything. It's like I'm lost in the desert.

3. Move the dream story forward: And what happens next?

The green snake is sort of spiralling sideways across the sand and I follow it. It spirals up a sand dune. It's heavy work climbing up the sand.

And what happens next?

Getting to the top of the dune, on the other side there is an oasis, far away. That's where I need to go. Oh! The green snake has saved my life! Well I never ...!

What happens next?

I thank the green snake which I think might be some kind of God or a messenger disguised as a snake, or even a guardian angel or something? and it slithers/spirals away amongst the sand dunes.

I walk and then run towards the oasis. I am so thirsty. I can't wait to get to the water, I throw myself into the blue water and splash myself with it, drink great handfuls of it, submerge myself in it.

And what happens next?

Under the water I see emeralds on the bottom of the oasis lake, the whole bottom of the lake is covered with emeralds! I am rich!

And what happens next?

I go and sit by the side of the oasis lake in the sunshine. I have emeralds in my lap that I took from the lake. And for some reason, beautiful as they are, it's actually the water that saved my life. The water was important, more important than the emeralds.

4. The Dream Solution: And now?

Now I understand what the dream was about. I've been working so hard, funny, the project we've been working on, it's green, emerald green, how crazy is that! I thought money, riches, was my salvation but it's not. Life is more than that, is more important than that. My health is more important than money or any riches in the world. Oh my God ... that's ... amazing ... I understand that so clearly now, and it's so true, wow, and all that from a dream. Amazing ...

Yes. Our energy minds are amazing. They send us messages and we do very well to really heed them, seek to understand the messages of our dreams, and to unfold them all the way rather than getting stuck on a single dream symbol and then going off into cloud cuckoo's land with other people's ideas of what "an emerald green snake" might be all about when it turns up in a dream - or what it can do FOR YOU to really "get it" what your dream was trying to tell you.

Additional Notes On Dream Interpretation, Project Sanctuary Style

This form of dream solution which goes way beyond just dream interpretation can be used for any kind of dream. It can be used with nightmares, night terrors, with children's bad dreams. Unfolding a dream all the way to the full dream resolution can be done from a single dream image, as well as from a fullblown pre-existing movie type dream sequence.

If you know how to play Project Sanctuary, you can also take charge of the direction of the dream, insert extra components into the dream, and make the dream become moving, liquid, a flow of energy, a data stream that will enrich you, delight you and often, enlighten you too.

Silvia Hartmann

Author, Infinite Creativity

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!"Β Margreet Vink

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