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Night Eyes

Night Eyes

I just love Project Sanctuary to bits! Ok, I'll rephrase that - it truly delights me. It really, really, really does. I had the most fantastic, but really fantastic experience yesterday with it. So, I'm just lying in a very hot bath, thinking how totally amazing it feels to be in this hot water and drifting with the wonderful sensations.

These days at the *slightest opportunity* these other thoughts, images and sensations come to me and in an instant, I am transported into the world of "Ice River" beyond the "gate of far perspective".

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Ice River habitat is like the Antarctic - where Superman's Fortress Of Solitude can be found, the Snow Queen's palace or Santa's magical workshop.

Ancient ice in amazing sculptures, ancient glacier rock, caverns, the frozen realms under the Northern Lights.

So. This frozen world but here I am, in a mineral hot spring, that has cooled because it comes out of a wonderful cave with icicles and crystals and I'm swimming in this pool under the Northern Lights and snow is falling softly.

Wow. It occurs to me how neat it would be if there was a light in the water, like you get in a swimming pool, and damn it this voice says real loud and authoritative in my head,


And all I can say is it was like there was this other set of eyelids that opened immediately and in response and the dark night was no longer.

EVERYTHING was alive. Everything was glowing in the most brilliant colours of itself - the minerals in the water, the water itself. Every rock and every type of ice and snow their own existence and all of it casting light, exuding light of every colour.

And the sky, and the stars in the sky - WOW.

Oh my god. I just can't describe it, best I can say is it was like what Las Vegas is trying to be with neon and failing at!

You would NEVER need light. Or fires. Or fireworks.

There totally wouldn't be anything ever needed and the night would no longer be "DARK" at all, indeed it was no such thing when I opened my night eyes.

Boy oh boy, I've had some PS trips but THAT - THAT was something else. Bloody hell! When I came back, I was physically shaking.

And the other thing about it is that people MUST MUST MUST know about this - why else would they be so drawn to coloured lights in the night, make fireworks at all, fairground lights, fairy lights and all of that, and why there is this deep sense of *magic* surrounding these things. We must on some level be able to see this, the reality of the living lights of the night - else we wouldn't be so drawn to this or recognise it or evoke it time and time again in our festivals, songs, dances, art - amazing!.

Seriously wowed by experience!


Jun 27, 2003


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