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City In The Sky

City In The Sky

City in the sky is a classic metasong - a description of a Project Sanctuary habitat in the form of what one might call a metaphor poem.

The original vision/experience also inspired a painting.



City In The Sky

Steel blue, eternalย 
and as light as air,
invisible to thoseย 
who don't suspect,

as old as
all millennia and as fresh
as morning's dew,
so resonant with voices
yet in glorious
and vibrant silence
is our City in the Sky.

Fly there,
and if you are welcome,
guides will swoop
they'll take you there,
they're always on the lookout
for the ones
who seek the city,
need the city
to complete their quest
need to rest
before the next flight
of their spiral soaring
lifts them higher
to the new.

And so together,
let us rise into
the ancient clarity
of brilliant blue
of skies far higher
than we ever dreamed,
when trapped beneath
the veil of clouds,
we sighed and wished
a better way, a freedom
which awaits us here
and smiles when young ones
like ourselves
with fluttering excitement
and a little awkward still,
begin their first descent
towards, into its heart
and time of splendour.

SFX 2003

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"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say โ€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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