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The Far Journeys - Transpersonal Locus & Interpersonal Habitat in Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

by Silvia Hartmann

The Far Journeys - Transpersonal Locus & Interpersonal Habitat in Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary A locus is TRANSPERSONAL in nature - It exists OUTSIDE of any one given human being; and human beings can travel there, HAVE travelled there for as long as humans beings have existed.

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary


The Far Journeys -

Locus & Habitat In Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary starts at the very ground level with the establishment and construction of what we call "habitats" - stable "places" to which we can return many times and which become our active, multi-dimensional interface devices to the energy mind.


Habitats - Places In The Mind

Now, these original habitats are generally, already there.

That means they're not "completely invented", but they are metaphoric representations of a person's internal energetic landscape.

This mysterious "energetic internal landscape" is the energy matrix or the overall energy system as perceived and computed by the energy mind or "deep structure" as the NLP people like to call it.

So, these habitats ALREADY EXIST, and when a person "thinks" of a safe place they would like to spend more time in, their consciousness will "travel" to a place WITHIN their own energy matrix and interact with the specific content of this.

The interesting thing is that when we interact in consciousness with these internal ereas (existing energetic realities) or regions of our own energy matrix, they "seem to become more real".

That "seems" to be that way only because we "become aware" very literally of their existence; fact is that they were right there all along, only the conscious mind didn't know this.

As an aside, the very fact that things don't seem to become quite "real" UNLESS THE CONSCIOUS MIND gets involved, tells us a thing or two about how IMPORTANT the human consciousness actually is in the greater scheme of things, in the human totality as a whole.

The internal habitats of a single person are truly endlessly fascinating; each one is just amazing and you could spend a lifetime exploring it and playing with it; so it is really just as well that we have time distortion to help us out else we might get stuck in a single habitat and make our conscious home there - and what a tragedy that would be!

The next step in basic Project Sanctuary is to LINK UP divergent habitats.


Communication Bridges Inside The Mind

That is done by travelling between them in consciousness; and it doesn't matter if someone "builds a road" from habitat A to habitat B, or sails a ship across an ocean to find new lands on the other side, or whether they just fly over the land on a dragon, or whether they find a magic well or portal that transports them instantly - this is all travelling in consciousness and CONNECTING up the habitats so that information and resources may stream between them.

Now, Project Sanctuary doesn't work according to a 9-5 schedule; it is entirely ECOLOGY DRIVEN, which means that the conscious mind doesn't get up and makes a Roman empire plan to make the entire world into a single kingdom with arrow straight roads that connect it all; but instead, habitats are "found" and developed, enlarged, linked as a direct response to a person's own experiences.

As a person "travels" amongst the many habitats and has their experiences in and with the habitats, there comes a time when such a person comes across a habitat that seems "other than" the general events and landscapes they have travelled to before.

Now, this is a little bit difficult to describe in dry and technical language, because the FEELINGS AND SENSATIONS of these "other" types of environments are so INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT and that is how a PS player KNOWS that they are ...

... not INSIDE THEMSELVES any longer.

Instead of a habitat, we have arrived at a LOCUS.


Locus - The Transpersonal Time Space Event

Locus is the Latin word for "place".

Like a habitat, a locus presents very definitely and without a doubt - it is SOMEWHERE, clearly, with clearly defined local conventions, weathers, occurrences and ATMOSPHERE.

But these loci (pl) are very "other than".

They have an energy about them that is striking; they often "feel very old" and very profound; and more than that, the sense of recognition one encounters when one has found a locus has a sense of ages and dreams remembered about it.

Apart from a truly "timeless" quality and very high energy, there is another fascinating thing about loci.

They have been talked about by OTHER HUMAN BEINGS before you.

When you visit a locus, rather than a habitat, you KNOW and RECOGNISE it when you read or hear or even see another person's representation of THAT SAME PLACE.

They may have used very different words to describe them; they may have used societally appropriate metaphors of their time and age; but even so, it is undoubtedly the SAME LOCUS.

A locus is TRANSPERSONAL in nature.

It exists OUTSIDE of any one given human being; and human beings can travel there, HAVE travelled there for as long as humans beings have existed.

The descriptions of these loci from MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE, out of many different societies and all across the ages, REMAINS RESONANT AND STEADY.

This has nothing to do with cultural heritage; with any individual's own personal life experiences and indeed, when someone travels to a locus in shamanic activities, in meditation, dreams or even during a psychotic breakdown, the effects on an individual are often extreme.

The locus DOES NOT FIT IN with the person's character, upbringing, and general ecology.

When you TRY and fit in a transpersonal locus and make it a part of YOUR OWN ENERGY MATRIX, a catastrophe happens.

You end up thinking that you must "be" superman, or the son of god, or Father Christmas, or an emissary of the prophets to have SUCH ANCIENT POWER INSIDE OF YOU.

It isn't inside.

Loci are OUTSIDE.


Far Journeys - Travelling OUTSIDE The Self

Travellers find them, reach them; touch them and experience them; learn from them and interact with them; use them to CHANGE THEMSELVES in response but they must be kept in perspective.

Getting "obsessed" with one of these numinous, transpersonal loci and mistaking them to be "a part of the self" is a clear cut way into insanity.

It is heartening to observe that this doesn't happen to Project Sanctuary players, because of their experience with habitats first - anyone who has interacted with a habitat, even for a short time, and never mind anyone who has interacted with a range of different habitats will KNOW INSTANTLY when they arrive at a locus, because they are completely different in power, in experience, in stability and in the effects they have on the traveller.

It is in the concept of TRAVELLING that the saving grace of Project Sanctuary resides.

You can't get stuck in a locus if you are a traveller; even if you do, it will become clear enough soon enough that this is what has happened and then you're ready to leave.

Further, and this is where the "lucid co-operation" between consciousness and energy mind really comes to the fore, the resonant AWARENESS of self beyond the loci or habitats one has visited is exactly what the doctor ordered to keep a balanced sense of self and not to get lost in either one loci, or a single habitat, but instead to MOVE amongst these fantastic manifestations, personal and transpersonal both, which I hold to be a core aspect of what you might want to call "the soul's journey".

Happy travelling all,


Silvia Hartmann, November 2005

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary - the ultimate magical adventure!" Carna Zacharias-Miller

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