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Guardian Angel Inner Child Healing Meditation

Guardian Angel Inner Child Healing Meditation

In the Guardian Angel Inner Child Healing meditation, we - as our present adult selves - will travel back in time/space and visit with the child aspect of us at the moment of highest disturbance - at the moment of the dark night of the soul.

This is a very beautiful, moving and also extremely powerful and personal inner child healing pattern.

Inner Child Healing Meditation -

The Guardian Angel

This is a very beautiful, moving and also extremely powerful and personal inner child healing meditation.

The Guardian Angel meditation can be performed in self help meditation by anyone who can imagine well and keep their focus on an internal story or unfoldment.

It is also a beautiful hypnotic journey when guided by a competent hypnotherapist or workshop leader.


The Purpose Of The Guardian Angel Meditation

In all "time space healing" of a person, but especially in inner child healing, we are dealing with a damaged system, but we are STILL ALIVE today and so we did indeed, survive even the worst trauma and experiences.

There was always a time, however, when we didn't think we would make it through.

These are the times of highest trauma, and of highest damage; and indeed there can be aspects of us who DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEY ARE STILL ALIVE AT ALL.

When that happens, we are in what is known as "soul loss" territory.

In the Guardian Angel Inner Child Healing editation, we - as our present adult selves - will travel back in time/space and visit with the aspect of us at the moment of highest disturbance - at the moment of the dark night of the soul.

We will do this in a very specific way - we ARE the Guardian Angel, we are just VISITING there, and we will give the one who we were THEN the strength to make it through.

What happens when we do this is to RE-CONNECT the then to the now, but without re-living these events; this allows our current strength to flow through to the aspects of our totality who need healing, nutrition, and to become a part of our greater totality once again.

For our current self, it will give us a very different perspective of the events and THE POWER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE at last.

This is true time/space healing for the energy body, the mind, the energy mind and also our physicality, as these events are stored all over our totality in holographic fashion and need to be re-connected.


Preparations For The Journey

First of all, we need to be calm and clear; and if this is appropriate, we should invite a guide or helper to accompany us on this journey back in time.

Find someone who is powerful, steady, loving and you can trust to accompany you.

Before you go, be sure to know that on this day, you are NOT a victim nor even a survivor, but that YOU ARE the Guardian Angel, an emissary from the future and a representative of the Creative Order, who will undertake this journey to right what once went wrong, and to bring Even Flow to where there once was chaos.


Finding The Child

Now, and this does NOT need great hypnosis or preparation, we will simply fly back in time and space, to those events back then, the exact time and space where these events took place, rushing fast as time and space do not exist in these dimensions and no distance is greater than it cannot be traversed with a blink of the eye.

Find yourself near the place and in the time when the events did occur.

You are not a part of this time but a visitor from another dimension, and the participants here cannot see you, but as you observe the events and remain steady and calm, focus entirely on your past self, at this their worst time of life, and it is your job to give your attention, send your energy of love, support and sustenance, to give your strength as your past self battles with those events.

Fulfil the role of the Guardian Angel absolutely, and use the power you have here to support your past self THROUGH these events, so that they will come out of it alive at least, that they will be together enough not to die, and that they will live, live long enough for this day to have come so that YOU TODAY can have returned and closed the loop, completed the healing.


The Final Walk Through

Now, there is one thing left to do, and that is to make your past self aware that you are there.

This is accomplished by walking straight into and THROUGH your past self so that you come out on the other side and are able to turn around and those events and that time is then BEHIND YOU.

This is an extraordinary energetic movement and physical experience; you will KNOW that something extraordinary has happened when you have completed this "walk through" and you turn around and look at your past self one more time.

You will then know that they knew that you were there, and that you were really there, and that you DID help them make it through - you are the Guardian Angel for real.


A Time Of Rest & Reflection

Just reading this doesn't give you a sense how powerful this actually is, nor how much of a change this does produce in your totality.

When you have done this, however, you will know; and you will appreciate that you need a time of rest and reflection as all these dissonant strands of your time/space alignments come into a new harmony.


My best wishes on your journey and to all you are,

Silvia Hartmann

If you understand this kind of energy and healing work, and you would like to learn more, we recommend Hartmann's Infinite Creativity.

Guardian Angel Illustration by Silvia Hartmann from SuperMind Masters Course


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