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MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

MetaSong & Trinity - Fantasy, Vision, Lucid Dreaming ...

Silvia Hartmann ย writes: When Project Sanctuary gets going, we have EXPERIENCES.

These are "other than" simply imaginings; they are autogenic experiences whilst awake which are very much related to, and feel like, lucid dreams.

You could call them visions, if you wanted; the key thing is that these experiences have a numinous quality and the person who has them, KNOWS that they are of a different order than just visualisation, fantasy or day dreaming.


In my work with energy, and especially the energy mind (previously known as the unconscious mind), I have come to think of what happens there in visions is that we stream ENERGETIC DATA straight from the energy mind, and it gets interpreted not just in pictures, but in living movies where you play a role - autogenic visions, in other words.

In lucid dreams, as in autogenic experiences, we HEAR the wind and waves, we SMELL the sea, we FEEL the sand beneath our feet and our hair really does blow in the breeze. We can sense the sun and presence of others, and we are really there in all ways.

The fun doesn't really start in Sanctuary until that lucidity emerges and we really interact with the environment completely.

These visionary experiences, which are REAL data streams coming straight from our own energy mind, are very difficult to describe in dry, linear language.

This has led Project Sanctuary players to use a form of freeflow writing which creates what we used to call, "a Project Sanctuary thing" - a mixture between poem and story, that encapsulates the essence of the experience.

Now, "thing" isn't a pretty word, so I decided to call these a "metasong".

Metasongs are as close as we can get to the original energetic data of the experience itself; it is the first translation we have away from the original source. It is far more than just metaphor, because it is a living, personal MOVIE that involves all of us - very multi-dimensional, very information rich indeed.

Unfortunately, at this point some otherwise very intelligent people turn away and think that we're off with the fairies; but just remember that Einstein got his theory by dreaming about riding on a beam of light and shining a torch back upon himself, and the DNA guys dreamed of a spiral staircase.

Metasong underlies all human endeavour; be it the shape of a bridge, the solution to a rock hard maths problem or to write a beautiful symphony; to create a sculpture, and I'm still waiting for someone to dream up a sofa that is actually comfortable to sit on for a HUMAN BEING, thank you very much!

I've made a new website where I collect some of my metasongs; I love them completely, I find them endlessly fascinating and a marvellous challenge as one tries to translate the essence of the experience into nothing but words.

Here is an example, and if you love these things too, pop over to and check out some of the wonderful stories and poems there - each one an experience, each one based on an experience, and each one quite unique.



I walk gently
across the sands
my footsteps appearing
before me
in a small distortion of time,
designed to let me know
not all
is as it seems.

I sing a harmony,
the second voice
and then the third -
yet they were all
preceded by the song
so I could know
just what to sing.

This makes me smile;
above me,
freely gliding
was I then
and will I be again,
and I paint footsteps in the sand
for her to follow;
she looks to me
and I wave down
and glide a special
spiral loop for her.

Ahead, there are
the great blue mountains
quite a way to sing for her
but I do remember that
not more than 20 footsteps on,
the song taught me
just how to fly, and so I did and
laughed and soared ahead
to paint the footsteps
in the sand.

For now, she walks.

For now, she sleeps and dreams
of walking in the sands,
but I, I turn my gaze and flight
towards the mountains
as I am
expected there.

SFX 2005


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"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say โ€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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