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Hatching Money

Hatching Money

I wrote the story "Witch Proud" this afternoon and a little while later, went to bed, still in that state the story does describe, evoke, whatever one might call it.

Hypnotically suggest, at that.

Either way, I got to thinking about many things and their energies and how they might benefit from being awoken in that manner.

As an aside to those who do not follow this list with regularity, Witch Proud is a simple translation/description of the process used on the Dichroic Glass, and what the little Prince guy referred to when he said, "A pile of rocks ceases to be a pile of rocks when a sentient being comes along and perceives within it a cathedral."

Eventually, my mind turned to the money in my bank and I noted with interest that this too was sleeping-beauty-sleeping still and had been waiting for this kiss of life for as long as it had been in my possession.

So in order to make that transfer of the skill learned on solid objects such as the glass from Witch Proud and the dichroic glass cabochons, I switched to PS and walked into a virtual vault where my money was kept. Golden coins, fast asleep.

Took me a while to generate the requisite love, respect and admiration which provides the necessary energy for that task but eventually, the charge was there and I could "breathe life into them".

I awakened them most tenderly.

As PS events do, they take this turn into the surreal, yet beautiful unfoldments as the situation takes on a life of its own - the golden coins turned into eggs, and they hatched these extraordinary small golden energy creatures, singing beings which - like ducklings - immediately recognised me as their own and came to me.

They were all around me, and I spend some considerable time stroking them, loving them, giggling them and with them, and generally speaking enjoying them in a full body energy autogenic experience. Then I told them to go out and seek out others of their kind, even eggs, and bring them here to be awakened likewise and to make a haven for their kind, a central sanctuary where they may come and be loved and go out from there and do their thing.

It was really sweet. Most of them left and a couple of small ones stayed behind, they were not yet ready and it was really pleasant to have them there. They are playing by the hearth as I'm writing this.

I remember wondering what they might grow into as they get older and more mature, I'm sure it will be pretty breath-taking to see their adult forms sometime.

I got this far away sense of tremendous power, golden rushing. Then I fell asleep.

And now and writing this, I wonder if one time, something will come to me and treat me like that, wake me up too.

Wouldn't that be something?

Silvia Hartmann


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