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The Jupiter Wealth/Power Meditation

The Jupiter Wealth/Power Meditation

SFX writes: I was thinking about wealth/power meditations this morning, and I must have asked slightly the wrong question in the context because what I got delivered there in an instant was WAY over the top for what I was working with.

However, it is immensely cool so by all means, have a go!

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You are Jupiter, and as you realise this, you begin to expand and grow.

Around your feet, lakes and then entire oceans pool, and you grow straight up and through the clouds, becoming absolutely HUGE.

When your head is above the clouds and brushing the stratosphere, you can FEEL the powerful and abundant, firy energy of the entire Universe beginning to flow into you, to rush into you and when it fills you to overflowing, you raise your hands and lightning strikes!

And where your gaze rests, your lightning strikes, and it brings the spark of life to barren planes; it brings great fountains of water up from the earth; it cauterizes and clears away debris and toxic pollution; it raises great mountains and green islands from the sea.

This is your power. Enjoy.

Reshape the land to your perfection.

When you are done, dissolve and by all means, enjoy the fruit of these your labours through your senses and in any way you choose.





From: Helena

Hi everyone!

I tried this meditation and it gave me an incredible sense of power AND
fun, which is quite unusual for me. I generally equate power with heavy
duty and responsibility, like a weight on one's shoulders. But this time
it was fun! Wow!

From: SFX

Hey cool!

I got this in response to asking myself how to get people to not have such problems with power, bec. without accepting power, you can't have great wealth, right?

So this thing happened and what I got out it if mostly was the whole idea of "creative lighting".

It brings life, raises mountains and islands from the sea - I must confess that I had always thought of lightning as being "only destructive" before I did this meditation.

But you're right, creativity IS fun!


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