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In the spirit world, the sun does not burn your eyes.

by Silvia Hartmann

In the spirit world, the sun does not burn your eyes.

Project Sanctuary and SuperMind are all about travelling in the Otherworlds, the Energy worlds or the spirit world in consciousness. There are many lessons we need to learn about the differences between physical reality, and navigating the Otherworlds, and this one is really rather important.

"In the spirit world, the sun does not burn your eyes."

When we, still living people as we are, enter into the energy worlds, we bring with us all the entrainments of a lifetime spent in physical reality.

Among these are that gravity pulls you down (it doesn't in the energy worlds, you can rise and fly there); that things are ever so hard (which they aren't in the energy worlds, you just need to figure out how to do things elegantly "the energy way"); that everything of any worth takes a huge long time (which it doesn't, change is instantanous here if we can only allow it!); and of course, there are many more.

The idea that "light hurts your eyes," that light will "burn your eyes out if you look at it," and that indeed, "the light will burn you and hurt you," is a particularly bad thing to be transferring from the Hard into the Otherworlds.

In energy terms, "the light" means A LOT OF ENERGY.

That should be attractive to us, but not like "moths to a flame" (once again, they burn up, it's a bad thing to be attracted to the light, the light will kill you and misguide you, hurt you, stay away from the light, "don't go into the light ...").

"Turning away from the light" because we think it's bad is a terrible idea in the energy worlds.

Ever heard of the "light at the end of the tunnel" that people talk about who had near death experiences?

"The Light" is THE GUIDE in the Otherworlds! It's the GOOD direction, it brings transformation, evolution, love, it's the exit portal from suffering and into a HIGHER state of being.

Look for the light, find the light, because "light is the guide"!!!

So here's an important exercise about the light.

Go into Sanctuary on a sunny day.

Turn and face the sun, LOOK INTO THE SUN.

Notice how it doesn't feel anything like when you do this in the Hard.

Note how the energy interacts with your energy person in Sanctuary, and what it can do for you.

This is a truly fascinating and potentially hugely transformational experience.

And a fantastic example of the lessons that we better learn now - and before we find ourselves in an afterlife, where the next level is accessed by finding the light, following the light, and flying into a portal that is THE LIGHT.

Silvia Hartmann

July 2019

A Nara looking at the Sun

"A Nara looking at the sun" - In the spirit world, the sun does not burn your eyes.

Symbol Hybrid Vector by Silvia Hartmann, July 2019

  by Silvia Hartmann
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