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Below The Sea

by Silvia

Below The Sea

Fantasy poem "Below The Sea" by Silvia Hartmann.

Hypnotic. Dreamy. It's a HypnoDream ...ย Cool

Below The Sea


Do you know

how long it was

how long we sailed

on oceans

wild they were

and wide

and endless

did they seem

and we grew

so afraid

of all the depth

beneath us,

hardly held

at bay

by a few slender

planks of wood?


Do you remember still

your name or mine,

or has it long since

blown away

by wind and rain,

and sunstorms hard

and bright, by

starlight nights,

by misty mornings

where we were

alone and there

was nothing



And nothing right,

and nothing north

and nothing south

and nothing east

and nothing west

and so we dreamed

of lands with happy people

brown they were

and smiling, holding out

their fruits and flowers

welcome, stranger,

welcome here?


When was the day

that we forgot,

and then the ship

became the world

and there was nothing

only us, there were

no dreams,

there was no longer

any purpose left,

or known?


And it was then

that we became

the sailors true

and right, no longer

passengers that go

from here to there

across the sea;

the sea is where we are

the sea is who we were

who we will always be

and you can find us there

we might have treasures,

might have wonders

in our hold

and in our hands,

our eyes are filled

with stars

we crest like waves

flow like the grasses

deep and green

below the sea.



Silvia Hartmann

November 2009


Below The Sea Illustration of seaweed

  by Silvia
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