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Poem: Dream On

by Silvia Hartmann

Poem: Dream On

One of the most important functions of poetry is to keep us reminded of the other realms, the higher realms, beyond the stress and chaos of the day. It's like going to church but you don't have to get dressed up and sit around uncomfortably for hours on end - with a simple poem, you can get there whenever you want, or need to ...

... be reminded ...

Dream on ...


Dream on.

In all the confusion
amidst the chaos

dream on

The truth is found
in clouds,
starry flowers blue
when day turns into night

dream on

it's true

the world is here
for me and you
it's for me and you
to play

dream on

your dreams
the gateway
to the truth
the rest

Silvia Hartmann, May 2014


Dream On Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

  by Silvia Hartmann
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