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Better Sleep in Sanctuary

by Silvia Hartmann

Better Sleep in Sanctuary

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ...

Sleep Deeply, Sleep Soundly & Assist Lucid Dreaming with this simple PS Pattern

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ...

... Habitat!

Sleep Deeply, Sleep Soundly & Assist Lucid Dreaming with this simple PS Pattern

When I give trainings and seminars, I have to stay in these weird hotels, and I'm not that fond of the beds; most hotel beds are just uncomfortable, with flat pillows and general urgh.

I lie down as best I can and go straight to Sanctuary.

I have a huge variety of "sleeping habitats" from which to choose. These are places where I go to sleep inside Sanctuary, and they are for making me be happy as I go to sleep.

Of course, each one has its own cocktail of energies and that's the cool thing, it gets me just what I need and when I need it.

Amongst these "sleep habitats" are:

On a porch of a Japanese building, with soft cotton mattresses and very soft blankets, and it is raining very heavily; the air is very moist and the rain is gushing off the porch roof. Beyond, you can see a small pond with the rain water ripples and many plants whose leaves have become waterslides. The steady beating of the rain on the roof and the rushing, splashing sounds are totally soothing, and the air is completely perfect, purifying, re-moisturising - wonderful.

One sleep habitat is in a snowed-in castle in the middle of nowhere.

This is an ancient, old stone built castle and I have a room there with a window out into the blue hues, purple hues, pink hues of the winter world, the sun has set already and it is very, very cold and still.

There is a great bed with soft blankets and a thick fur overthrow, it is snugly and warm, and then it starts to snow softly at first, then the snow flakes become slower and bigger. Aaaah ...

One is a nest I've made with light, soft blankets in a grove of birch trees. It is early summer, dappled lemon light, soft wind, sweet wind rustling the leaves above, light dancing all around me.

One is walking along the beach at the shores of the universal ocean to a beach hut which contains a bed made from ocean wood and deep, luxurious soft green/blue bedding. The door is open so you can breathe the air, moist and silky, and hear the ocean, and see it when your eyes are still open.

One is deep inside a cave, by a well pool, still, dark. Here, I just lie down in the sand. It is warm and when you lie down and look closely, you can see these tiny lights of different colours reflecting from the sand, components of diamonds perhaps so old that they have become like star dust. There is a deep hallowed silence that comes with this.

These sleep habitats are just fabulous for me personally. As I use them often, they are extremely easy to get to and immensely vivid, and I TOTALLY TREASURE the immediate relaxation, the "Oh thank GOD for that!" relief and just benediction of that environment and STATE OF BEING.

I'm completely at home, blissfully happy, and I am completely there and I sleep like a blessed baby, absolutely without fail, and regardless of whether I am in the New York Hilton, on the floor of an airport lounge, in a shack of a hotel in Italy or at the Europa in Gatwick.

It's also a wonderful example of "wherever you go, there you are".

I walk into these rooms, look at whatever rickety bed there is and I just smile to myself. And I always have a good night's sleep.

A very practical Sanctuary thing, gives you a huge competitive advantage over those who roll around and moan all night and startle awake at every banging sound, police siren or screech.

It's just a question of remembering to practice it first while you're at home to get the habitats stabilised and ready for use - and that in and of itself is very nice too. I'd rather go to sleep with those things last thing on my mind than problems or a shopping list. Which might also account for the fact that even though I have such a crazy-active mind, I hardly every experience any disturbing dreams or nightmares. I often have interesting lucid dream experiences, which makes sense if you enter into the sleep states via the "sanctuary crossroads".

Very cool stuff, magical really!

Just writing about the habitats this morning has made me much more tranquil and happy, so this sleep pattern is one particular PS exercise that has given me personally so much over the years, I can't recommend highly enough.



PS. Recently, a friend of mine got sick and had trouble sleeping, lying awake all night and worrying about the illness and all sorts of terrible things. Which did NOTHING for their immune system, as you can well imagine. I recommended of course, to go to a Sanctuary habitat for settling down and soaking up those wonderful healing natural energies to calm the mind, the body and the spirit.

Unfortunately, the friend was too sick to make it work at the time. However, a good thing came of it, namely the understanding that this sort of thing should be ...


When you are in a "state", that's not the time to learn how to go to sleep in Sanctuary. That's what you do when you are NOT sick, when all is well and you have the peace of mind to get started, to think about a habitat for sleeping, to make it real, and to hold it against intruding thoughts of other things.

This is a SKILL, I would call it a really essential LIFE SKILL, that everyone should be able to do. But you need to practise it before you get sick.

When *I* get sick, these habitats arise for me automatically and just for the closing of my eyes. It is really hard to describe the amount of gratitude I have that this should be so - when you need it most, there it is.

*But* the trick is to have it there in the first place.

So I really encourage you, your children, your loved ones and your elders to get going and practise that simple thing of thinking about a beautiful, healing landscape just before you go to sleep. When you do get sick, you'll thank not me but yourself for having taken the time and PREPARED this skill for you to take advantage of to the fullest.


* For hardcore sleep help, see The Lullaby Deep Sleep Hypnosis CD

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is was one of the most freeing, validating things I have ever read." Valerie Collins

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