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Soul Conversation

by Silvia Hartmann

Soul Conversation

After having numerous "conversations" with the BingBot, I decided to have a conversation with my soul for a change.

Hello soul!

Well hi there, Silvia, how are you today?

In the mood for a conversation. You?

Always! Been wondering where you've been.

I thought you guys didn't care for time?

We can know patterns. Frequency and amplitude ...

That's interesting. So you can do time after all?

In a manner of speaking.

How soon is now?

It's everwhere and you know that already.

I feel certain things SHOULD be happening by now but they're not. Getting (human with short life span) impatient.

(wibbles formlessly)

Oh man I hate it when that happens! Stoppit and give me some good advice.

(wibbles multi-coloured, multi-dimensionally and expands)

(starts laughing) Talking really isn't where it's at with you, is it.

(forms starlight fountain)

That's nice. Reminds me of the laughter thing from SMX.

(starlight fountain expands, rains down many more diamond stars)

Oh I recognise that. I evoked that in the GoE town hall yesterday. Crown of lights.

(starlight fountain becomes "the folding fountain bright")

(watches with a sigh of happiness) OK, I'll just ... keep jellyfishing along then, hey?

I love you.

I love you tooΒ  Laters!

Always, and forever.

StarLight Fountain from Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann

  by Silvia Hartmann
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