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Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

by Silvia Hartmann

Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Would you like to be richer? Have a better attitude to money or gold? Get your finances under control? If yes, enjoy this Project Sanctuary game of magic that is easy to play and very educational! Enjoy!

*** Hypnotherapists, this is a perfect prosperity or abundance creation Hypnotherapy script which can also be used for self hypnosis if read aloud.


More money, more gold, more freedom, more tranquility and more peace of mind - Game In Gold by Silvia Hartmann!

Game In Gold

Imagine that you are standing on the causal plane, that you are In Serein.

The ground is truly endless, mosslike and of a purple hue; the horizon does not bend at all and you can see sharp and clear for ever.

The sky is diffuse and of a pleasing colour, and although all is very clear and bright, there is no sun or direct illumination and there are no shadows as such.

The air is very clear and cool, refreshing in a way and your body feels noticeably lighter. It is easy to walk here because the ground is so supportive and soft.

Now, and for magic practise, let us make a bag of gold right in front of you, perhaps a man's length in front of your feet.

Have it be the size of a black bin bag and find your name printed on it, like Swag was printed on a swag bag, only it says, your name and then gold.

Very slowly, walk around the bag of gold with your name on it and as you do, pay attention to how you feel about this bag, what thoughts come to your mind about what you might want to do with it, what it represents, and most importantly, any fears or objections or thoughts that might be caused or causing this - let them all flow into the thought flow, widen their radius so that as soon as they appear, they go into the flow circuit and are simply washed away and to their correct destination, where they will be resolved, processed, cleaned up and re-assigned so that all will be in its rightful time and space.

All through the exercise to follow, keep this in place and make sure to put it back if it should slip; it is important that we should be of clear mind and focussed attention here and learn exactly the rightful things from all we do.

Now, complete your first circuit around the bag of gold and face it squarely on.

Make sure your energy runs cleanly now and you can flow in all ways as you begin to understand just how much in every way this gold - your gold - really does represent.

A single one of the coins inside is worth a thousand pounds, and there are a hundred thousand coins within this bag.

With your mind alone, open the bag so you can see the shiny golden coins inside.

Look at it.

Take the energy of this encounter into yourself and align all that needs to be aligned. Breathe deeply of the clear fresh air that in itself is such an aid to these endeavours and that strengthens you, expands and sharpens all your focus at the same time, assisting your potential for lucidity to be reavealed right here and now and more and more, the more you come here, the more you do here.

Your shining gold in this bag. And so much of it! Do you know just how heavy gold really is in the hard? There, I really don't think you could lift or even drag such a mass of purest gold in the form of these coins.

Are they not beautiful?

Go a little close, and then a little closer still.

Take out one of the coins and place it on the palm of your hand, face up.

Feel its weight and that it is cold and very solid.

Now, and as you look at it in the palm of your hand, make it bigger, the size of a dinner plate, and just before it becomes way to heavy for you to hold, throw it into the air with magical lightness and have it spin before your eyes, defying gravity completely for here, all things are at our command.

Spin it a little faster and as you watch it flashing, spinning, understand completely that gold is extremely malleable and so many things it can become, and manifest in any shape you might imagine.

Allow the disc to change its shape to a rod of gold instead, and watch it spin with some amusement.

Now, make it into a chalice and then, into a crown.

And finally, now flow the shape so it becomes a golden ball and float it slowly back towards you, slow the spin extend your waiting hand and as it comes towards you, not only does it slow but it shrinks gently and it lightens, becomes smaller and lighter and when it is about to touch down in your palm, it is a cool round golden marble.

Close your fingers around it and make the gold entirely malleable once more, like children's playdough you can shape it with the pressure of your fingers and your hand.

And finally, let us shape it into a ring and when you've done that, slip it onto your finger and experience what happens in your body as you do.

Feeling light and strong now, look back to the bag of gold.

Just snap your fingers to make it disappear!

Take your time and sort out all your energy flow until you breathe in clarity and start to smile, and only when you do, snap your fingers once again to bring it back.

Snap! There it is!

Make it disappear once more and bring it back, just so you really learn and understand there is no need for any of the old ideas that wash away into the flow just as we're learning here some very useful flexibility of thought and mind, and of stability of purpose.

Bring your bag back and open it wide for the encore.

Have all those many, many shiny golden coins take flight and lift and rise straight from the bag, like little birds will raise and lift and form a swarm of golden coins high up above, a sparkling swarm that follows your intention this way, that way as you play with shapes and forms that meld from one into another - how beautiful is this?

Play for a while and now, make the golden sparkles spell your name - arranging themselves in tighter and more dense until you see your own true name in heavy, solid golden letters written in the sky above you and you cannot help but laugh.

And now, re-form the swarm and have the golden coins stream back into their bag, one after the other, a tinkling sound of purest treasure as they fill the bag until they're all assigned once more and every one right to the last has landed; you may give the golden coins your gratitude, the plain and also and of course yourself for making time and space to do this game in gold and when you?re ready, snap your fingers, make the bag now disappear and thus the plane is as it was, ready and waiting for the next time and the next game you might play here, but there's still your golden ring and that will come with you when we traverse the planes and open our eyes of day in our unfolding incarnations.


Game In Gold
Copyright Silvia Hartmann 2004
All Rights Reserved.

Also available: The Money River Energy Hypnosis Program here.

  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say β€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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