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Inner Child Guided Meditation Script Child In The Meadow

by Silvia Hartmann

Inner Child Guided Meditation Script Child In The Meadow

We have had many requests for free guided imagery meditation scripts, and in particular, for an inner child guided meditation or a hypnosis or self hypnosis script to meet the inner child.

Silvia Hartmann has kindly written "The Child In The Meadow" for us to pass on for free - with our best wishes to the inner child, the angel child.

The Child In The Meadow
by Silvia Hartmann


Imagine than ...


On this day, you are standing in a place,
in the mountains, in the sunshine.


It is in the morning,
and the air is very clear, very bright,
you can see for miles, with the grey mountains
rising up behind you into the clouds,
their ancient peaks covered in eternal snow,
and the valley lying before you,
all the way over the forests and meadows,
following a shiny river with your eyes
until you see the silver shimmer of the sea
beneath a perfect blue sky
at the far horizon.


There is a path that gently winds downwards,
into the forest, and you start to walk downwards,
past the rocks and little yellow mountain flowers,
stepping lightly and confidently for
here you are always young,
and you breathe deeply, easily,
as you start to descend to the tree line.


Here are smaller trees, and they become larger
as you walk down further and further,
into the forest that becomes ever more impressive,
ever more majestic, deep and golden green,
ever more still, as though you were entering
a vast living cathedral.


The ground is soft here,
soft green moss and old brown needles
from the ancient trees,
and the air is moist and deeply fragrant,
a sense of green is all around you,
old life, powerful life,
and you draw this beauty and strength into yourself
as you walk gently downwards.


And then, ahead you see
a shimmer of gold and spring greens,
little flecks of dancing orange, blue and red,
and you enter into a meadow,
a secret meadow here in the center of the ancient forest,
a world all of its own,
entirely protected by the trees
that stand their silent, singing guard,
and here, the sun shines warm and golden,
and here the grass is young,
and finest, most delicious green,
as soft as silk beneath your feet
and many, many flowers, delicate and beautiful, 
dance in the grass.

Small birds sing,
and butterflies that seem like fairies
dance in their splendour here;
and you can sense and scent and hear
a little brook, not far away.


Ahead, you see a small outcrop of
smooth warm ancient rock,
and on this rock, there sits a child.


They are turned away from you,
but you can tell what they are wearing,
what their hair is like, and how old they are -
you recognise this child,
for this is a child like once you were,
a special child
and we are here to meet this child,
here on this day,
here in this most enchanted meadow,
where all is beauty, safety and love.


The brook lies between you
and the child who is still sitting on the rock,
so you stop and send a thought of welcome -
the child turns and you can see their face,
and so you smile and wave.


The child is surprised to see you,
perhaps they were alone here
for a long time, or forever;
the child is not exactly scared
but clearly doesn't know
quite what to do with you.


So you kneel down,
and put your hands into the water of the brook -
cool, and so alive it is,
it sparkles in your hands pure energy,
and from this water
which in truth is living energy complete and absolute,
now fashion a gift for the child,
with your hands and with your heart,
form the water that is malleable and warm,
into a shape, a shape that takes a form,
a form that takes a feeling, takes a colour,
and another, and becomes more real and real
until it is a special toy just for this child
you are holding in your loving and creative hands.


Be full of wonder at this gift of love
and bless it one more time,
and now extend your hands
and let the toy fly gently up, across the brook,
and send it to the child still sitting on the rock
and watching you with focus and with concentration.
The child captures the toy
and they takes it, hold it close to their heart,
and then the toy dissolves in light
and melts into the child's dear heart -
here is the moment now of transformation,
as a light begins to shine,
and now the child rises,
and they look like an angel,
full of life and full of light,
it is a wonder to behold.


The child then comes to you across the brook
and holds out its hands -
you take them, small and cool
and yet so full of life and love into your own,
and this now feels as though a circuit is complete,
and light and love and life rush into you,
rush through you and you too are now transformed
and you must dance, together,
whirling, spinning round and round,
and then there comes the moment
where you hold each other close,
and closer, and more closely still,
and then you merge into each other -
now, there is only one child
dancing in the meadow, 
and it is you,
and you are perfect,
joyous, so alive,
it tingles through your body,
resonates all through your mind,
and you embrace the meadow,
and the forest, and the mountains,
and the rivers, and the valleys,
and the sea and love it all,
and own it all, and take it all,
and all is yours,
now and forever.


Rest awhile now.


Drift and dream.


when you awake,
awake refreshed,
renewed and knowing
that a good thing has been done ...

The Child In The Meadow
Inner Child Meditation Script
Copyright Silvia Hartmann 2009. All Rights Reserved.

  by Silvia Hartmann
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